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Michael Mosley urges slimmers to 'ban' these fruits from diet to lose weight

Michael Mosley has shared more of his weight loss tips to slimmers - and has suggested that favouring some fruits over others can help accelerate results.

The former doctor is guided by his own weight loss journey after having lost 1.4 stone (8.9 kg or almost 20 lbs) and 'reversed' his diabetes by changing up his diet and exercise, the Express reports.

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He suggests that people should follow a low-calorie, low-sugar and high-protein diet to lose weight effectively - and that swapping 'super sweet' fruits for alternatives could make a difference to the scales.

On the Fast 800 website, Michael and his team compiled a list of foods that dieters can eat to lose weight fast, before moving onto a Mediterranean diet, which he described as a "way of life".

On the website, it recommended that dieters start their day off with eggs, as they are low calorie - around 63 calories in a medium sized egg.

Slimmers should ramp up their protein intake, consuming foods such as oily fish, prawns, chicken and turkey.

For meat-free eaters, beans - particularly edamame - dairy, nuts and seeds can provide adequate protein.

Michael suggested banning super sweet fruits such as mango, pineapple and melon, opting for berries instead.

And when craving treats such as ice cream, chocolate or cake, the expert recommended that dieters indulge in a square of dark chocolate instead.

One of Michael's most important top tips is to stay accountable.

"All the weight loss studies show that the people who keep it off are accountable to someone or something."