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Josh West

All the Xbox Games Showcase announcements - All games announced

Xbox Games Showcase GamesRadar coverage

The Xbox Games Showcase has wrapped and it really was a huge, huge show. Lots of release dates, new Xbox Game Studios titles, fresh trailers, and more were packed into a little over an hour. The Xbox Games Showcase 2023 was just as huge as we hoped it would be, especially for the sheer volume of upcoming Xbox Series X games and upcoming PC Games revealed.

You can read up on all games at the Xbox Game Showcase below:

Xbox Games Showcase - All games announced

How to watch the Xbox Games Showcase

You can tune into the Xbox Games Showcase on the official Xbox YouTube channel, over on the Xbox Twitch stream, or even on Xbox's Facebook page.

What time is the Xbox Games Showcase?

10AM PDT time
1PM ET time
6PM BST time
7PM CET time

But, until that time, we're here in the run up to chat about what we could see at today's showcase. 

Microsoft is calling it "a huge double feature" with updates on "upcoming games from Xbox Game Studios and our incredible partners around the world". That should mean Xbox Game Studios titles, indies, and more like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Good morning, to the early bird Xbox crew! Josh West here, GamesRadar's UK Managing Editor. The Xbox Games Showcase may be a few hours away yet, but there's quite a bit that we're going to cover here this morning. There's some leaks, some early news, and plenty of speculation. Let's get into it!

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl won't be at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: GSC Game World)

If you had asked me on Friday what Xbox Series X console exclusive I was most excited about seeing more of at the Xbox Games Showcase, I'd have probably told you Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. Developer GSC Game World appears to be doing a phenomenal job reviving this legendary immersive-FPS series, and I'm desperate for more gameplay. 

Sadly, a GSC representative took to Steam to confirm that Stalker 2 won't be at the Xbox Games Showcase. In fact, it sounds like we might not see it through the E3 2023 season at all. 

A GSC Game World rep said the following, when asked whether Stalker 2 will appear at the Xbox conference today. 

"We usually do not announce or deny our participation in shows, but this one time we'll make an exception. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will miss the June online conferences preferring to make important announcements in the upcoming months. Our plan is to give progressive updates on what we’re planning."

That's certainly a shame but, given the difficult conditions that the game are being developed under, I'm glad that the developers at GSC are working to their own schedule to deliver something they can all be proud of. 

"We usually do not announce or deny our participation in shows, but this one time we'll make an exception"

GSC Game World
(Image credit: Microsoft Gaming)

One reason that it's so difficult to predict what will actually show up at the Xbox Games Showcase is that Microsoft has a surprising amount in development. Seriously, for a platform which can't seem to shake the reputation that it has no games, there's a hell of a lot going on behind the scenes. 

Xbox Game Studios is comprised over other 20 video game studios now, and by my count we only know what 10 of them are working on right now. 

Here's the full list of Xbox Game Studios' teams, any one of which could show up today with news or announcements. 

First-party studios who could show up at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: Microsoft)
  • 343 Industries
  • Arkane Studios
  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • Compulsion Games
  • Double Fine Productions
  • id Software
  • Inxile Entertainment
  • MachineGames
  • Mojang Studios
  • Ninja Theory
  • Obsidian Entertainment
  • Playground Games
  • Rare
  • Roundhouse Studios
  • Tango Gameworks
  • The Coalition
  • The Initiative
  • Turn 10 Studios
  • Undead Labs
  • World's Edge
  • ZeniMax Online

You can check out the full Xbox Games Studios list here, which gets into more details on which developers are operating under the Microsoft Gaming banner and what each of them are working on. 

Xbox Games Showcase predictions

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Given that we're now just five hours out from the main event, maybe it's a good time to start discussing our Xbox Games Showcase predictions in a little more depth. 

Of all the studios set to make an appearance, we have our sights set on the following teams to make a real splash:

The Initiative (Perfect Dark)
Playground Games (Fable 4)
Obsidian Entertainment (Avowed)
The Coalition (Gears 6)
Ninja Theory (Hellblade 2)

Will Gears 6 be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase?

(Image credit: The Coalition)

My biggest question coming into the Xbox Games Showcase surrounding Gears 6. It's been over three years since the release of Gears 5 and another Locust-infused adventure is long overdue. 

The Coalition has been busy in that time. The studio reoptimized the game in time for the launch of the Xbox Series X, and helped get Gears Tactics out the door... but we know it's been working behind the scenes on getting to grips with Unreal Engine 5.

In fact, The Coalition has quickly become one of the developers leading development of Unreal Engine 5 games – both internally at Microsoft and externally, having collaborated with Epic Games on the stunning The Matrix Awakens tech demo. The Coalition is also working with Ninja Theory on Hellblade 2 and Undead Labs on State of Decay 3, so I'd think it's time to see the team's expertise in action on Gears of War 6. 

