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Governor-General David Hurley declines to comment further on Scott Morrison's secret ministerial self-appointments

Governor-General declines to comment on the Scott Morrison ministerial appointments (ABC News)

The Governor-General is standing firm on his actions around Scott Morrison's appointment to five additional portfolios, declining to comment on whether or not he expected it to be made public.

Retired General David Hurley confirmed on Monday that he had signed off on Mr Morrison's requests to administer additional portfolios between 2020 and 2021.

He said all appointments were made consistent with the Constitution, and publicising the moves was up to the government.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed his predecessor was secretly appointed to the health, finance, treasury, home affairs and the super-sized industry, science and resources portfolio.

Asked by the ABC on Wednesday whether he was of the understanding the appointments would be made public, the Governor-General said he would allow inquiry processes in train to run their course.

"I've released a statement about my role in this, my responsibilities under the principle of responsible government, by which we run our country," he told the ABC.

"I'm content at the moment to allow the processes the Prime Minister has put in place to run through until next week.

"In the meantime, I'll continue to do my job as I have done it in the past."

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Governor-General said General Hurley "had no reason to believe that appointments would not be communicated".

Mr Albanese said the former government, not the Governor-General, had questions to answer.

"I have no intention of undertaking any criticism of the Governor-General," he said.

"The Governor-General acted in accordance with the recommendations of the government of the day.

"The government of the day has to accept responsibility for this. And the people who were involved in it directly, have to accept responsibility."

Governor-General David Hurley told the ABC he acted in accordance with his responsibilities. (ABC News)

Morrison labels criticism of Governor-General 'egregious'

Mr Morrison said he refused to be "bullied" over questions from the press on whether the Governor-General had advised him to publish the decisions.

"You can draw no conclusion from that. You can assert nothing about that. You can impugn nothing about that," he said.

"I think the Governor-General acted with absolute propriety and did everything that was expected of him in these arrangements and he would have taken the necessary advice from his own office.

"There was no swearing-in ceremonies and these things were done administratively."

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