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Ruth Jones

LIVE – Best Black Friday mattress deals 2023

Black Friday mattress deals: Amerisleep mattress, Saatva Classic mattress.
Black Friday mattress deals 2023
(Image credit: Future)

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Black Friday is here and if you're thinking of buying a mattress, now is the time to do it! I review mattresses for a living and part of that means keeping a close eye on mattress prices throughout the year. So you can believe me when I say that the biggest mattress deals can typically be found on Black Friday. Even brands that rarely offer discounts want to get in on the action, and brands with reliable sales are likely to slash prices even further.

To help you get a good deal (and a good night's sleep), I've put together this guide to the best Black Friday mattress deals. I'll be tracking the prices I think you'll love and giving you a heads up on the deals that aren't as sweet as they seem. Want a new mattress but you don't know what you're looking for? The TechRadar best mattress guide can get you started (and I expect to see all our best brands offer a Black Friday discount).

It isn't just mattresses that you can save big on this Black Friday. Our Black Friday deals hub has the latest and best deals, from gadgets to homeware.

Want to make a quick decision? Here are the best Black Friday deals available today, in the US and the UK.

Today's best US Black Friday mattress deals

Today's best UK Black Friday mattress deals

Hello! Welcome to TechRadar's mattress deals live blog. Today is a really, really good day to buy a new mattress. All the biggest bed brands are running major discounts, usually matching or bettering the lowest prices of the year. 

However, it's not all about the price – a bargain bed isn't really a bargain if it's wildly uncomfortable for you to sleep on. So as well as rounding up the best discounts, me and my team of sleep writers will be filling you in on exactly what to look for, how to choose the right mattress for your sleep style, and taking a closer look at the deals to unpack whether they're as good as they seem. 

(Image credit: Future)

Organic mattresses are always a pricey buy, and while other mattress brands tend to offer evergreen sales, it's less common among these specialist models. If you're considering an eco-friendly mattress, Black Friday is the best time to protect your wallet as well as the planet.

(Image credit: Future)

Selling out isn't a huge worry when you're shopping for a mattress on Black Friday, but it is something to keep in mind if you're ordering a popular mattress in a popular size. That means queen-size bed owners might need to act a little quicker than someone with a Cal king!

I'm keeping an eye on stock levels and so far things seem to be okay. I'll let you know if I spot any stock issues with any of our favorite sleep brands. 

(Image credit: Future)

Ever spent a night in a fancy hotel? Wasn't it the best night's sleep you ever had? It's not just the chance to get away from it all that leaves you feeling refreshed, it's the premium quality of hotel beds. With the Saatva Classic you can capture that feeling in the comfort of very own bedroom. I love this luxury mattress at full price, so I love it even more with $400 off when you spend $1000.

(Image credit: Future)

I tend to refer to mattresses by type: foam, hybrid, and innerspring being the most common. You can infer some basics about a mattress depending on what type it is – if I hear a mattress is a memory foam, for example, I assume it has softer cushioning and better motion isolation. Before you start on your mattress buying journey, let's take a quick look at each type.

Foam mattresses can be roughly divided into two further categories: memory foam vs latex. Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials, known for a contouring 'hug' feel. Latex is typically a natural material (although, confusingly, not always). Every one of our best organic mattresses contain latex, and it's known to be durable and breathable. It's also expensive – making Black Friday a good time to buy!

Hybrid mattresses contain a combination of foam and coils or springs. They're highly breathable and tend to have a firmer feel than all-foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are often recommend for those with back pain, as they can offer zoned support. Memory foam vs hybrid really comes down to personal preference, as there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

You're most likely to come across innerspring mattresses in mattresses stores, although some online retailers have them for sale. Innerspring mattresses have a traditional feel, with a high level of bounce and response. They're the least durable, and can have very short warranties.

So, that's the basics! You can learn a little more by clicking on the links above.

(Image credit: Future)

I first heard about Emma Sleep on the international market, where they have become a firm favorite. In the US, Emma is just starting to take off, thanks largely to the super affordable Emma Original. Emma's currently running a mega Black Friday sale, with up to 56% off.

(Image credit: Future)

I'm talking about the best deals a lot today because, of course, it's Black Friday. But deals really aren't everything when it comes to a mattress. It doesn't matter that the Nectar Memory Foam starts from $659 in the Black Friday sale – if you want a bed with bounce, it won't be right for you.

