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Trust is a hard thing to come by; only the most diligent, discerning, and forthright newsrooms earn it from their readers. Which is why inkl has partnered with the best publishers in the world. We bring you the news that matters as chosen by the most trusted editorial teams

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inkl has developed a set of proprietary algorithms that craft the highest-quality news experience possible. They analyse how our partners rank and display issues and sort them for regional relevance based on your location - ensuring you receive the most important stories as they break.

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We understand that content is only half the story. The world's best news experience must be free from distraction: which is why inkl's minimalist and familiar design is ad-free, clickbait-free, and customisable.



Dive Deeper gives you multiple perspectives on every issue. See the whole picture with coverage from a diverse range of the highest-quality sources.


inkl's machine learning lets you follow topics to unearth reporting on specific interests. From Elon Musk to Marathons, you'll never miss a beat.


Customise your inkl experience by choosing which publications and news categories you can see. No more one-eyed football coverage.


Quickly skim the day’s most important events with Lead Stories, explore issues at length in Our Picks and lighten the mood with Good News.


Quickly and simply bookmark articles to read later. You can even take them on safari or to outer space with our offline-reading mode.


inkl's Morning Edition delivers the essential stories to your inbox daily. That way you're ahead of the news by the time you've finished breakfast.

This app has taken a lot of the frustration out of staying up to date with current affairs.

Jonathan S

Saves me flicking between papers and paywalls. It's the first app I open in the morning. 10 stars would be more like it!


Great app, nice to read real news from trusted sources without all the distracting garbage, having to pay for multiple subscriptions or trawl multiple websites.

Steve F

Great coverage of both global and local issues. I love that I don't have to wade through a heap of celebrity stories to find real news articles. inkl is fast becoming my go-to news app.


Great news content and I only pay once for everything, not at a dozen different paywalls - genius! Big fan of this service.


I have lots of News Apps & this one beats them all. It consolidates all my favourite news sites (The Age, Guardian, Independent, Crikey etc) so I can access all of them in the one app. I love the Dive Deeper function. I can find out what they're saying around the world on the one issue. Gives the best balance and information going around. I love it!

Peter F


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Journalism is too important to disappear. Newspapers have long been the keepers of public records: they report from the town halls and courts, the frontlines and corridors of power. Their investigative teams highlight inequality within society and, ideally, speak truth to power. The tradition of objective, facts-based reporting has never been more vital. Social media feeds give equal space to the clickbait and fake news of uncredentialed operators. Misinformation has played a significant role in the recent events that will define our generation. The digital age has brought disruption to traditional media outlets; over 90% of their advertising revenue has been absorbed by the new-tech giants. Less income means fewer reporters, fewer reporters means less transparency. inkl is here to change that. We are here to break the reliance on ad dollars and to reimagine a sustainable model for journalism. By giving our readers the highest-quality news experience we are reshaping the future of news. One that works for reader and publisher.

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