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'I took a trip to the middle aisle of Lidl and found home items for less than £30 - my top five picks'

Browsing the aisles of the 'Middle of Lidl' is truly a wonderful shopping experience for everyone.

The budget supermarket's middle aisle is infamous for stocking a range of unique items and great deals that you didn't know you needed until you see them.

From designer dupe cookware to lawnmowers and ironing boards, the German grocer's middle aisle is truly a treasurer trove of hidden gems that change every Sunday and Thursday.

I, for one, am one of those shoppers who really can't resist a good trip down those iconic middle aisles, even when I have only popped in for some bread and milk.

Who goes into Lidl and expects to only walk out with their groceries and not a new ironing board, blender or kettle?

The aisle is a treasure trove of brilliant budget buys (Rachel Williams)

Absolutely no-one, that's who.

I, once again, decided to pop to my local Lidl on Hutcheon Street in Aberdeen to see what sort of incredible deals were on offer this week.

And, as usual, it was not a wasted trip as Lidl seems to be offering a range of top homeware items that are much less than anywhere else on the high street.

Whether you are looking for some new storage, or some fancy pieces for your kitchen, here are our top five picks from this week's Middle of Lidl.

Salter chalkboard slow cooker 3.5L

Price: £24.99

The Salter chalkboard slow cooker (Rachel Williams)

For anyone with a family, then you'll know how much of a godsend a good slow cooker can be. This fun slow cooker will let your kids - or you - draw some fancy designs to make it a bit more personal.

Giles Posner movie night popcorn maker

Price: £17.99

The Giles Posner popcorn maker (Rachel Williams)

Why pay the expensive prices for a trip out to the cinema when you can bring it to you? This popcorn maker will have you making the cinema snack in just 3 minutes.

Even better, we spotted the same model on Amazon for almost £24.

Silvercrest 1.75L jug blender

Price: £24.99

The Silvercrest jug blender (Rachel Williams)

With summer well on its way, this blender is perfect for anyone looking to make smoothies or milkshakes to enjoy the sunshine.

Wenko bamboo bathtub tray

Price: £14.99

The Wenko bamboo bathtub tray (Rachel Williams)

Create your own relaxing oasis with this bamboo bathtub tray. Whether you prefer a glass of wine, a book or a set of candles, this bathtub tray will help you sink into the bubbles and relax.

Tower 28cm non-stick sauté pan

Price: £24.99

The Tower 28cm non-stick sauté pan (Rachel Williams)

No kitchen is complete without some expensive looking crockery for less and this rose gold pan is exactly that!

Not only does it look fancy, but it also makes for fat free cooking for healthy meals and comes with a non-stick interior for cooking.

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