Jailed in Liverpool: Pizza gunman, High Parker and McDonald's date paedophile

By Neil Docking

This list includes 21 people locked up for crimes linked to Merseyside this past week.

One judge had to sentence four men involved in a botched gangland shooting linking underworld figures from across the North West.

Courts heard about an NHS cleaner who sold crack cocaine and heroin, and a drug addict who carried out a brazen robbery.

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Another judge had to sentence members of a drug gang who plagued a seaside resort and a paedophile who raped a child then fantasised about it online with other men.

Meanwhile, other disturbing cases included a married dad who tried to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex, a paedophile 'beyond help' who molested a young boy and a pervert who groped a little girl in the street.

Here is an overview of some of the most serious cases to have concluded this past week.

Vincent O'Connor

Vincent O'Connor, 34, of Longridge Walk, Kirkdale, (Liverpool Echo)

Vincent O'Connor threatened a woman with an angle grinder when she tried to prevent him from stealing a bike.

He used the power tool to cut through a D lock securing the £1,000 bicycle outside a city centre gym.

Mobile phone footage showed sparks flying as the 34-year-old ignored gym worker Sophie Smith's pleas for him to stop, before he threatened her.

O'Connor, of Longridge Walk, Kirkdale, struck outside a Virgin Active gym in London, at around 6pm, on May 6 this year.

He also fell to be sentenced over a burglary at a Pause coffee shop, in Tower Hamlets in London, on October 4, 2019.

O'Connor, who admitted robbery and burglary, has 93 previous offences.

The drug addict was jailed for three years and nine months.

Steven Davies

Steven Davies groped a little girl playing in the street.

He approached the child when she was standing alone, grabbed hold of her and groped her bottom, in Warrington.

The six-year-old called him a "weirdo" and he ran away, but the girl is now "less joyful" and treats all men as strangers, a court was told.

Davies, of Vulcan Close, Warrington, admitted sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 13, shortly before 5pm, on November 5 last year.

Cheshire Police refused to provide his photograph, despite the 44-year-old being jailed for seven months, because he has already been freed.

He was remanded into custody on December 10 last year and his period in custody counts towards the jail sentence.

As a result, after being sentenced, the pervert was immediately released.

Dawn Bennett and Alan McHugh

Dawn Bennett, 40, of Whitchurch Way, Runcorn. (Runcorn Weekly News)

NHS cleaner Dawn Bennett who sold heroin and crack cocaine was caught after her uniform and ID badge were found at a drug den.

The 40-year-old, of Whitchurch Way, Halton Lodge, Runcorn, was arrested after the raid at the home of another woman in Runcorn on May 14, 2019.

Police found 40 wraps of crack cocaine, 24 wraps of heroin, plus the uniform with a Kinder egg inside the pocket containing 24 more Class A drug wraps.

Twenty further wraps of heroin were found, bringing the value to £1,040.

Alan McHugh, 45, of Bedford Road, Liverpool. (Cheshire Police)

Mum-of-four Bennett, of previous good character, admitted two counts of supplying Class A drugs and two counts of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply.

She was jailed for three years and 11 months.

Co-accused Alan McHugh, 45, of Bedford Road, Walton, whose DNA was found on drug-packing materials, admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying Class A drugs and possessing cannabis.

McHugh, who had a previous conviction for supplying Class A drugs, was jailed for three years and four months.

David Harvey

David Harvey, 59, of Blackcap Walk, Birchwood, Warrington (Liverpool Echo)

David Harvey admitted raping a girl after police discovered his sick conversations with men fantasising about the abuse.

The paedophile groomed then repeatedly molested the young child, after telling her: "Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to."

The 59-year-old later went online and told one man he could impersonate his victim in twisted sex games - referring to him by the girl's name - but claimed this was just "role play".

The businessman, of Blackcap Walk, Birchwood, Warrington, was arrested after the abuse came to light in June 2020.

Harvey, who had no previous convictions, later admitted rape, three counts of sexual assault and two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

He was deemed an "offender of particular concern" and jailed for 10 and a half years, with an extended one year on licence.

Mark Morgan

A man caught with more than £1,000 of heroin claimed it was for his mum.

Mark Morgan was stopped in a Skoda in Kensington with 14 wraps of heroin but claimed he had bought it in bulk and was taking it to his mum's home.

