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Devin Haney defeats George Kambosos Jr by unanimous decision in rematch

Devin Haney underlined his status as the king of the lightweight division, beating George Kambosos Jr for the second time to retain his undisputed world titles in Melbourne.

The three judges all scored the bout in favour of the American, 119-109, 118-110 and 118-110, who retained his IBF, WBC, WBA and WBO belts.

Despite the disappointment of defeat, it was a much-improved performance from Kambosos Jr, who pushed Haney to the limit by pouring everything he had into the contest.

After an ill-fated dalliance with calling himself the Emperor, Ferocious Kambosos was back.

Unfortunately, it still was not enough.

"He's a great fighter," said Kambosos Jr, who recorded his second career defeat to move to 20-2.

"It is what is it. I gave it my best … I tried my heart out tonight."

Kambosos Jr came out all guns blazing in front of a parochial crowd at Rod Laver Arena.

Where in the first meeting he was tentative and reactionary, here he took the fight to his 23-year-old opponent, switching his stance from southpaw to orthodox early on in an attempt to upset the American's style and timing.

He had success too, always fighting on the front foot and never shying from the thunderous right hands coming his way to land some scoring shots on the American's body.

"He's a warrior, I take my hat off to George Kambosos," said Haney, who moved to a pro-record of 29-0.

"When he first came out, I didn't expect him to keep switching. But I easily caught onto his timing and his angles."

Haney had success in the first fight with a dominant jab, but he adapted to the change in tempo with consummate ease, speaking volumes about the unbeaten American's talent.

After a fairly even opening four rounds, Haney gradually started to gain control of the fight with solid combinations, sitting down on his right hand off the back of his jab.

There were still moments when Kambosos hurt the American with body shots — and the crowd made their feelings known whenever he tied things up with a chorus of boos.

Kambosos Jr never stopped coming forward, but his bravery bordered on recklessness in the latter stages of the fight — particularly in the 10th — when Haney was landing rights at will flush on the chin of the challenger.

Still he came forward though, and even threatened to hurt Haney with a solid body shot in the 11th that had the champion wincing.

However, it was Kambosos who ended the fight bloodied around the eyes, unbowed by the encounter with his reputation further enhanced after such a gripping contest. 

"I feel that this was a much better fight than the first fight," Kambosos Jr said of his efforts, while acknowledging Haney's class.

"He adapts … He adapted."

On the undercard, Jason and Andrew Moloney both moved closer to a shot at the world title with impressive points victories.

Jason (25-2) became number one challenger for the WBO bantamweight title with a seriously impressive points victory over number two-ranked Nawaphon Kaikanha.

Andrew, meanwhile, won the WBO International super flyweight champion with just as dominant a performance over Norbelto Jimenez.

Cherneka Johnson retained her IBF super bantamweight crown against Susie Ramadan despite a horrific head gash.

Look back at how the action unfolded in our live blog.

Key events

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Live updates

By Simon Smale

Devin Haney is undisputed

Well, we're gunna wrap things up here for now.

Devin Haney showed his class today.

The first fight was a bit of a mismatch, but George Kambosos was far better second time around.

Arguably, so too was Haney.

For a 23-year-old, Haney has all the skills he needs already to just dominate this division that not long ago people were calling the most competitive in boxing.

Incredibly, Haney has shown just how strong he is.

There are so many good fights to be made at lightweight, and Kambosos can still be a part of that picture if he wants.

However, Haney will take some beating.

Thanks for being with me today and I hope you enjoyed the coverage.

We'll see you all again real soon I'm sure.

By Simon Smale

Back to the future

Thanks for the commentary. It's like the 1920s all over. Not that I wad there. Good job.

- matthew

By Simon Smale

George Kambosos deserves all the credit

Many thanks Simon for being my eyes on this fight. Congratulations to both boxers, especially Kambosis, who never gave up. The Force is strong in that one.

- Han

He turned things around a lot from that first fight.

But I think Devin Haney is a generational talent.

By Simon Smale

Vasiliy Lomachenko next?

I'm recently back to watching boxing. Yes! Lamanchenco is masterful. It will be a great contest. Like Jeff Feneck he got to the top with few fights.

- matthew

That's the fight I'd like to see.

