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The £30.77 Asda shop that's causing such a stir during cost of living crisis

Food shopping has never been such a hot topic of conversation and one retailer's budget offering is causing quite a stir.

As customers struggle to keep their costs down amid rising bills, many are changing how they shop and where they shop. For some that means swapping to cheaper brands or opting for supermarket budget ranges.

At Asda its Smart Price range has been rebranded Just Essentials and it's certainly not gone unnoticed.


We reported earlier this week how the retailer had been accused of 'embarrassing poorer families' with the new bright yellow packaging.

While its previous Smart Price items had white packaging, some people now claim that it stands out too much and gives 'poverty markers' to shoppers.

The £30.77 Asda shop from the Just Essentials range has divided shoppers (Asda)

The supermarket, which hit back saying it doesn't 'understand why anyone would feel embarrassed for saving money', has shared a photo of a trolley load of items from the new range costing £30.77 - and it's divided shoppers like never before.

There are some still criticising the retailer for its 'garish' packaging, saying it will 'be like the yellow brick road on the conveyor belt', but others have praised the range, saying customers should not care what anyone else thinks.

The previous Smart Price range was less noticeable (Manchester Family / MEN)

Commenting on the photo of the trolley on the Reduce Your Supermarket Spend Facebook page, one shopper said: "I am trying this range. So far it's been good and will help the food bill. I'm not bothered if anyone sees the yellow labels in my trolley, it's being savvy."

Another said: "Who gives a c**p really about the packaging, I mean it goes in the bin just same as your branded packaging haha, too many snobby Karens out there."

Some critics also commented on the lack of fresh produce in the basket, saying 'there's nothing healthy in there', but others pointed out that as these trolley displays stay at the front of the store for customers to see, they mostly contain non perishable items.

Asda's new Just Essentials range has replaced Smart Price (Manchester Family / MEN)

"Just been looking through myself, plenty of fruit and veg options as well as meat so not all processed," said one shopper. "Besides the fact sometimes when money is tight any food is better than none."

Another added: "Whatever happened to ' fed is best'."

The £30.77 shop includes the likes of a 15 pack of eggs for £1.35, a pepperoni pizza for 66p, 20 breaded chicken nuggets for 85p and a 500g packet of pasta shapes for 32p.

Fresh items that feature in the range include a 620g pack of chicken breasts for £3.38, a 500g pack of mince for £1.69 and steaks for £2 each.

The range includes some ready meals (Manchester Family / MEN)

In terms of fruit and veg, there are 500g bags of apples for 65p, 500g bags of pears for 45p, a 2.5kg bag of potatoes for 99p and punnets of strawberries for £1.19.

Asda says its customers are 'loving' the products, saying the new line ‘is set to become the largest budget-friendly essentials range in the market’, comprising of 293 products so far - 50% more than the Smart Price range.

A spokesperson said: “We don’t understand why anyone would feel embarrassed for saving money.”

Responding to the criticism over the range, which was first highlighted in the Mirror, it shared a tweet highlighting some of the reaction to the story, with shoppers praising the products.

What do you think about the packaging? Would it bother you if people noticed you had a trolley full of budget products? Have you sampled this range yourself? Let us know in the comments here.


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