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Quad Lock Launches Smart Adapter For Bikes Without A USB Port

Whether you prefer Quad Lock, Rokform, or RAM, phone mounts can be a convenient way to access your device on the go. From touring riders mapping out their next adventure to city commuters picking their favorite playlists, a handlebar-mounted smartphone can be a valuable resource (when used responsibly).

On the other hand, a device isn’t helpful if it runs out of juice, and Quad Lock’s Smart Adapter keeps your phone charged up in all situations. Many newer motorcycles come equipped with a USB charging port straight from the factory. That leaves many entry-level and used motorcycle riders without a mobile charging option, but the Smart Adapter democratizes that new-age technology.

Equipped with a USB-A port and a battery terminal cable, the Smart Adapter enables riders to charge devices on the run while preserving the battery’s life when not in use.⁠ Users can route the 10cm SAE cable up to the handlebars for an easy-to-access charge point, or pair the Smart Adapter with Quad Lock’s Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head and mount for even more convenience.

The Smart Adapter also puts the control in the customer’s hands with switchable modes. The Auto mode doesn’t charge devices until the voltage exceeds 13.5V. Once voltage dips below 12.5V, the Adapter prioritizes battery life, automatically turning off the device charging function⁠. The On mode works best when the Smart Adapter is connected to a constant 12-24V energy source (e.g., boats, caravans), and the Off mode shuts off all charging capabilities.

While many users will tuck the Quad Lock unit under the motorcycle’s seat, the Smart Adapter achieves an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP66. The first number in the rating relates to the device’s protection against dust and debris, while the second digit indicates the unit’s water resistance (from 0 to 10).

Retailing for $39.95, the Smart Adapter is an affordable and versatile option for all riders. Whether you’re still kicking over a two-stroke sportbike or putting around on a dual-sport, Quad Lock’s latest gadget keeps your device charged and ready for the ride.