And it's rumored that is what's in the works.

I have no idea who wins though.

Should be a belter.

And there are lots of other options too.

By Simon Smale

You're most welcome Lee

Thanks a lot,just an old never was that loves the Game,and your site gives me the chance to be close to the action,helps with the loneliness of old age,Keep Safe.

- Lee Paterson

By Simon Smale

After the war, respect

By Simon Smale

'It is what it is': Kambosos

Here's George Kambosos.

"He's a great fighter," he says.

"For me to have the guts to go again with him. He gave me a good boxing lesson the first time, I gave it my all.

"He's slick man. He's a good boxer.

"It is what is it. I gave it my best.

"I tried my heart out tonight.

"It's not the end, I'll be back."

He pays credit to Devin Haney.

"This guys is at the top. Not just this division, top five in boxing.

"I tried to chase the best, he's one of the best in the world of boxing not just the division.

"Respect him please, in Australia."

He then asks the prime minister to give Haney an Australian passport. OK.

"No excuses. I feel that this was a much better fight than the first fight.

"He adapts. He adapted."

By Simon Smale

'He's a warrior': Devin Haney, undisputed champion

Here's the champion.

"I went in there, I knew they'd be looking for the jab, but I wanted to show some other tools in our arsenal," he says.

He says his dad wanted him to hook more, but he says he knew the right was doing the damage.

"When he first came out, I didn't expect him to keep switching," Haney says.

"But I easily caught onto his timing and his angles."

"He's a warrior, I take my hat off to George Kambosos and all the Australian fans who came out," he says.

Now he's onto the pound-for-pound rankings and where he should be.

"I should definitely be on pound for pound rankings. I showed how versatile I am. I beat the man in his home town twice.

"We take on all comers. We wanna fight the best fighters in the world, I believe I'm the best fighter in the world, bring them on."

By Simon Smale

Key Event

Devin Haney retains his titles by unanimous decision

The judges had it 119-109, 118-110, 118-110.

A dream performance from The Dream.

By Simon Smale

The sweet science

The Greatest did a lot of holding. The science of boxing. You get away with what you can.

- matthew

Absolutely right Matthew.

It was another masterful performance from Devin Haney.

I'm not sure who beats Haney, even in this stacked lightweight division. He's very, very special.

Haney could now face Lomachenko, which would be very interesting though.

By Simon Smale

Take a bow, George Kambosos and Devin Haney

Kambosos is bloodied by not bowed.

What a performance from the Australian.

That's what was missing in the first fight.

Aggression. Inventiveness. Resilience.

Unfortunately, it's not going to be enough.

I have it 117-112 for Haney, who skipped around the ring at the sounding of the bell, while Kambosos raised his arm half-heartedly.

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 12

Haney is going to get on his bike here I think.

He just needs to avoid any drama.

Haney leads with the right.

Kambosos looks good though, all things considered, chasing down Haney until they tangle.

Kambosos with the upper cut.

Kambosos bangs the gloves together.

Kambosos chases Haney, who shouts something at him.

Haney with a jab to keep him away.

Haney lands a solid right. And another. Kambosos is chasing shadows.

Kambosos gets Haney in the corner but the American escapes.

Kambosos lands an upper cut! A good one, but not good enough.

Haney is just running now as the 10 seconds are tapped out.

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 11

The doctor is having a look at Kambosos at the start of the round.

We'll continue.

Kambosos jabs a couple of times. Haney lands to the face.

Haney jabs and then lands with the right follow up.

Kambosos with the jab that lands, Haney with the upper cut to the chest in tight.

Kambosos with the right to the body and that's a decent shot from the Australian.

Kambosos ducks away from the jab and then lands to the body.

Big right from Haney and a left hook too. Big shots to take.

Kambosos tries a right himself but Haney gets inside and they grapple.

Haney leads with the right but Kambosos counters to the body.

Kambosos over the top and Haney just shrugs it off.

Haney with the jab and the overhand right down the middle and he takes it! Incredible.

Haney with the right but Kambosos blocks it.

Kambosos with a right and now he's chasing Haney at the end of the round!

The bell goes.

Kambosos needs a knockout.

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 10

This is a great fight.

