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State Health Commissioner urges Kentuckians to keep getting Covid-19 vaccine

State health officials continue to urge Kentuckians to get vaccinated against COVID-19. New boosters are available to help deal with the newer strains of the illness. Community levels are high throughout much of eastern Kentucky.

Dr. Steven Stack is the commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. He said the only real difference with these new boosters is where they are targeted.

“These vaccines are the exact same technology that has been used all along, and they’re also the exact same ones used to immunize hundreds of millions of Americans. In fact, more than 612-million doses of vaccines given for COVID-19 in the United States alone since the start of having those vaccines available.”

He said the new booster should be accessible for most Kentuckians.

“Anyone 12 and older is eligible, children 12 and older can get Pfizer and adults 18 and over can get Moderna. There’s a lot more Pfizer available at the moment right now than Moderna. Either one is perfectly fine, and you’re allowed to mix and match just fine.”

Stack says this is like the flu shot, that needs to be updated for whatever strain is prevalent that year.

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