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Former Wetherspoons worker reveals sly way they get people to spend more money

A barmaid who used to work at Wetherspoons has shared the sly way that staff would get customers to spend more money. Speaking out on a new Channel 5 documentary called Wetherspoons: How Do They Do It?, Sophia Nasif revealed that she would ask people ordering a drink if they wanted a 'double' first instead of a 'single'

According to BirminghamLive, the ex-worker was also backed up by fellow ex-employees along with psychologists who specialise in consumer behaviour. In the documentary, Sophie said: "You say the word double so it sticks in their head first.”

Another employee who used to work for 'Spoon called George Andrews added: "If you have a gin and tonic for instance when you came to order that, you would say ‘double or single’ in that order. It was something that was whispered for me to do because it did help upsell.” Sophia continued: “It worked most of the time because most of the time people would go ‘do you know, why not? I’ll have a double then’.”

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A psychologist called Kate Nightingale stated that customers go for the 'easiest' and 'fastest' solution as that is how our brains are designed. Kate confirmed that if you are asking someone if they want a 'double' first, it is easier for our brains to pick that first option.

Craig Henry, an ex-pub manager also spoke out saying that the best thing to say to a customer is not 'do you want' but instead ask 'how many?' He said: "You’re not really giving the person a choice of not having onion rings, you are basically saying ‘so how many onion rings would you like, six or 12?’

“You are guaranteed that will upsell. It’s part of the training, part of the criteria for members of staff to try and add an extra item onto every order.”