Don't be fooled into thinking that any mattress can be 'one size fits all'. Some mattress brands try and claim that their mattress really will appeal to everyone, but that's just not possible. We all have different body types, sleep styles, and needs.

Our best mattress guide is an excellent place to discover what style of mattress will suit how you sleep. We've also got plenty of guides for different sleep styles. Lie on your side? Check out best mattress for side sleepers. Wake up with an achey back? Browse our best mattresses for back pain. When you know what you need, then you can jump over to our Black Friday mattress deals.

(Image credit: Future)

I stayed in a hotel last night and had a fantastic, deep, restful sleep on a luxury hotel bed. And even though my alarm went off incredibly early, I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed. Apart from one thing – terrible neck cramp.

The mattress was exceptional; the problem was the pillow. It was just not right for me. If you're shopping our Black Friday mattress deals, consider investing in a new pillow to go with it.up, so you don't suffer from the same aching shoulders I did. We've rounded up the top choices in out best pillows guide, where you can also find some tips on choosing the right pillow.

And while we're on the subject: don't forget to pick up a best pillow protector!

(Image credit: Future)

I talk a lot about how important firmness is when it comes to choosing a mattress. But let's be honest, even if you spend all day lying on different beds (something even I'm not allowed to do), firmness might not mean very much to you. 

Most mattress brands rate firmness on a scale of 1-10 (we do the same here). Below, I'll try to explain what those ratings mean, so you have a better idea of what you're getting.

1-4/10 goes from extra soft to medium-soft. Softer mattresses are best for side sleepers with light builds. If you choose to go soft, make sure you have enough support at the hips and shoulders. The Tempur-Cloud is super soft and 30% off.

5-6/10 is medium. Firmness is subjective, so a true medium can be tricky to determine. Medium is typically best for side sleepers. We rate the Helix Midnight a 5.5/10, and it's 25% off for Black Friday.

7-10/10 runs from medium-firm to extra-firm. Back and stomach sleepers tend to benefit from firmer mattresses, but some side sleepers like the feel. The Awara Hybrid mattress is an 8/10, and you can get $765 off today.

(Image credit: Future)

Like so many of us, I'm trying to make buying choices that are better for the environment. But when it comes to mattresses that does mean choosing between premium price tags. That's why this sale from Awara is so impressive. Awara has knocked the eco-conscious queen Natural Hybrid down to just $949, which is incredible for an organic mattress. The deal has been running for a little while, so if you're a side sleeper with aches and pains, don't miss out on this bargain.

(Image credit: Future)

Debating whether to buy a mattress now or wait and see if prices drop? Let me be honest with you: don't wait, buy now. Or, at least, buy over the Black Friday weekend. I've been tracking the best prices for weeks now at our Black Friday mattress deals hub, and there are plenty of excellent deals to choose between,

After Black Friday, I predict prices will rise again. There will still be sales around (some mattress sales never end – just check out our Nectar mattress sales and deals page), but you're unlikely to see prices as good as the Black Friday deals. A few mattress brands might drop lower prices, but it's unlikely. And, more importantly, you won't have the choice you do right now.

Luckily, you don't have to make a decision right away. Most sales should last until Cyber Monday (Monday 27th), so you have time to browse our best mattress guide and weigh up your choices.

(Image credit: Future)

Black Friday is one of the best times to save big on a quality mattress. But if you haven't found a deal you wanted, you might be wondering if you have to put up with an uncomfortable bed for another year (or at least until the next big sale date).

I have a better solution – a mattress topper. A mattress topper is a padded layer that is added (no surprise) to the top of your mattress. It's basically all cushioning, so the best mattress topper can completely transform how a mattress feels for a fraction of the cost. Find out more with our guide to mattress topper vs mattress Black Friday deals.

(Image credit: Future)

I recommend replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years, although various factors affect how long you can leave it before buying a new bed. Correct mattress care plays a big role in longevity. That means yes, you really do need to be cleaning your mattress. But, no matter the circumstances, eventually all mattresses need replacing.

Black Friday is the perfect time to get a high-quality mattress at a lower price. If you're after durability, our best mattress guide can help you find the beds we rate for longevity. In terms of materials, Latex is known to last a long time – the Avocado Green latex mattress is 10% off for Black Friday. And remember, a high price doesn't always equal a better build. The Nectar Memory Foam is budget friendly, has a lifetime warranty, and is 40% off in the Black Friday sale.

