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Ghislaine Maxwell moved to low-security jail with talent shows and yoga classes

Prison authorities have decided where to send disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell after she was found guilty last month of trafficking underage girls to have sex with her billionaire paedo boyfriend.

On the last day of her sentencing, her lawyers argued she should serve no more than four or five years in prison - claiming she'd been subjected to "inhumane conditions" in the New York Metropolitan Detention Center jail while awaiting trial.

The judge agreed with her lawyer's appeal for her to be sent to the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute in Connecticut - but the final decision ultimately lies with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

And the FBP has decided she is to serve her 20-year term at FCI Tallahassee - a low security lock-up in Florida.

The prison is a few hours from Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion, where the socialite helped her boyfriend abuse young women and girls.

The Bureau of Prisons website says Maxwell is set to be released no earlier than July 17, 2037.

Brit socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years years in prison for luring young girls to massage rooms to be molested by Jeffrey Epstein (PA)

The Tallhassee FCI (Federal Correctional Institute) opened in 1938 and has a population of 755 female lags.

As a low-security compound, Maxwell's life could be pretty cushy depending on her behaviour.

She could entertain herself by watching movies or showing off a skill in the prison talent show.

The 60-year-old will also have the opportunity to participate in and possibly even teach yoga, as well as other recreational activities like football, frisbee, weights and jogging along the prison's track.

For her education, she will likely be allowed to continue learning Russian - something she started while in the "hell-hole" Brooklyn MDC.

Maxwell listens as Sarah Ransome reads a victim statement during Maxwell's sentencing in in New York City on June 28 (REUTERS)

She could also take up an apprenticeships for bakery, gardening, plumbing or as an electrician.

At FCI Tallahassee, alarms go off at 6am every day, and inmates get an ID card which they're expected to wear at all times.

Her day will be punctuated by the blare of a tannoy calling inmates to exercise and work - and staff can search their two-person cells at any time if they suspect they're holding contraband.

The media heiress will need to shrug off her designer clothes in exchange for standard prison garb, which includes khaki trousers and shirts, along with prison-approved footwear.

On arrival, she'll be given standard hygiene products, like deodorant, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.

The new nick is just hours from Epstein's Palm Beach mansion, where much of the abuse took place (Federal Bureau of Prisons)

Inmates are permitted to wear a wedding ring, but it's thought she is currently going through divorce proceedings with former hubby and ex tech entrpreneur Scott Borgerson.

Maxwell will likely be relieved she's not heading to FCI Danbury after one female inmate revealed tough female cons were ready and waiting for her arrival.

Jacqueline Polverari, who spent less than a year in Danbury for mortgage fraud, says she was contacted by some women on the inside who said they couldn't wait to get their hands on her.

She told The New York Post : "Danbury will not be a picnic for Maxwell. Women are worse than men about [prisoners convicted of] sex crimes.

Maxwell was found to be a key part of Epstein's trafficking operation (Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
Epstein was found hanged in his prison cell in 2019 (New York State Sex Offender Regi)

“You have mothers there. They see a white woman charged with a sex crime and they think any one of their children could have been her victim. She [Maxwell] would get a lot of flak. She would get the s**t beaten out of her a bunch of times.”

And the general conditions of the nick - though a massive step-up from the horrific Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn where she was awaiting trial - aren't much better, with Polvevari saying there were "maggots in the oatmeal" while she was doing time.

Maxwell previously said she had shared her dingy Brooklyn cell with rats and claimed her food was infested with maggots.

Her legal team said she endured "living hell" at the New York facility.

The now-sex offender claimed she was "assaulted and abused", fed "rotten food" and made to sleep with lights on in the Brooklyn nick.

The media heiress said she was served food with maggots wriggling through it (Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

The socialite claimed her ordeal has left her "weak" and "frail".

Speaking from her cell, she told The Daily Mail : "I have been assaulted and abused for almost a year and a half."

She said that in the time she has been detained she has not had a "nutritious meal", and has been given food with maggots in it.

She stood trial on a raft of grooming and sex trafficking charges, relating to four girls between 1997 and 2004.

The main charge was for sex trafficking minors, carrying a maximum sentence of 40 years.

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