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ITV Emmerdale fans spot huge problem as Will is shot by Gabby

By Kate Lally

The identity of the person shot by Gabby Thomas was finally revealed during Thursday's hour-long instalment of Emmerdale.

As Gabby and Dawn searched the woods for a body, they spotted a man lying face down in the soil. As Dawn approached the figure, she asked "Jamie" if he was okay.

But when she rolled the man over, it wasn't Jamie at all. It was her dad, Will.

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Gabby, who was yet to see the man's face, asked: "Is he okay?". Dawn replied: "He better had be, because he's my dad".

The pair then took Will back to Home Farm after Gabby convinced Dawn not to call an ambulance. She said: "If I go down for this, what happens to Thomas?"

Dawn then called the local GP, Dr Liam Cavanagh, for his medical help. As Liam got to work removing shards of bullet from Will's shoulder, viewers were confused about Dawn's reaction to finding her father had been shot.

Taking to Twitter, Gemma Elizabeth said: "You’d react more than that if you found your dad unconscious after being shot". Michelle said: "As if that's how you'd react when you found out it's your dad who's been shot and lying unresponsive in front of you".

Ian said: "Dawn looks awfully calm considering someone just shot her dad". Doreen Morfitt said: "Dawn's very calm instead of grabbing Gabby and shaking her while screaming 'you shot my dad you b****'".

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and the ITV Hub

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