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'Putin's security services killed my dad' claims laser scientist's heartbroken son

Vladimir Putin's shady FSB security services killed a top Russian scientist, according to the laser scientist's own son.

Dr Dmitry Kolker, 54, a world-class expert in his field, died two days after he was taken from a hospital by the Russian security services.

He had been fatally ill with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, too sick for chemotherapy, when the FSB flew him from Siberia to Moscow and dumped him in the notorious Lefortovo prison.

When in prison he was rushed to hospital before he sadly died Saturday morning.

The laser scientist was accused of being a part of a Chinese spy ring, something strongly denied by Dr Kolker’s family.

Dr Kolker along with his daughter Alina Mironova, who said the family was going through "total hell" (Alina Mironova/east2west news)

However, speaking out in the tragic aftermath of the incident, Dr Kolker’s 22-year-old son Maxim Kolker, has accused the FSB of taking his dad’s life.

To move the world-class expert, they took him off of a drip at a cancer hospital and the family said they had warned the intelligence service that he was on his deathbed.

Maxim said: “The FSB killed my father, knowing his condition. They didn’t even let our family say goodbye."

He blamed the spy case investigator - who he named as Morozov - along with the Novosibirsk judge who approved his father’s detention and “the entire state machinery”.

Dr Kolker was also a prominent musician, pictured here during organ rehearsals in Berlin (Dmitry Kolker/east2west news)

“I hope you will answer for your actions. It took you two days to kill a man. And now me and my family are without a father,” he added.

His heartbroken sister Alina Mironova, 29, said: “This is a great tragedy for our family. It should not have happened like this. The man could not go to a better place near his family…”

She told how last week he had denied his guilt and said: "I want you all to come together. I want there to be peace.

"We got your last wish, dear and beloved Dad. It's a pity it came at such a price. But we are all with you.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

Both siblings urged their fellow Russians to keep their father’s case in the spotlight and denied the allegations against him.

Maxim admitted his father had travelled to China on a lecturing trip. But the scientist - also a talented musician - was accompanied all the time by an FSB agent who approved every word of his lectures, he said.

Dr Kolker was one of two leading academics accused of leading a Chinese spy ring. The other was Professor Anatoly Maslov, a 75-year-old pioneer of hypersonic technologies.

He remains in Lefortovo jail, where Dr Kolker was held before being rushed to hospital.

The scientist's family were left heartbroken at his death and petitioned the Russian people to not let their father's death be forgotten (Dmitry Kolker/east2west news)

Russia ’s FSB claimed they had medical authorisation to unplug him from his hospital drip. His death was only announced by his family.

One academic source said: “Putin is seeing spies everywhere. Top scientists were officially urged to collaborate with top foreign partners, they did so, and now they are being accused of espionage.”

Dr Kolker, 54. was head of Novosibirsk State University’s quantum optical technologies laboratory, and regarded as a world expert on lasers.

He had previously collaborated with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford, and major institutes in many countries.

It was not clear if the alleged “treason” accusation was related to advanced military secrets concerning new-age weapons.

His daughter Alina Mironova, 29, said when he was detained on 30 June: “Our family is going through total hell.

“Our father cannot pass away surrounded by his family members.”

Dr Maslow is known to have previously worked with Boeing in America, and with German and Chinese partners.

A colleague, Academician Vasily Fomin, scientific director of the institute, said of Maslov: “He dealt with the problems of laminar-turbulent transition, which affects the reduction of the resistance of aircraft.

“At one time on the instructions of the government, everyone was forced to cooperate with foreign colleagues.

“So, Maslov worked with the American Boeing, and with the Chinese, and the Germans.

“And now scientists, it turns out, have become guilty."

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