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The Internet Is Boiling, Pan-Frying Steaming Kim K For Not Knowing What Tortellini Is

Kim Kardashian — one of the world’s wealthiest, most influential and high-profile women — revealed she didn’t know what tortellini is while dining in Italy. Perhaps the life of the rich and famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? The latest ep of The Kardashians
E!News Kendall she simply could not chop a cucumber

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included snippets of Kim’s little jaunt to Milan Fashion Week and we saw her out for dinner at a very fancy restaurant in, you guessed it, Milan. While perusing the menu, Kim turned to the waiter and asked, “What is tortellini?” Now look: everyone has different food experiences and tastes and such. But this has absolutely baffled the internet because it is Kim Kardashian, someone who frequently dines at exclusive restaurants and has a private chef. Tortellini isn’t that unusual? Surely this woman has encountered a tortellini before? Or at least met a tortoise called Tortellini, one of the most popular tortoise names out there? As you may expect, Twitter was absolutely agog at this pasta-induced revelation. I’m feeling deeply sad for all the Kardashian children, who have clearly never eaten a big bowl of spinach tortellini in tomato sauce covered in a mountain of cheese, the way God intended. The waiter explained to Kim that tortellini was like ravioli — it’s less sexy cousin (my words, not theirs). Kim then asked the waiter if they “had any [pasta] that’s not spaghetti?”. “Maybe like a penne or anything else?” she said. Kimberley, I cannot defend you here: PENNE over SPAGHETTI? What on earth? Money clearly cannot buy taste. According to , Kim also ate her pasta by putting one piece on each prong of her fork. Which is efficient, sure, but still. This is perhaps the most egregious Kardashian food sin since  revealed. Truly, what is going in that household.
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