(Image credit: Future)

Hybrid mattresses contain both springs and foam, so they're incredibly versatile. I often recommend hybrids because they suit so many sleep styles, but I can't deny that they tend to be more expensive. A great excuse to make the most of a Black Friday offer!

(Image credit: Future)

I'm here to keep you up to date with all the best Black Friday deals, but I'm also watching out for the those less than enticing offers. My number one piece of advice when assessing a Black Friday deal: don't be taken in by a massive slash to the MSRP. The best Black Friday mattress sale isn't necessarily the brand that knocks the most off the 'suggested retail price'. Many of our best mattress brands offer sales throughout the year, meaning the MSRP is rarely, if ever, the expected price.

Instead, check out our Black Friday mattress deals hub to see what price a mattress is usually sold at, and how that's reflected in the Black Friday deals. We track mattress prices throughout the year, so we know which ones are usually discounted, and which deals are actually worth buying. 

(Image credit: Future)

I've just found a deal for a mattress that's $100 for a queen size. What? Madness. It's not a weird, no-name Amazon one either. This is the Allswell X, which is on sale at Walmart. TechRadar has reviewed another model in this range and our testers were very impressed, as you'll learn in our Allswell mattress review.

The design includes memory foam, other foam, and 7-inch wrapped coils. The perimeter is wrapped with foam too, for extra support. That's really quite a complex design for a budget mattress. I'd expect good breathability, thanks to those coils, and a bit of bounce too. I'd be surprised if this offer didn't sell out. 

If it's not right for you, head to TechRadar's best cheap mattress roundup for some wallet-friendly alternatives.

(Image credit: Future)

One of the key things to focus on when choosing your mattress is the firmness. At TechRadar, we rate this from 1-10, with higher numbers being firmer and lower numbers being softer. Finding the right level of firmness will make a big difference to how comfortable and supportive your bed is. Although personal preference does come into it (and firmness is subjective), there are some key rules to follow. 

The best mattresses for side sleepers tend to be on the softer side. This allows the shoulder and hip to sink in a bit, preventing pressure from building up in these areas, while still ensuring the spine is well supported and aligned. 

Back or stomach sleepers should generally opt for something a bit firmer. This is to prevent the hips from sinking too far in, leaving the back unsupported and leading to pain over time. 

However, you should also factor in body weight. Broadly, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be. Sleepers over 250lb might need a specialist mattress – head to our roundup of the best mattresses for bigger bodies to browse our top recommendations.

(Image credit: Future)

This is a really excellent UK mattress deal – 55% off the Simba Hybrid Go mattress. It's not in my main picks because it's almost all sold out. But if you're in the market for a king or super king size, you're in luck! Our testers were well impressed with this latex hybrid mattress – you can read about why in our Simba Hybrid Go review.

Simba mattress deals that knock 40% off are pretty common, but the Go is basically never included. It's always full price, and full price is pretty expensive. With 55% off, it still sits in the premium bracket, but only just, and you're getting a really excellent mattress for a that money. 

Latex isn't super popular in the UK mattress market (it's more common in the US). It has a bouncier, more responsive feel than memory foam, and is known as one of the most durable mattress materials, so this investment should last.

(Image credit: Future)

Purple is one of the major brand names in the mattress world, and there are discounts across the range for Black Friday. They're a little pricier than many of the alternatives, so what's so special about Purple mattresses? 

The simple answer is the 'GelFlex Grid'. This is a square-based grid made from elastic polymer. It appears in all Purple mattresses, and only Purple mattresses. This bouncy layer is designed to meld around the sleeper's body to provide custom support – soft where it needs to be soft, firmly supportive where it needs to be to. There's none of the quicksand feel you get with memory foam, because when you remove pressure, the structure bounces straight back into place. The open structure also means it won't trap heat like some dense memory foams can.

Find out more about the Purple Black Friday mattress deals if that sounds good to you.

(Image credit: Purple)
(Image credit: Future)

If you're on a really tight budget, you have two options. Browse the best cheap mattresses for a budget buy, or, if your mattress isn't completely busted, you might be able to get away with just adding a topper. 

Today's best mattress toppers can have a surprisingly transformative effect on your mattress comfort. Lots of the big bed brands have a topper version of their main mattress, which means you could capture, for example, the magic of Tempur-Pedic or Saatva, but at a much lower price. 

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