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Shake up in ANU leadership after difficult period

Two top leaders at the Australian National University will be leaving in July. Picture: ACM

The Australian National University will farewell two key executives after a tumultuous period in the institution's history.

Chief operating officer Paul Duldig is leaving the university to be the chief executive of the State Library of Victoria.

Mr Duldig joined the university in 2019, just as it faced multiple challenges of hail damage, bushfire smoke and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt said Mr Duldig was a key architect of the ANU recovery plan and had led six critical incidents for university.

"Planning and executing change in complex organisations is hard even in benign circumstances, but this tumultuous backdrop makes the contribution Paul has made to ANU even more impressive," Professor Schmidt said in an email to staff.

In his prestigious new role, Mr Duldig told Nine newspapers he planned to put more of the library's artwork collection on display to entice people into the Melbourne institution.

Meanwhile, chief people officer Dr Nadine White announced her departure last month after 16 years at the university and 10 years in her role as head of human resources.

Professor Schmidt said Dr White had delivered many significant achievements including moving to self-insurance for workers compensation, reforming paid parental leave and supporting the university through restructures.

"Speaking personally, Nadine has been a highly trusted and valued member of the ANU leadership team throughout my term as Vice-Chancellor, and one of my closest advisors," he said.

"This is an exceptional legacy, and one Nadine can be very proud of."

Dr White is leaving to focus on her consulting and board roles.

The university shed 467 full-time equivalent positions as part of its COVID-19 recovery plan, with plans to recruit 145 people into new roles.

The financial result in 2021 was better than predicted, with a net $232.4 million surplus and operating surplus of $30.2 million.

Mr Duldig will have his last day at the university on July 29 while Dr White will depart after July 8.

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