Officers then discovered 27 further wraps of heroin and more than £1,400 in cash at his address in Lance Close, Everton, on November 21, 2020.

He initially claimed the heroin was for his mum, who was a drug addict, but then abandoned that claim.

Morgan, who has a past conviction for drug driving, admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply, possessing cannabis and possessing criminal property.

He was jailed for three years and four months.

Christopher Clements

A judge slammed "dangerous paedophile" Christopher Clements and said his "state of complete denial" suggested he was beyond help.

Clements groomed and sexually abused a young boy who now has nightmares "every time I close my eyes".

He gave the boy wine to drink and watched porn in his presence before subjecting the child to depraved abuse.

It was the second time 70-year-old Clements, formerly of West Derby, had molested a boy, having previously been jailed over similar abuse.

But he chose to deny abusing the second child, who had to endure a trial.

Clements abused the second boy in Liverpool in the 1990s and 2000s.

He was found guilty of four counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

Clements was jailed for six years, with an extended two years on licence.

Merseyside Police said it did not have a mugshot of Clements.

Devere Ogungboro and Mohamed Awad

Devere Ogungboro and Mohamed Awad were caught red handed as they bagged up more than £16,000 of crack cocaine.

During a police raid on a flat near Moorfields Train Station, Ogungboro tried to frantically smash up a mobile phone in an effort to cover their tracks.

They were arrested along with a 16-year-old boy, who had been exploited into carrying out the drug dealing, at around 1pm on March 3 this year.

Ogungboro, 31, and Awad, 35, were not thought to have been the ones to exploit the boy.

There was 117.88grams of crack cocaine found, worth £16,770.

Ogungboro has five convictions for 15 offences and was also the subject of a gang injunction at the time of the offence.

Awad has seven previous convictions for 10 offences, including a six-year prison sentence for conspiring to produce cannabis.

Awad, of Moorfields, and Ogungboro, of Goschen Street, Old Swan, both admitted possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply.

Awad was jailed for four and a half years and Ogungboro was jailed for four years.

Robin Vasko

32-year-old Robin Vasko of Cranborne Road, Wavertree (Merseyside Police)

Robin Vasko broke into a home and stole a television.

He targeted a property on Salisbury Road in Bootle and helped himself to the TV in April 2021.

Police launched an investigation and arrested the 32-year-old, of Cranborne Road, Wavertree, in July.

Vasko admitted burglary.

He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Ryan Caine

Ryan Caine who partied his way through lockdown snorting cocaine turned to selling drugs to pay off his debts.

The 21-year-old sold cocaine, ketamine and MDMA until he was stopped by police in a Seat car on Sandforth Road in West Derby, at 9.15pm on June 15, 2020.

Officers could smell cannabis and found bags of ketamine and ecstasy.

Police later found drugs paraphernalia including a mixing bowl and snap bags as well as cash totalling £3,080 during a raid at Caine's home.

Officers found in total eight grams of drugs, which included MDMA, cocaine and ketamine, a "small amount" of cannabis resin and two phones.

Caine, of Glen Road, Old Swan, admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply and possessing cannabis relating to June 18.

He also admitted possessing heroin, MDMA, cocaine and ketamine relating to June 17 and supplying cocaine between June 1 and June 18 in Liverpool.

Caine was jailed for two years and four months.

Alan Cherry

Alan Cherry, 64, of Holley Court, Rainhill (Liverpool Echo)

Alan Cherry said only death would cure his sexual interest in children when he was confronted by paedophile hunters on Facebook Live.

The 64-year-old, formerly of Akenside Court, Bootle, keeps getting caught trying to talk to underage girls on the internet.

The former window cleaner has twice been convicted of sexual offences and last year was jailed for eight months.

But after yet more sick online chats this summer with two 'girls' he thought were aged 12 and 13 but were actually paedophile hunters, he was met outside his new home at Holley Court, Rainhill on August 12.

Cherry's sex offender manager also visited him, when he admitted talking to someone who told him they were 13.

He admitted two counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child and one count of attempting to breach a SHPO.

Cherry was jailed for three years and two months.

Aaron Bretherton, Anthony Morris, Alan Tobin and John Tobin

Aaron Bretherton, 24, of Netherfield Road South in Everton, was convicted of conspiracy to inflict grievous bodily harm (Cheshire Police)

Four men were handed jail terms for their roles in a botched gangland shooting.

