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Loneliness and unhappiness can age you faster than smoking, says study

According to the latest article published in Aging-US, any anti-ageing therapy needs to focus on one's mental health as much as on one's physical health (Mint)

Fortunately, using digital models of aging, the increased rate of aging can be detected before its disastrous consequences of the aging manifest. These models can also be used to develop anti-aging therapies for individuals and populations.

According to the most recent article published in Aging-US, any anti-aging therapy must address both one's mental and physical health.

The article mentions the first aging clock that has been trained solely on a large Chinese cohort and describes a new aging clock that was trained and validated using blood and biometric data from 11,914 Chinese adults.

People with a history of stroke, liver and lung disease, smokers, and, most intriguingly, people in a vulnerable mental state are witnessing comparatively faster aging. It has also been observed that feeling hopeless, unhappy, and lonely increases one's biological age more than smoking.

Being single and living in rural areas without adequate medical facilities and some more reasons for faster aging.

“Mental and psychosocial states are some of the most robust predictors of health outcomes and quality of life, yet they have largely been omitted from modern healthcare," said Manuel Faria from Stanford University.

The CEO of Insilico Medicine, Alex Zhavoronkov informs that the study provides a course of action to “slow down or even reverse psychological aging on a national scale."

Deep Longevity also launched an AI-guided mental health web service- FuturSelf.AI which is based on a previous publication in Aging-US. The service provides a free psychological assessment that is processed by artificial intelligence and results in a comprehensive report on users' current and future mental well-being as well as their psychological age.

"FuturSelf.AI, in conjunction with the study of older Chinese adults, positions Deep Longevity at the forefront of biogerontological research," said Deepankar Nayak, CEO of Deep Longevity.

With Inputs from ANI.

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