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Emmerdale's Faith storyline sparks 'dragging out' complaint after Dan clash

Emmerdale’s Dan had a lot of drama during Wednesday’s episode however viewers were left distracted at Faith Dingle’s hair accessory.

Dan recently told his daughter Amelia that he was responsible for her heartbreak as he revealed that he was the reason Noah dumped her on her birthday.

During tonight's episode of the ITV soap Noah told her that he never wanted to end things and promised to support both her and the baby.

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As the young couple marked their reunion with a kiss, Dan caught the pair and couldn’t hide his resentment despite feeling guilty for splitting them up.

Faith Dingle's hair accessory left fans distracted (ITV)

Amelia was left fuming at Dan for trying to interfere with her life as she told him she was going to go and stay with Noah for a while.

Viewers were quick to slam Dan for pushing Amelia away, however some were left distracted at Faith’s hair accessory.

Faith has come to terms with the fact that she is dying and is trying to spend quality time with her loved ones. While having a sweet moment with Sam Dingle viewers couldn’t help but notice her scrunchie balancing on her head.

Speaking about Dan @ifeelflames Tweeted: “Dan is so annoying, he needs a volume down switch! #emmerdale.” @DionPetrie commented: “You are just going to push her away Dan #Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile commenting on Faiths scrunchie @Samanth22356123 said: “How the buggery is Faith’s scrunchie staying put?! #Emmerdale.”

@englisheduCATER wrote: “Currently questioning my sanity over Faith’s scrunchie. #emmerdale.” While @lindycarpo said: “I have never seen a redundant scrunchy in use before. #Faith #Emmerdale.”

And others feel like Faith's storyline has been 'dragged out' for far too long.

@ockhegem1497 said: "I used to really like Faith but they've dragged this exit storyline out so long I'd now be delighted if she died immediately."

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