Kambosos is coming forward but is jabbed back.

Kambosos ducks under a couple of jabs.

Kambosos looks for the upper cut but Haney lands with the right. Haney lands with the left now.

Rights and lefts are landing and Kambosos is rocked.

Another massive shot taken by Kambosos there.

Haney bludgeons Kambosos with a right and a left.

Kambosos looks unsteady and Haney is picking him off at will here.

Blood is pouring from the face of Kambosos now.

Haney can afford to take his time.

Left hook to the head in close.

They grapple.

Kambosos with a right of his own and then follows up with a couple more.

Haney lands to the head with the left and Kambosos punches right back! There's not much power left.

Kambosos grimaces at the end of the round as he walks to his corner. You could almost make a case for a 10-8 there, such was Haney's superiority.

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 9

Both men are bleeding after a head clash.

Kambosos with a decent shot, giving back everything that he's getting.

Kambosos needs to work the body.

Haney lands with a jab from range.

Kambosos with a jab and then an upper cut.

Haney didn't like that! They taunt each other and they grapple.

Haney with the left to keep Kambosos away.

Haney is bleeding from eye.

BIG SHOT FROM KAMBOSOS! It's a right hand and it was hard!

Haney responds with a right of his own!

That's cut him!

How is Kambosos still standing after that shot!

Haney is grappling and wrestling and the crowd are booing and jeering.


Kambosos is hurt but standing tall.

They tangle again and Kambosos might have led with the head there after another Haney hold on the bell.

By Simon Smale

Not wrestling fans

Yes, but the art supposed to manifest in evasion and defence, not holding...

- GP

You're not wrong...

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 8

"No more switching," is the instruction from the corner.

Haney just misses with another big right,

Lovely hook from Kambosos. He nods, hammers the gloves together and comes in again without landing anything substantial.

Kambosos switches but then comes straight back to orthodox.

Kambosos gets inside and then lands a couple to the body.

Haney with the right.

Kambosos jabs to the belly and then gets caught.

Kambosos hands to the body of Haney and finds the neck of Haney.

Haney misses with an upper cut.

Haney lands with a left and Kambosos ducks under a right.

GOOD SHOT FROM KAMBOSOS! Haney was buckled then by the body shot!

Kambosos is being roared on here.

There's blood on the face of Kambosos and he shouts after Haney after a good end to the round for the Aussie!

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 7

"Do you want to win this fight or not? Well what the **** are you doing!" says the Kambosos corner.

They are trying to fire Kambosos up, keep that fire burning, despite the elusive Haney doing his best to extinguish it.

They grapple again.

Haney jabs the lands the follow up right.

Kambosos charged in and wore one to the chin but did land his own shot too.

Jab from Haney lands.

Kambosos jabs to the body, Haney hooks to the body and just misses the upper cut.

Two rights land on the chin of Kambosos.

Haney darts away as Kambosos jabs to the body.

Lovely right from Haney, flush on the face of Kambosos.

Body shot from Kambosos and did Haney just buckle a little there? He ties things up in any case.

Kambosos comes forward again ana Haney gives him a cuddle for his trouble.

Kambosos lands but Haney with the left.

Haney wins another round, I have him up by three on my scorecard, but there is some swelling and a little cut under the right eye of Kambosos now.

By Simon Smale

Kambosos vs Haney, Round 6

A right over the top from Haney lands.

Kambosos lands with a decent shot as Haney misses.

Kambosos darts forward to the belly of Haney.

Haney with the one-two and that's a good shot from Haney.

Haney holds out the glove, Tszyu-style.

They grapple.

Haney lands the right.

It took him a while, but Haney has got to grips with the elusive Australian in this fight now.

Kambosos lands and Haney grapples.

Haney leads with the right, and again.

A counter right lands from Haney as well.

Now a one-two punch from Haney, who is using that right more and more.

They grapple again. I'd like to see a warning here.

They engage and Haney pushes Kambosos off him.

Haney with a brutal upper cut and that's very much a round for the American.

By Simon Smale

Hit and don't get hit

With all that holding, I think the humble Haney must suffer from Grothophobia (ironically derived from the Greek word for "punch")

- GP

It's the essence of boxing, and Haney is a master at it.

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