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Mother reveals a clever tip for changing baby out of onesie: ‘I wish I knew this’

By Amber Raiken

A mother has revealed a tip for changing a baby out of a dirty onesie, and her viewers, many of whom are fellow parents, have loved it.

On TikTok, Joanna, @tellezjoanna frequently shares videos about her life as a first-time mother and advice for other parents on the platform.

In a recent clip, she documented an easy way to change a baby out of a onesie. Her daughter could be seen lying down and wearing a white onesie, which had a stain on it.

The TikToker then directed the camera towards the buttons on the shoulders of her child’s outfit.  The mother noted that in order to take the onesie off, she’d pull the flaps on the shoulders of it down.

“Ever wonder what the flaps on the shoulders are for?,” the text over the video reads. “Fold down flaps and pull down [the] dirty onesie to avoid pulling [it] over [a baby’s] face.”

The mother also acknowledged that she didn’t come up with the tip herself, as the caption reads: “Learned this on TikTok! Hope it helps [you] as much as it helped me.”

As of 11 May, the video has more than 1.7 million views, with parents in the comments expressing that they never knew about the baby-changing tip before.

“Wait a minute,” one wrote. “I’m on baby number 3 and I’m just now finding this out.”

“So you mean this whole time I could’ve avoided getting it all over her and her face and arms and stuff,” another said.

A third user added: “So you’re telling me I didn’t have to cut her out of her onesie when she had her first blowout? I was not going to let it touch her head.”

Many TikTok users also thanked Joanna for her advice and noted how helpful it has been for them.

“I discovered this right on time, lol,” one wrote. “It works.”

“Thank you!! I have heaps of those with my first child,” another wrote.

Speaking to The Independent, Joanna emphasised how helpful this hack has been to her when changing her baby.  “I would struggle trying to take off dirty onesie without getting my baby dirty,” she said. “It can honestly be really stressful especially if you are in public places.”

“This hack has made thing so much easier when removing dirty onesie and never have to worry about getting my babies face dirty ever again,” she continued. “After learning this hack, I typically keep my eyes out for onesie that have these flaps when shopping as I know how helpful they can be.”

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