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Full Halloween and Christmas bonus details confirmed in Budget 2023 as thousands eligible for boost

Budget 2023 has finally been delivered and there’s plenty of good news for almost everyone in Ireland.

Social welfare recipients are among the big winners and are in line for a whole host of cash boosts over the coming months.

An across-the-board increase on social welfare payments of €12 has been confirmed, as well as two double payments. The first cash bonus will be paid out before Halloween and will be given to all core welfare recipients. This will then be followed by another double payment for the Christmas bonus in December, which is already in place.

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Some more specific social welfare recipients are also in line for extra boosts. Families struggling to make ends meet and who are on the Working Family Payment will also get a once-off lump sum worth €500 over the next few weeks.

Every carer in the country is due for a similar €500 lump sum and a new Cost of Disability payment worth €500 will be given to anyone with a disability.

Families will also receive a boost if they’re in receipt of the child benefit payment, as government opts to double it - meaning it will be worth up to €280 per child. Thousands of others will also be considered eligible for the Fuel Allowance as it is set to be dramatically expanded in the coming weeks so more households can get the €33 weekly payment before applications close on September 30.

Minister Donohoe delivered Budget 2023 in a joint announcement with Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath in the Dail this afternoon.

The Fine Gael TD said: "If you are an older person, you are having to spend more of your pension on heating your home; if you are looking after a family, you are facing higher grocery bills; if you are running a small business, you are trying to cope with increases in the cost of energy," he added.

"This is why, Budget 2023, presented by Minister (Michael) McGrath and I today, is and must be a cost-of-living budget, focused on helping individuals, families and businesses to deal with rising prices.

"The onset of the war in Ukraine has sent shockwaves throughout the global economy. This shock is most clearly evident in energy and commodity markets, where prices surged at the onset of the war and have remained high.

"The inflationary pressures from energy have been further compounded by the imbalance between demand and supply that emerged as the economy reopened at the start if the year,

"Consumers released substantial pent-up demand as restrictions were eased, while supply chain bottlenecks prevented firms from keeping up with that demand."


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