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Married woman's Tinder notifications spotted on a plane as she sits with husband and kids

Getting through a flight can be a stressful affair, whether you're stuck next to a screaming child for a long-haul journey or struggle with flight anxiety while sky-high. There's little to distract yourself with mid-air after you've finished your book and or Netflix series, but one woman got more than she bargained for on the drama front when she spotted something shocking on a nearby passenger's phone.

Taking to TikTok to reveal her findings, the flight passenger claims she spotted a large number of Tinder notifications on a married woman's phone - all while the wife in question was sat next to her husband and children.

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Karmina, who posts under the social media handle @ callmekarima, posted a series of clips detailing the seemingly damming evidence, as she zoomed in on the woman's phone screen which had a whopping 22 Tinder notifications on the homepage.

In the video, the woman in question is clearly wearing a wedding ring, leaving many people flabbergasted as to why she'd be using the dating app.

Karima added text that runs across the video, which reads: "Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring and 22 Tinder notifications" and people online have been left gobsmacked by the footage.

The TikTok user did ponder over a potential justification for the wife's Tinder app, as she wrote in the video caption: "Maybe they have an open marriage? I am confusion".

Karima films herself raising her eyebrows while sat on the plane as she is visibly shocked by what she's witnessed from the woman sat right next to her.

The viral video has caused quite the controversy on TikTok, as thousands of people flooded the comments section to share their shock at Karima's in-flight experience.

Many people pointed out that the wife is doing little to hide her Tinder profile, leading people to think that the couple could be in an open marriage like Karima suggested.

One person wrote: "She has it on main screen she ain't hiding it" while another added: "Plot twist it’s just a non monogamous marriage".

Others took less kindly to the clip, with one TikTok user writing: "I guess the end is near. Alot [sic] of people are unfaithful regardless of gender. we as Human are running out of loyal people".

Another person suggested a cunning way to tell the husband what his wife is up to, as they said: "Tell the husband through airdrop HAHAHAH".

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