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Vet's terrifying warning over 'dangerous' dog shampoo TikTok craze

By Nia Dalton

A new TikTok trend has emerged encouraging dog owners to use purple shampoo on their pet's hair.

Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo specially designed to neutralise brassy and yellow tones in blonde human hair.

While it may seem harmless enough, the bizarre craze has concerned vets as the "chemicals within the product cause skin irritation".

Dr Sean McCormack, head vet at tails.com, is warning pet parents of the dangers of using human shampoos on dogs, as they can have serious health consequences.

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Why is purple shampoo harmful to my dog?

Citric acid in purple shampoo can cause skin irritation (Getty Images)

Dogs are more sensitive to the ingredients found in human shampoo. Using human shampoo on dogs can cause irritation, leaving their skin dry, flaky and more vulnerable to parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Irritation caused by using harsh toxins can encourage excessive itching, which can result in abrasions and wounds forming on the skin, and an increased chance of bacterial infection.

Purple shampoo contains high levels of citric acid, an ingredient in lemon juice, which plays a role in lightening the hair.

While citric acid is safe to consume for humans, high levels are not suitable for dogs, causing irritation, upset stomach and can even be toxic.

What should I use to clean my dog instead?

There are so many other dog-friendly shampoos on the market (Getty Images/Image Source)

Dogs groom their fur by licking, which could lead to harmful consequences if their coat is coated with acidic chemicals.

There are dog-friendly products that offer coat-brightening, leaving absolutely no excuse to douse your dog in chemicals intended for human hair.

Many products designed for human use leave harmful toxic residue on your dog's fur which can dry out and intensify any pre-existing issues.

Sulphates found in purple shampoo often irritate human skin.

This would be the reality for dogs being washed in purple shampoo, rather than natural dog-friendly formulas that have been created especially for them.

What is the best way to clean my dog's fur?

A regular routine and healthy diet has a huge impact on your dog's fur (Getty Images/EyeEm)
  1. Don't wait around: You should wash your dog at the earliest opportunity to give the dirt less time to set in.
  2. Keep a regular routine: It's recommended that your dog only needs to be cleaned just once a month, so try settling a date each month that works for you and stick to it.
  3. Use the right shampoo: It is essential that you avoid using human shampoo on your dog. There are plenty of quality and affordable dog shampoos available on the high street and online.
  4. Avoid over-washing: Too much washing can actually cause your dog problems, as their skin is a lot more sensitive than ours.
  5. Plan your route: Be wary of where you are walking your dog and try to avoid the puddles if you can.
  6. Feed them right: Your dog’s coat relies on protein, so feeding your pooch a good, balanced diet maintains their healthy glow on the outside.
  7. Brushing is best: Brushing your dog frequently is the best way to keep their fur clean from anything that they might pick up while out and about.
  8. Wear waterproof in extreme conditions: If your dog is insistent on going for a walk whatever the weather, it could be worth investing in a good quality, waterproof dog coat.

Do you have a dog story to tell? Contact nia.dalton@reachplc.com.

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