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The Airbus Explorer Is A Luxury Superjet With A Brabus 1300R On Board

It's often said that luxury knows no bounds. We see this in the world of cars, planes, motorcycles, and practically all industries, with artists and celebrities flaunting their unique, one-off vehicles and living in lavish luxury. If you're a multi-billionaire with a penchant for all things luxurious, then chances are the Airbus Explorer superjet is something that'll tickle your fancy. 

The Airbus Explorer is a Lufthansa Technik design study that is comparable to a superyatch capable of traveling anywhere in the globe while providing the highest degree of luxury and extravagance for its passengers—similar to a five-star hotel. When it was first presented a year ago, this novel design created a stir, and it is expected to cost $100 million only to set up, not including the jet itself.

The Explorer is based on the Airbus A330, which costs roughly $250 million on its own. The Explorer's architecture has indeed been improved, and it now has additional facilities for its VIP visitors. Additional rooms, banquet halls, gyms, and offices were among the new features. There's also a new pull-out floor in the bow that can be utilized as a veranda, as well as a lower salon that can house the wealthy and famous's vehicles.

The lower lounge, which houses the guests' valued automobiles and is placed at the back of the lower deck, was developed in conjunction with Brabus. Because of the glass floor, it can be seen from above. Internal access to the garage is also available, as well as a workshop for maintenance, assembly, and repairs. Naturally, the Brabus 1300R, a super-exclusive naked streetfighter created by KTM in partnership with Brabus, will be the first vehicle to board. The Brabus 1300R is the appropriate motorbike for this luxury superjet, produced in a limited number of 154 pieces and sold for 39,500 euros.

The Explorer is a continually developing technical testing laboratory for Lufthansa Technik. Although the concept has yet to be implemented, it is likely that some ultra-rich person will add it to their vehicle collection in the near future. More details are expected to be released during the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva.