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Shoei Brings Retro Vibes With New Marc Marquez Helmet Graphics

Shoei’s back with a new Marc Márquez graphic, and this time it’s a pretty sweet retro design. It’s a replica of the design he wore at the 2021 MotoGP Germany round, and was inspired by classic GP racing graphics from the 1970s and 1980s. 

The good news is, Shoei is offering this very cool graphic on not just one, but two different full-face helmets: the Z-8 and the Glamster. The bad news is, as with other Shoei helmet models, these two helmets aren’t sold in all markets. The Japanese market, for example, gets both of these lids—but the European market only gets the Glamster, and the U.S. market doesn’t get either of these helmets as of May, 2022. 

Still, it’s a fantastic graphic to see, even if it may not be available in your market. The base is a matte white, with bold and highly-saturated blue and red accents that also feature a matte finish. The only glinty, slightly reflective bits are the silver accents strategically placed throughout the design. Overall, the canny use of stripes and angles adds to that impression of speed that every racer in every era wants to have. 

Gallery: Shoei Z-8 and Glamster MM93 Retro Helmets

The Shoei Z-8 MM93 Retro is scheduled to be released in August, 2022 in the Japanese market, and is limited to orders made by October, 2022. It will be available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, at a price of ¥69,300 (about $542).  

Meanwhile, the Shoei Glamster MM93 Retro is scheduled for release in August, 2022 as well. Like the Z-8 MM93 Retro, the Glamster MM93 Retro is also a limited number release, and Shoei advises asking at your local authorized Shoei dealer since it may not be available at the time you wish to purchase it. Sizes for the Glamster range from S to XXL, at a price of ¥59,400 (about $465).  

What about pricing and availability in other markets? It’s not clear at this point if or when this retro MM93 graphic will be available in markets outside Japan. Obviously, MotoGP is a sport with fans all around the world, and of course Márquez has a significant international fanbase as well. As and when we know more, we’ll be sure to let you know.