How big is Microsoft going for the Xbox Games Showcase? BIG. And I mean that in a literal sense. Xbox enthusiast Woggerman is attending one of the Xbox Fan Fest events in Los Angeles and posted a photo of the set-up – monstrous-sized Xbox consoles line the city streets, and they light up! The Xbox takeover of LA is underway.

Back to Gears 6 for a second

What were we talking about before I got distracted by the giant Xbox consoles? Ah, that's right – Gears of War 6. Listen, I wasn't done speculating wildly. 

Like I was saying before, The Coalition is one of the industry-leading studios when it comes to Unreal Engine 5 development. You can check that video out above to see a a cinematic test demo Xbox released in 2022, a showcase of what The Coalition is already achieving with UE5. 

I don't know about you, but there are elements of the character models, atmospheric lighting, and environmental design which scream Gears of War. While there is every chance that The Coalition is working on a new IP for Xbox, it's far more likely that it will continue the adventures of Marcus, Kait, and the rest of the surviving Delta Squad. 

Here's my first bold prediction for the day: Gears 6 is announced with a 2024 release date, revealed with a stunning UE5 in-engine cinematic. 

Bold Prediction #1: Gears 6 is announced with a 2024 release date

All gameplay, all the time

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Here's an interesting detail worth noting going into the Xbox Games Showcase. Microsoft Gaming exec Aaron Greenberg has said that ""None of our first-party games in the show are full CG trailers... everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans." 

If Microsoft can be accused of anything, it's that it has a tendency to pull the trigger a little early when it comes to announcements. I recently identified five Xbox Series X exclusives which are long overdue an update – all of which were revealed in either 2019 or 2020 with cinematic trailers and then never seen again. 

It's promising to hear that Xbox is prioritizing in-game footage for the 2023 showcase, which should give us a better idea of what to expect and a better sense of how far each of these first-party games are through development. 

I think we'll see a lot more of Avowed

(Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

We first caught a glimpse at Avowed at the Xbox E3 2020 conference and have been desperate for more information ever since. It's one of the key new upcoming Obsidian games, and is reportedly taking up the majority of the studio's time now that Grounded and Pentiment are out the door. 

Set in the realm of Eora, Avowed is a spin-off out of the Pillars of Eternity franchise. Rather than isometric antics though, Avowed will be a full on swords and sorcery RPG, cast from a first-person perspective. 

This is my second bold prediction since I started this liveblog: I think Obsidian will show Avowed gameplay, I think it'll look like a spiritual successor to Oblivion, and I think it'll get a 2024 release window. 

A bonus sub-prediction, Obsidian won't acknowledge the existence of The Outer Worlds 2

Bold Prediction #2: Avowed gameplay reveal followed by a 2024 release window

Will Perfect Dark emerge from the shadows?

(Image credit: The Initiative )

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this Perfect Dark. Microsoft founded a brand-new studio to deliver this reboot, with The Initiative comprised of industry veterans in the action and adventure spaces. Announced in 2020, the new Perfect Dark will reportedly see Joanna Dark entering into a new AAA spy adventure to help thwart an attack on the planet's ecosystems. 

Three years of radio silence has been challenging to navigate though, especially with reports that development had stalled and the further news that Perfect Dark is being co-developed by Crystal Dynamics – the studio behind the excellent rebooted Tomb Raider games. I expect we may see a new trailer which mixes in-engine cinematics and direct-feed gameplay, although a release date may still be a little ways away.  

Will we finally see Fable?

(Image credit: Playground Games)

There's a lot of rumors out there suggesting that we will get a big Fable reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase. I think part of that is certainly wishful thinking – it's been 13 years since the release of Fable 3, and a new installment to Xbox's iconic RPG series is long overdue. 

But there is groundswell thanks to a glitter-filled tease from the Xbox social accounts in recent weeks

It's been three years since the reveal of this Fable reboot, in development at the Forza Horizon studio Playground Games. So, do I think a Fable gameplay reveal is possible at today's Showcase? 

Not only do I think it's possible, I think it's highly likely that Fable will finally be revealed to the world. My third big prediction is that the Xbox Games Showcase will close with Fable gameplay, a title reveal, and a release window. 

Bold Prediction #3: We'll get the official Fable reboot title and our first look at gameplay

An update on Stalker 2

(Image credit: GSC Game World)

A reminder just in case you're only just joining us, developer GSC Game World has confirmed that Stalker 2 won't be at the Xbox Games Showcase. While Stalker 2 is undoubtedly one of the biggest upcoming Xbox Series X games, the studio says it wants to focus on development and deliver updates at its own pace. 

Expect to see more Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

I think it's fairly reasonable to expect to see Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty at the Xbox Games Showcase. The price and pre-order details of the expansion leaked recently and, given that CDPR skipped Summer Game Fest, it seems reasonable to predict that we'll get a new look at the game in action and launch details today. 

