About inkl

We created inkl to solve two bedrock problems in the world today. We say “bedrock" because we see these two problems as the foundation for a much larger array of macroeconomic and social issues.

The first is that regardless of whether you live in Australia (like we do), or in Antigua, all 7 Billion of us are increasingly affected by events that take shape in other countries. Conflicts, disasters, business, politics, innovation, sport and entertainment are all now global phenomena. But too much of the news coverage you see is still local. Which is why we at inkl comb through the best news sources from around the world and try to provide a better understanding of the international news stories that you really should be aware of.

The second problem is that many of the organisations that track and report on these events are struggling financially. With their reliance on ads for revenue, many publishers face a bleak future. We want to help the world’s best news organisations so they can continue to hold corporations, governments, and individuals accountable. (Sepp Blatter, anyone?)

And in the process of solving these two problems we’ve also realised that inkl provides a wonderful respite from the clickbait and noise of the internet. A ‘clean’ and clear view of the news that really matters.

So we hope you enjoy inkl, and we hope you’ll tell us how to make it even better.

We’ve worked with the publishers we feature to make sure that inkl’s Premium service is highly affordable for everyone. For just 10 cents an article, you will get instant, ad-free access to the world’s best news content. And the joy of supporting these remarkable organisations.

But if you’re not ready to upgrade yet, don’t sweat it. Enjoy inkl for free, for as long as you like. Filter out the news that you don’t care about, and save the stories that you do, so you can come back to them later.

Tell us what you think, by emailing us at hello@inkl.com.

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