Scot left with 'sausage lips' after horror allergic reaction to lip filler dissolver

By Nia Price

A Scots beauty lover claims she was left with giant 'sausage lips' that swelled 20 TIMES their normal size after suffering a horror allergic reaction.

Daniella Bolton went to get her lip filler dissolved on December 17 as they had been in a while and was told by the beautician that her swelling would soon subside but after she left they started getting bigger each minute.

By the time she arrived home her lips had completely ballooned and the panicked 24-year-old dashed to the doctors where she was given steroid tablets that quickly reduced the swelling.

Daniella's lips swelled 20 times their normal size (Kennedy News and Media)

Horrifying photos and footage captured by Daniella show her massive lips and puffy face which she endured for around four hours before they eventually reduced in size after receiving medication.

After an 'awful' ordeal, the sales administrator is keen to raise awareness of the severe reactions that can happen following the procedure - even if you get a patch test beforehand like she did.

Daniella, of Edinburgh, said: "My reaction was awful. They looked like sausage lips.

"I don't know if I'm exaggerating but I would genuinely say they were about 20 times the normal size.

Daniella Bolton's lips completely ballooned (Kennedy News and Media)

"It was so scary. I was in a lot of shock because I've never seen my lips that big before.

"I was just a bit stressed about how they looked because I wasn't sure if it was normal or if it was going to go away.

"I was in a panic thinking 'when are they going to go down?'"

Daniella said she originally booked her appointment to get half a ml of filler but decided to get them dissolved and start afresh to prevent it from migrating.

She claims she had her patch test around 10-15 minutes before having the procedure that injected hyaluronidase, an enzyme that dissolves filler, into her lips.

Daniella said: "I got a little patch test in my arm just to see if it would be fine. My skin did go a little bit red but I do have really sensitive skin anyway so I didn't think anything of it.

"I got the injections in my lips. They got big quite quickly but apparently when you get your lips dissolved they're meant to go quite big anyway. Although I'm not sure they're meant to go as big as what mine went.

Daniella planned to start her fillers again after getting them dissolved (Kennedy News and Media)

"After I left the girl said to me that within an hour it should go down. After I'd left the place they started getting a little bit bigger every minute and I was like 'my God, what has gone on?'

"By the time I'd driven back to Edinburgh from Glasgow my lips were still the same. I sent her a message on Instagram and she phoned me straight away asking if I was feeling ok and if I started to struggle to breathe to go to A&E because obviously that's when something would be severely wrong.

"My lips were really big and I was starting to feel a little bit unwell as well. I was getting quite hot and I explained that to the doctors."

The 24-year-old was given eight steroid tablets which reduced the swelling within 30 minutes and also made her feel a lot better.

Daniella said: "That evening I was meant to be having a work night but then I couldn't go because of how I had reacted so I had to cancel my Friday night plans which was a bit gutting, but at least I was fine that's the main thing.

"I've only ever seen it happen once before and never really heard of it. It's not really something that's spoken about and obviously it can be quite dangerous as well.

"It could have been really severe and I was quite lucky that my throat didn't close up or anything because I know that can happen after reading up on it.

"It's just to make people aware that these reactions can happen and just because you get a patch test doesn't mean that it's 100 percent going to be fine."

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