Whether Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves will appear alongside Phil Spencer remains to be seen though. (We can dream though... yes, we can dream)

It's time for another prediction

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

While we know what a lot of the Xbox Games Studios teams are working, few have been as under the radar as Compulsion Games. They were acquired in 2018 alongside InXile Entertainment, Ninja Theory, and Obsidian. 

We know that Ninja Theory is working on Hellblade 2 and Project Mara. We know that Obsidian is working on Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, having already released Pentiment and Grounded. But what is Compulsion doing? That, my friends, is a mystery. 

It's been five years since the release of We Happy Few, so I think it's time for another bold prediction: Compulsion will reveal a new IP that's full of immersive-sim sensibilities and equipped with a distinctive artstyle – oh, and it'll release this year too.

As much as I'd love to see something new from Double Fine and InXile Entertainment, both teams have only just pushed massive games out the door – Psychonauts 2 (2021) and Wasteland 3 (2020), respectively – so I wonder whether it'll be too soon for them to share details. Especially if Microsoft sticks to its guns on not showing cinematic trailers. 

Bold Prediction #4: Compulsion Games will announce a new IP, it'll look hella cool, and be out this year.

60 Minutes To Go!

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

Here we go! We're into the final stretch now, folks. The Xbox Games Showcase start time is: 10AM PDT time / 1PM ET time / 6PM BST time /7PM CET time. 

You can watch the Xbox Games Showcase here with us live, or you can head over to the official Xbox YouTube or Twitch channels. 

It's Sam here now, ready to take the reins ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase in an hour. *wave*

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

Josh has left us in an interesting place with Senua's little face peeking out. It's been a year since Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 gameplay demoed at the Game Awards 2021. It was an epic trailer, with ultra-photorealistic faces, and the usual demonic sheen.

We've only seen a little of the game since, with a small demo of the Unreal Engine 5 tech in action back at GDC in February. The game is definitely overdue a release date, as it was first announced back in 2019. 

Is it me or does that feel like a decade ago?

Just 20 minutes to go friends! We're rewatching old trailers in prep!

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Other Xbox games that could make an appearance include some of the 2021 reveals like Contraband, or other games like Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, or even wild cards like Machine Games' Indiana Jones project.

Just a few minutes to go now folks! What are we going to see first?

Don't forget you can tune in via the official Xbox YouTube channel, over on the Xbox Twitch stream

And we're off!


Omg Richard Ayoade is in the game and someone's called him a wanker. This is brilliantly British


"This is the age of innovation"

Wait are they wooden glasses?

And he's a giant. Of course he is. He's a bloody boss fight.

That was such a vibe.

No release date though. Sad face, but that looked amazing.

Compulsion Games up now, with something new. We've got some serious blues in the bayou going on now.

(Image credit: Playground Games)
(Image credit: Playground Games)
(Image credit: Playground Games)

Fable pics for you there.

Compulsion is the studio behind We Happy Few. And we've got a black hero for this one, with her weilding some kind of magic powers in a game called South of Midnight.

(Image credit: Compulsion Games)
(Image credit: Compulsion Games)

Star Wars games from LucasFilm up now, and looks like it's set during the original trilogy

Lil' guy alert right there. Like a furry axolotl  

Female hero in this one too, with some serious mullet hair going on.

Star Wars Outlaws!

Coming 2024 to Xbox Series X - ah this is the Ubisoft one. More to come at the Ubisoft Forward tomorrow. A gameplay walkthrough specifically. 

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
(Image credit: Ubisoft)
(Image credit: Ubisoft)
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Thunder Lotus is up now and it's another world premiere. Going back to their combat roots apparently.

This is 33 Immortals is a top-down, co-op, action rouge-like. 33 player co-op

"Face the wrath of God"

Coming 2024 to Xbox Series X and Game Pass.

PayDay 3 up now

Looks utterly chaotic as you'd expect, with lots of guns, explosions, and silly clown masks.

(Image credit: Plaion)
(Image credit: Plaion)

Persona 3 Reload coming 2024

Obsidian Entertainment... is this Avowed?

Something is corrupting souls - we can see a bear riddled with mushrooms for example

Here comes the magic. Turning someone to ice and hitting them with an ace, or vines coming out of the ground. Elemental magic?

Forge your destiny - is the tagline

Coming 2024. It is Avowed

(Image credit: Obsidian)
(Image credit: Obsidian)
(Image credit: Obsidian)
(Image credit: Obsidian)

Legend of Monkey Island and Sea of Thieves crossover confirmed! This is so cool seeing Guybrush Threepwood in the Sea of Thieves art style.

This is going to be the ultimate adventure isn't it!

A new original story for free on July 20!

