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Phil Hayton

Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank review: “a juice box specifically for your Steam Deck”

Jsaux 20000mah 65w power bank next to Steam Deck OLED on woodgrain table.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to strap extra batteries to the Steam Deck like a precarious jet pack after adventuring for a couple of hours. Yet, that’s very much a reality tied to using a handheld in 2024, and without accessories like the Jsaux 65w 20000mAh power bank, I doubt I’d make it past the first act of many big PC outings. There are no shortage of options out there that will supply your device with extra juice to slurp, but out of them all, this one feels specifically suited to Valve’s handheld.

Priced at $59.99, Jsaux’s 65w power bank isn’t going to break the bank. Okay, I promise to ditch the dad jokes for the rest of this review, but it’s not a lot to pay considering how it can solve one of the biggest issues with the best gaming handhelds right now. I say solve, I guess it’s more of a battery longevity crutch. But hey, the semantics don’t really matter if it ultimately means more time beaming wonderful Steam Deck OLED visuals into my ever ageing eyeballs. 

Again, there are tons of power banks out there, including options by big names like Anker. However, Jsaux pours a lot of its time into cooking up Steam Deck accessories, so it makes sense that its 65w power bank feels like it was made with the handheld in mind. Sure, it’s going to charge any doodad you connect to it via USB-C, but it’s subtle sprinkles of integration that make it a great handheld fit. 


Armed with a set of 20,000mAh cells, Jsaux’s 65w power bank holds enough power to potentially keep devices charged for a few days. Naturally, it all depends on what you plug it into, but since the Steam Deck boasts 5,200mAh capacity, you could theoretically recharge the handheld almost four times before reaching for a power adapter. I’ll go over whether that’s actually the case, but on paper specs serve as performance heads up. 

As for ports, the battery bank has a short integrated USB-C cable, a separate type-C port for power delivery and charging, and two classic USB-A ports. Funnily enough, the built-in wire comes in handy for connecting directly to the Steam Deck, and it’s just the right length to reach the handheld’s top port when placed round back. That said, I sort of wish this cable was detachable, as I’m not into the idea of it wearing over time and occupying what could be a usable port. 


(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)
(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

To say Jsaux’s power bank feels like a brick might sound insulting, but I mean it in an endearing way. It’s sturdy, but focuses on taking up vertical space in an effort to not dominate your rucksack, something I’m a big fan of. Its long boi nature means it slides nicely into the drinks holders at the side of my daily driver, and if I’m being honest, it doesn’t bulge out my pocket that much more than the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro (at least in terms of length). 

Port placement is top heavy, with everything living on the peak of the battery bank. This makes sense as those aforementioned 20,000mAh cells will dominate the rest of its innards, but I’d have liked to see some versatility when it comes to layout. Also featured at the top is a dinky LCD display that’ll give you quick access to stats like battery life, voltage, and amp info, alongside a clicky button on the left that toggles between each figure.

Aesthetically, it’s that orange cable that makes all the difference. A simple touch, yes, but helps the Jsaux power bank be visually recognisable. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a lot of black boxes and bricks lying around, so that flash of color makes it easier to identify as “that thing I use to charge the Steam Deck” at a glance. Again, I would prefer it if the cable was removable, but the fact there’s a dummy port for keeping it secure means it’s less likely to break over a lifetime of travel and rucksack shenanigans. 


(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

I’ve already touched on some of the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank’s abilities, but it does have a few inherent features you might not consider at a glance. The main one that comes to mind is compatibility with the accessory maker’s ModCase for Steam Deck, which uses a strap to attach add-ons to the back of the handheld. I’d almost say that using both in conjunction is crucial to it feeling like it’s made for Valve’s portable powerhouse, and you’ll struggle to find an alternative battery bank that fits quite as nice. 


I tend to torture my Steam Deck with glutenous big budget releases, so I had no trouble putting the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank to the test. I’ve been playing a lot of Tomb Raider Trilogy Remastered, and this baby let Lara dip, dive, and dodge around caves for at least twice as long, thanks to its ability to output 45w and still feed the Deck’s internal battery. Power even avoided being a problem when pestering the portable with Wanted: Dead, even though the shooter pushes the handheld pretty hard.

(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

As I originally suspected, I was able to fully charge the Deck over three times while not in use, which validates the bank’s capacity specs. Just like with its included adapter, it’ll take you around an hour and a half to charge the Steam Deck to 80% using the Jsaux power bank, with the remaining 20% taking almost the same amount of time. This is all normal and part of the protections put in place to protect your handheld battery’s lifespan, but it’s still worth being aware of. On the flipside, it takes only two hours to charge the power bank using Valve’s charger – an impressive feat considering its capacity. 

Should you buy the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank? 

Overall, the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank feels like a juice box specifically for your Steam Deck. It’s size, shape, and wattage all pair nicely with Valve’s portable powerhouse, and it’s gutsy enough to keep the handheld going for a nice chunk of time. While I’m not entirely convinced its small USB-C cable has to be integrated, it still makes for a quick and easy way to charge any USB-C device on the fly. 

How I tested the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank 

For a week, I used the Jsaux 20000mAh 65w power bank almost exclusively to charge the Steam Deck. To test wattage capabilities, I plugged the battery pack in while playing games like Tomb Raider Trilogy Remastered, Dishonored, and Wanted: Dead. As for charging speed and capacity, I made sure to use the accessory to recharge the Deck from 0% to 100%, with shorter burst of charge used in between sessions as a top up.

For more on how we put handhelds and accessories to the test, visit our GamesRadar+ Hardware policy for a full rundown. 

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