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I spent £12.40 at M&S and couldn't believe the food I came away with

Half a dozen eggs for a quid, a big bag of spuds for 95p - anyone would think I'm reeling off the prices from my local market.

But this isn't a market, this is M&S no less, the place where shoppers have recently found themselves taken aback by the prices.

It's not exactly known for being cheap, but of late, customers have been raving about the cost of grocery staples they've been able to pick up.

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I headed there to see what I could pick up for less than £15 and was pleasantly surprised by my haul.

Much of my £12.40 shop was from the retailer's Remarksable range, which has seen prices drop after being matched against key competitors.

Much of my shop was from the retailer's Remarksable range (Manchester Family / MEN)

Its focus is on everyday staples - 'delivering trusted value' for customers, with 'no compromises' on M&S quality, welfare and sourcing standards.

Its 50p tins of beans aren't the cheapest you can find - you can get budget beans for 22p a tin at Lidl - but when shoppers are comparing them to Heinz, it's the quality of M&S' products that's also standing out.

The 80p loaf for instance is thick and soft - I'd argue not too different from our usual Toastie Warburtons - and a far cry from the cheaper loaves on offer at other supermarkets.

The 80p loaf is particularly impressive (Manchester Family / MEN)

The 2kg bags of white potatoes are a particular bargain, with shoppers praising the quality of those too and the likes of milk and mince are just as cheap as you can get elsewhere at the moment, if not cheaper.

Of course M&S isn't immune to price rises and while, just a few weeks back, its butter was notably cheaper, at £1.75 for a 250g block, that's now risen to £2. Although that's still cheaper than Asda and Lidl, who are selling blocks for £2.15.

I spotted other bargains in store too, like Corn Flakes for 85p and sausages for £1.50, but it's clear that once you step outside that budget range, you're on risky ground.

Given the fact I used to fear for my bank balance just walking past an M&S Foodhall, there's definitely been some progress made.

Shoppers have been comparing the M&S beans to Heinz (Manchester Family / MEN)

The big test would be how much it costs for a big shop, but that's a risk I'm not yet ready to take.

Should the day arrive when I can get everything I need from there without wincing at my receipt, now that really would be Remarksable.

Have you noticed the budget range at M&S? Where are you finding is cheapest for groceries? Let us know in the comments here.

Full shopping list

Potatoes 2kg - 95p

Beef mince 500g - £1.80

Milk 4 pints - £1.65

Pasta 500g - 95p

chopped tomatoes x 2 - £1.10

Baked beans - 50p

Spaghetti hoops - 50p

Cream of chicken soup - 65p

British butter - £2

Eggs (6 mixed weight) - £1

White thick loaf - 80p

Rich tea biscuits - 50p

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