Asobo Studio with the next gen of Flight Simulator now. Aerial firefighting coming to Flight Sim. Helicopter cargo transport. Air ambulance and agricultural work. Moutain rescue, skydive aviations, aerial construction, industrial cargo transport, remote cargo drops, VIP charter services, and air racing. Flider pilot, scientific research, experimental flight, transport services, hot air balloon trips... ho boy.

All of that coming to Flight Sim in 2024. Genuinely couldn't type fast enough.

Dune bug ship thing also coming to Flight Sim on November.

I'm also not sure if that was a whole new Flight Sim back there. 

Melina here - the actress behind Senua. Hellblade 2 coming up now

All captured on Xbox Series X. 

Apparently the game has just finished shooting, so guessing not a release date today then

Senua's crawling through a really small gap and the voices are ringing in her ears.

"wisdom has a price"

"can feel the lost ones everywhere. they're watching us"

The world is contorting around her, pulsating. Unclear what's happening but it's creeeeeeepy.

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)
(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

"all the grief, all the rage, all the fear"

Everything's she done has led her to this place. 

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

Coming 2024.

Yakzua Like a Dragon and Ichi is face-down on the beach and completely naked. Sure.

There's a lot covering his modesty right now. And he's in the US?

(Image credit: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio)

Coming 2024.

Fallout 76 update now. 

15 million Fallout 76 players now! That's a lot of vault dwellers.

Atlantic City coming soon to Fallout 76.

Capcom up now... tentacles in the sky and hands grabbing Japanese shrines.

How is this as creepy as it is pretty? Creepy hands turn to plants in the daylight.


Path of the Goddess, coming to Xbox Series X and day one on Game Pass. No date on that one though.

(Image credit: Capcom)
(Image credit: Capcom)
(Image credit: Capcom)

Some General Motors cars coming to Forza Motorsport.

I'll admit, I missed the name and have very little idea about cars beyond VW and Audis 

Forza Motorsport coming October 10. 

Bethesda presenting now...

Elder Scrolls Online rather than anything new, got overexcited then!

Elder Scrolls Online Necrom coming June 20. Old info but a good reminder.

(Image credit: Bethesda)
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Overwatch 2 - new game mode called Flashpoint coming, hero mastery too. There's also a co-op event inbound, a firing range, story missions too. 

August 10 for that drop.

New heroes start pack too.

Atlus with more Persona now.

One of our team has just said: "Chibi Ryuji, I love you"

Persona Tactica PST coming November 17, 2023.

(Image credit: Atlus)
(Image credit: Atlus)

Wait, wait we're onto Starfield now? Surely they'd say if we were onto the Direct now?

Or is this just a fancy new trailer?

(Image credit: Bethesda )
(Image credit: Bethesda )
(Image credit: Bethesda )

No just the story trailer and then Starfield Direct trailer. Reconfirmation of the September 6 release date.

Good cape on this next world premiere. Another lil' guy in its backpack too.

Lil' guy can make plants grow with a squeak as you climb. It's a Dontnod game - this studio is really pushing into different genres.

Jusant. Coming fall 2023. 

(Image credit: Dontnod)
(Image credit: Dontnod)

Still Wakes the Deep coming early 2024.

Day one with Game Pass.

Colourful skateboarding swordfighting game. Was that sword called Paper Cut 2.0? Nice.

Dungeons of Hinterberg, coming 2024 to Xbox Series X and day one Game Pass.

Omg Keanu's here. YOU'RE BREATHTAKING>

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)


We're going down to Dogtown for this one and we'll be rescuing the president of the New United States.

This is like Mission Impossible in here.

Giant robot hunting V down.

Is there talk of a cure for V here? Sorry for the Cyberpunk spoilers friends.

September 26, 2023! That's SOON

That looked epic. 

Cities Skylines 2? Two Sam games back to back, this is a lot for me folks.

Ho boy I am NERDING out here. Those bridges, the weather. It's huuuuuuuge.

October 24 release date.

More Persona happening now but let's just circle back for some Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty screenshots of Idris in Action.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Metaphor de Fantazio coming 2024.

Xbox Game Studios now from the creators of the Banner Saga.

This looks amazing. Towerborne - coming 2024.

Inxile Entertainment up now.

Steampunk town, some kind of rebellion going on.

Leader of the town seemingly hunting you down?

"Change the past" and "control the future"

Clockwork Revolution "coming in due time" - fair enough

Oh hello Phil Spencer. What's the t-shirt today?

On consoles:

Significantly increased supply of Xbox Series X. 

More storage for Xbox Series S... and it's a black Series S now with a 1TB SSD. Noice.

$349 for price and it's coming September 1.

That's a sexy S

(Image credit: Xbox)

And now we're over to the Starfield Direct. 

Head over to Josh on the Starfield Direct live blog and we'll wrap up everything from the Xbox Games Showcase here!

(Image credit: Bethesda)
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