Your Mindset Is A Superpower: Here Is How To Use It To Succeed In Everything

By Juan Carlos Medina, Contributor
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“Become the change you want to see” – Anonymous

The most effective way to jump-start and fuel a change in your habits is to apply the power of your mindset. You can do this by having a clear vision of who you want your future self to be. When you focus on this, every action that you take and new habit that you build (or old habit you break) is a step towards the person you want to be. Grasping the true power of your mindset is crucial to sparking the fire and motivation for changing your life and maintaining the actions that lead you to your best future. Here are 4 steps to help you harness that power to get you there:

1.      Have a clear vision of your future self and proactively visualize who that is and the actions they would take. Our lives will follow the things we focus our attention on. When we constantly envision our future self, our brains begin to rewire and stimulate the regions involved in becoming that person. Write this vision down and revisit it daily as a reminder. By doing this, we begin living with purpose according to our wishes, instead of living life by default.

2.      Increase awareness around the actions you are currently taking. Think about your current activities, habits, and routines. Write these down honestly and without any judgment. Forget about whether they are “good” or “bad.” The important thing is to be honest so you can make the most of the next steps.

3.      Eliminate the actions that do not align with the person you want to be and release your former self. This doesn’t mean regretting or being ashamed of your former self. It simply means that your past no longer defines you and you accept that you are in a continuous state of change or metamorphosis. This is where you apply the concept of reducing marginal losses.

4.      Identify the actions, habits, and routines that do align with that future self. Write them down. Apply the principle of consistency and tell people about it. Add and integrate additional actions into your life by applying the concept of marginal gains.

Here is a simplified example:

1.      Future self: A financially savvy person

a. Current actions, habits, or routines: Saves whatever is left over at the end of the month. Packs lunch. Whenever out and about, purchases a smoothie using a credit card. Pays minimum payment only on debt.

b.      Actions, habits, or routines that detract from this future self: Taking on debt to live lifestyle. Spending impulsively on x and y. No budget or spending plan. No automated savings plan.

c.      Actions, habits, or routines aligned with a financially savvy person: Follows a budget/spending plan. Consciously manages money to not spend impulsively. Increases automatic savings amount by 1% or more every year.

Focusing on the actions that align with a financially savvy person will result in becoming a financially savvy person.


1.      Future self: An athletic person

a.      Current actions, habits, or routines: Exercises sporadically. Takes at least 5,000 steps a day. Eats a lot of fast food or processed foods. Drinks a lot of water. Sleeps 5-8 hours a night.

b.      Actions, habits, or routines that detract from your future self: Consistently misses workouts. Eats a lot of fast food or processed foods. Sleeps less than 7-8 hours a night.

c.      Actions, habits, or routines aligned with future self: Sets a schedule to exercise. Exercises at least 3 days a week. Takes 10,000 or more steps a day. Eats very little to no fast food or processed foods. Sleeps 7-8 hours every night.

Creating actions and habits of an athletic person results in you becoming an athletic person.

 To sum it all up:

1.      Write down who you want to be in the various pillars of your life (your future self).

2.      List out all your current actions, habits, or routines.

3.      Gradually reduce and eliminate what doesn’t align with your future self (avoiding marginal losses!)

4.      Begin to gradually add or increase those that are aligned (increasing marginal gains!).

Most importantly, remember that the point of this is to take small gradual steps and build on them over time. Small changes will make big impacts. You can do this! Your future self is counting on it!

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