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Bradley Russell

Fast 10 ending explained: your biggest questions answered


The Fast 10 ending is a brutal shock to the system. Without going into spoilers (just yet), it’s a brave, bold creative choice that simultaneously leaves you wanting more and searching for answers in the rear-view mirror.

With Fast 11 – and potentially Fast 12, if you believe Vin Diesel – bringing the Fast Saga to a close, it makes sense to really hit every single angle of Fast 10’s final act. There are major moments aplenty, casualties, and several fates left up in the air.

So, join us as we put the pedal to the metal and race through the last half-an-hour or so of the Fast 10 ending. That includes a recap of the events which transpired in Portugal, a rundown of our major questions – and answers – from the finale, plus a speculative look ahead to what could be coming down the road. For more on the movie's after-credits tag, be sure to do a U-turn and head into our Fast 10 post-credits scene explained guide.

Fast 10 ending recap

Dante,on a quest to make Dom "suffer" for the death of his father, tracks Dom’s son Brian and his younger brother Jakob to Portugal. Hot on their heels are Dom (who has been shipped in with Agency help), plus Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Han on a separate plane en route to a rendezvous point.

In the ensuing chase, Dante hunts down Jakob and Brian. Dom eventually intervenes and, despite Dante swiping Brian for a brief beat, gets his son back safely. Unfortunately, Jakob sacrifices himself to stop gun-wielding mercenaries and seemingly dies in an explosion by flipping his vehicle into the clutch of cars that were tracking Dom down – but not before a heart to heart with his big brother.

Dante corners Dom and Brian on a dam, with the flamboyant villain set to use two remote-controlled 18-wheelers to smash Vin Diesel’s wheelman into Toretto paste. Dante also strikes a one-two hammer blow, revealing that The Agency’s leader Aimes was in cahoots with him from the very beginning. Aimes then shoots down Romeo’s plane, but their fates are unknown.

Dom then screeches off the bridge and down the dam. While neither he nor his son are hurt in the wreck, Dante taunts him once more about not being able to save everyone. Now that he’s suffered enough, it’s time for him to die: Dante arms a missile system and fires them all at Dom and his son – but the scene cuts to black.

Over in Antarctica, Letty and Cipher have escaped from Blacksite A and are shocked to discover a surfacing submarine. The hatch opens and out pops Gal Gadot’s Gisele, somehow still alive and here to help her newfound allies.

The post-credits scene features Dante taunting a mysterious spec-ops agent, saying they will suffer for their role in his father’s murder. It’s revealed to be Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs. Dante says the devil is coming for him, with Hobbs replying, "I ain’t hard to find, you sumbitch."

Is Jakob dead?

(Image credit: Universal)

Fast and Furious is basically a superhero franchise at this point. And what’s the golden rule of superhero movies? If you don’t see a body, they’re not dead.

Now, for all intents and purposes, Jakob is ‘dead’ at the end of Fast 10. But there’s plenty of wriggle room. No body, for one thing. Also, Fast characters have shrugged off bigger wrecks than Jakob’s five-car pile-up (see below for another miraculous resurrection). Long story short: we would expect Jakob to return in another Fast movie – if his inclusion serves the wider story they're trying to tell.

What’s next for Dom and B?

(Image credit: Universal)

Fast 10 did something remarkable as huge non-Infinity War blockbusters go – and ended on a huge cliffhanger. On the face of it, Dom and his son’s situation is truly dire with a cluster of missiles careering towards them and several friends in peril. This being Fast and Furious, though, surely the pair get through to the other side unscathed – and that’s something that should be answered immediately in Fast 11. But, if Universal really want to talk up the Avengers: Infinity War-style heartbreak, they could leave Dom out of the marketing entirely until the first frame rolls. They couldn’t, could they?

If we had to take an educated guess, we imagine Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs or Jason Statham’s Shaw will be heavily involved in directly saving Dom’s life here. Or, in another plot twist, it could be revealed that Gisele’s rescue happened some time before Dom’s Portugal chase. Maybe she could show up to save the day?

What happened to the plane?

(Image credit: Universal)

Roman and the crew plummeted in their plane into a Portuguese hillside, all thanks to Aimes’ double-cross. Is that the end for our Fast Family? Perhaps. Perhaps not. We’re willing to go all-in and say that most, if not all, of the passengers heading to pick Dom up lived to see another day. Still, it’s another big plot point that Fast 11 needs to answer in 2025.

Who is Aimes working for?

(Image credit: Universal)

This one is a much simpler answer. Aimes has been in league with Dante and the Reyes family since the events of Fast Five. He seemingly rose through the ranks at the Agency as a double agent, while temporarily allying with Dom to lure him into a false sense of security. That really sets the tone for Fast 11: with Aimes and the Agency potentially as Dante’s side – and Dom one of the world’s most-wanted terrorists – the walls are closing in for the Fast Family.

How is Gal Gadot’s character still alive?

(Image credit: Universal)

Gisele is back! Last seen sacrificing herself in Fast 6, Gal Gadot’s character is seemingly alive during the events of Fast X? How come? Of all the Fast deaths, this seemed the most cut-and-dry: she jumps out of a plane’s cargo hold to attack Shaw’s henchman Adolfson. Her partner Han sees her fall out of the plane and drop into the darkness.

Again, no body, no death. By Fast rules, Gisele has probably been in hiding for some time after the events of Fast 6 – especially given Shaw’s close proximity to the Fast Family. Still, she’s now back up and running – and factors in as a major player in the Fast 11 cast.

How are Hobbs and Dante connected?

(Image credit: Universal)

In case you’re not versed in Fast lore, let’s get back up to speed (so to speak): in Fast Five, Hobbs helped take down Dante’s father. He was even the one who pulled the trigger, killing the kingpin.

Dante, now, has a grudge to bear. He’s already pledged to make Dom "suffer" through Fast X. It seems he now has his sights on his dad’s murderer.

Where did Shaw go?

(Image credit: Universal)

Jason Statham’s Shaw is slightly lost amid all the chaos in the Fast 10 ending. But rewind about 20 minutes and you’ll recall God’s Eye has been used by Dante to track down anyone even associated with Dom. That includes Shaw’s mother Madeline, played by Helen Mirren. Whether his own adventure will tie into Fast 11, be resolved off-screen, or something else entirely remains to be seen. But that’s why he’s out of action for Fast 10’s final act.

Will the cliffhanger be resolved in Fast 11?

(Image credit: Universal)

Let’s hope so! Fast 11 is officially happening in 2025 and was initially seen as the final Fast and the Furious movie. That should be the place for all the answers to the questions above – and more.

However, Fast 12 could also be on the way, with a couple of stars hinting as much at the world premiere in Rome.

"I can say this: going into making this movie, the studio had asked if this could be a two-parter, and after the studio saw this and when they saw part one, they said, 'Could we make Fast X the finale, a trilogy?'" Vin Diesel told Fandango.

Michelle Rodriguez, who played Letty, added, "It’s three acts in any story."

For more from the Fast Saga, check out our rankings of the best Fast and Furious movies and a new way to relive Dom's adventures in our guide on how to watch the Fast and Furious movies in order. It's more complicated than you might think! We'll even get you up to speed on when Fast 10 could be streaming.

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