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Highest food price increases and supermarkets with cheapest options as inflation soars

Prices are continuing to rise and inflation has now hit a 40-year high after rising to 10.1%.

The increasing prices mean that millions of households across the country have been left struggling to get by as the cost of living crisis continues to plunge people into poverty.

According to the ONS, the biggest contributor to the most recent rise in inflation was the increasing cost of food.

ONS Chief Economist, Grant Fitzner said that "food prices rose notably" and that this was also "reflected in higher takeaway prices".

Among some of the foods to have increased the most in price was bread, cereal, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, meat, sugar, jam, honey, syrup, chocolate and confectionary.

As supermarket prices go up, we've taken a look at the cheapest alternatives for some of the food items that have seen the highest price rises.


The average price of bread has gone up to £1.24 a loaf (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

According to the ONS the average price of an 800g loaf of bread is now at £1.24, up 18p from last year.

But luckily, there's a number of supermarkets offering cheaper alternatives.

Aldi, Sainsbury's and Tesco all offer the cheapest loaves at 36p.

This includes Aldi's Everyday Essentials medium sliced bread, Sainsbury's Daily's medium sliced bread and Tesco's H W Nevill's bread.

Asda's Just Essentials range also includes a loaf of bread at a slightly higher price of 39p.

Meanwhile Waitrose and Morrison's cheapest 800g loaves are the most expensive and are over double the price of the most affordable loaves at 75p and 85p.


Corn Flakes are usually the cheapest cereal available (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Branded cereals can cost as much as £4 per box, but you can save money by opting for unbranded versions, and corn flakes are usually the cheapest.

Lidl takes the top spot for the cheapest cereal.

Their Crownfield corn flakes are 55p for a box of 500g, which works out at 10p per 100g.

Asda takes the next spot with a 450g box of corn flakes at 50p, which works out as 11.1p per 100g.

Rising food prices were one of the biggest contributors to the increasing inflation rate (Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Next up is Aldi who have Harvest Morn corn flakes for 59p for 500g.

Tesco's 500g Cornflakes Cereal costs 1p more at 60p, which works out at 12p per 100g.

Sainsbury's Daily's Corn Flakes are also 60p for 500g.

Morrison's 500g box of cornflakes are £1, which works out as 20p per 100g and their cheapest cereal is their Mighty Malties which are still more expensive than the others at 99p for 625g.


Asda has some of the cheapest milk (Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The ONS has also revealed that average price of a pint of milk in July was 59p, compared to 42p last July.

Now, the cheapest place to buy your milk is Asda, Aldi or Sainsbury's, where you can buy milk for below-average prices, at 35p per pint.

Asda's 6 pint semi-skimmed milk is £2.15 which is 63p per litre, Aldi's Cowbelle Fresh British semi-skimmed is priced the same and so is Sainsbury's six pint.

Tesco and Lidl's semi skimmed milk is £1.45 for four pints, which is 64p a litre, and Morrisons six pints of semi-skimmed also works out as 64p a litre at £2.19.


Everyday items such as cheese has been seen with security tags on them in supermarkets (@Celeste_Tam42/Twitter)

The average price of cheese is now up to £7.27 per kilogram, in comparison to £6.16 last July, and prices have been rising so much that some shops have even started putting security tags on cheese.

With cheese, you'll usually get a better deal if you buy a bigger block.

Asda is the cheapest place to get it, with their 825g Just Essentials Mature White Cheddar Cheese coming in at £3.65, which works out at £4.42 per kg.

Aldi also have a more affordable option, their 900g Everyday Essentials Mature White Cheddar is £3.99, which works out as £4.43 per kg.

Sainsbury's have price matched that and their Mary Ann's Dairy Mature Cheddar is also £3.99 for 900g.

Next up is Morrisons, whose Greenside Deli Mature Coloured Cheddar Cheese 625g is £2.99, which works out as £4.78 per kg.

Meanwhile 400g of Tesco's Creamfields Mature White Chedder is £2.39, which works out as £5.98 per kg.


Sainsbury's offer the cheapest jar of jam (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Sainsbury's currently has the cheapest jam, their Hubbard's Foodstore strawberry jam is just 30p for a 454g jar.

But Asda's Just Essentials and Aldi's Everyday Essentials strawberry jams wont set you back much more at 31p a jar.

Morrisons Savers strawberry jam is 35p and Tesco's Stockwell & Co jam is 40p.


Lidl, Asda and Aldi have the cheapest eggs (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Lidl, Asda and Aldi all tie for the the cheapest eggs, Lidl's Simply range, Asda's Just Essentials range and Aldi's Everyday Essentials range all offer a 15 pack of eggs for £1.35, which works out at just 9p an egg.

Sainsbury's and Tesco are a bit pricier, Tesco have a 15 pack of Mixed Sized Free Range Eggs that cost £2.15, which is 14p per egg.

Sainsbury's J.James Free Range Eggs Mixed Weight pack of 10 is £1.39 which is also 14p per egg.


honey can get very pricey but there are cheaper options (iStockphoto)

Honey can be incredibly expensive, with some of the priciest supermarket jars setting you back over £20!

But there are significantly cheaper options.

Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Sainsbury's all offer 340g jars for just 72p as part of their cheapest ranges.

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