Aaron Bretherton posed as a pizza delivery man before shooting David Barnes in the leg on the doorstep of his Warrington home.

The intended target was in fact Mr Barnes' stepson.

Bretherton then fled the scene in a van driven by getaway driver Anthony Morris - whose phone was used to search for headlines about a gun attack as they returned to Liverpool.

Anthony Morris, 24, of no fixed address (Cheshire Police)

When police later searched Bretherton's home, they uncovered a Glock pistol - later revealed to be different to the weapon the 24-year-old had fired in Warrington.

Bretherton, of Netherfield Road South, Everton, was sentenced to 22 years and given an extended licence of five years for conspiracy to cause GBH with intent; causing grievous bodily harm with intent; possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life; conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life; conspiracy to possess ammunition with intent to endanger life and possessing a controlled drug of Class B with intent to supply it.

Bretherton will have to serve at least two thirds of that 22-year term before he can apply to the Parole Board for release.

Morris, of Fith Avenue in Fazakerley, was given a 14-year sentence for conspiracy to cause GBH with intent; possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life; and being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

The Tobin brothers were found to have supplied information that contributed to the attack, with Alan sending the pictures and addresses of both Liam Byrne Jnr and Liam Byrne Snr to the man alleged to have orchestrated the shooting.

The 52-year-old, formerly of Regency Park, Widnes, was sentenced to eight years for conspiracy to cause GBH with intent and conspiracy to cause GBH with intent. This will be served consecutively to a 20-year drugs term he is already serving.

John Tobin, formerly of Manor Road in Prescot, played a lesser role in that flow of information and was not involved in messages that included details of any attack.

The 41-year-old was handed two and a half years for participating in the activities of an organised crime group.

That will be served consecutively to the 19 year, eight month drugs sentence he is already serving.

Gareth Rogers

Gareth Rogers, 41, of Easton Road, New Ferry, Wirral (Liverpool Echo)

Gareth Rogers arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl for a date at McDonald's so he could take her back to his house for sex.

The dad-of-two wanted "Lily" to be his "friend with benefits" when his wife was at work and his children were in day care.

The married 41-year-old even told the child he wouldn't need to wear a condom because he'd undergone a vasectomy.

But the paedophile, of Easton Road, New Ferry, was actually talking to an undercover police officer the whole time.

And when he turned up at the McDonald's restaurant in Hunts Cross on February 21 this year, the pervert was stopped in his car and arrested.

Rogers admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child, attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

He also admitted taking, possessing and distributing one Category C indecent image of a child.

Rogers was jailed for two years and four months.

Cara Wilding, Lee McChrystal-Cole, Daniel Crompton and Brendan Gillam

Cara Wilding, 23, of The Larches, Hawarden, North Wales (Merseyside Police)

The final members of drug gang The High Parkers who plagued Southport have now been jailed.

The gang ran a 24/7 cocaine and cannabis business that saw dealers working on a shift system and vulnerable addicts exploited, with their homes turned into safehouses for cash and drugs.

The High Parkers were targeted in police raids across Southport, Formby, Bootle and Liverpool last October.

Lee McChrystal-Cole, 23 and of Pighue Lane, Wavertree was sentenced to five years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs (Merseyside Police)

Police seized £20,000 of cocaine and £20,000 of cash, plus three kilos of MDMA and two kilos of amphetamines.

Sixteen members of the gang had previously been jailed for a combined total of more than 110 years, including convicted killer James Gelling, who was locked up for eight years.

Cara Wilding, 23, of The Larches, Hawarden, North Wales, admitted conspiring to supply Class A and B drugs and was jailed for six years.

Daniel Crompton, 21 and of no fixed address was sentenced to four years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs (Merseyside Police)

Lee McChrystal-Cole, 23, of Pighue Lane, Wavertree, admitted conspiring to supply Class A and B drugs and was jailed for five years.

Daniel Crompton, 21, of no fixed address, admitted conspiring to supply Class A and B drugs and was jailed for four years.

Brendan Gillam, 25, of no fixed address, who admitted conspiring to supply Class B drugs, was jailed for 18 months.

Brendan Gillam, 25, of no fixed address (Liverpool Echo)

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