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Here’s A Handy Bag That’ll Take Your Moto Jacket Off Your Hands

It’s probable that most motorcyclists who frequent wearing jackets will either carry it around or swing them over their shoulder. Some motorcyclists even opt to leave it on the bike which is an excellent way of giving a thief a couple of hundred dollars worth of leather and impact protection.

So there are a few ways to bring a jacket around, either you put it on your shoulder, or arm, or wear it all day while off the bike. If you bring a backpack, however, there is no guarantee that it’ll fit inside either. On top of that, you have to give a limb to your helmet too. You can even opt to put it in your panniers and lock it up on the bike, but not every motorcyclist has an adventure bike with panniers or a top box that’s big enough for a jacket.

Unless there is a deposit for gear or a place where you can store your stuff at your destination, you’d have to default to carrying things around. However, while the helmet thing isn’t sorted with David Lopes’ bag, your motorcycle jacket will find a home with this product.

It’s called the LMD Innovations jacket back, and it’s compact enough for it to fold and tuck away in your motorcycle. It’s light and comes in at only 310 grams or about 11 ounces. All you need to do is take out the bag, stuff your jacket in, and wear it like a backpack. It doesn’t matter if you are on a classic or a sportbike, folded up, it’ll likely tuck away under the passenger seat or other storage spaces.

On top of being innovative and easy to carry, the product was also patented in 2020, and it also got recognized by the Concours Lépine winning silver in the competition, and it also received the first prize from the Prefect of Police.

The only problem is, that there are no distribution channels yet. David Lopes is looking for distributors to end the age-old problem of, “where do I put my motorcycle jacket?” I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer before our jackets can find a cozy place to stay while we’re off the bike.