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Emmerdale fans share chilling theory about Clemmie after Millie bite

Emmerdale fans have thrown a conspiracy theory into the mix, following yet more tension at Home Farm this evening. Clemmie has once again found herself at the centre of a witch hunt.

Just minutes after getting the news from a social worker that Clemmie could stay for another six months to a year, Dawn and Billy were called into the living room to the sound of Millie screaming. When they got there, Millie was sporting a nasty looking bite mark on her arm.

Unsurprisingly, she lay the blame at the feet of Clemmie - who has been acting up recently. In the last episode, she proved to be a tricky customer during a playdate with Joshua, breaking his belongings.

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But Clemmie insisted that she did not bite Millie and, despite not being her biggest fan, Emmerdale viewers believe her. Taking to Twitter, many fans shared their theory that Millie is trying to frame Clemmie.

@Rosepetal98 said: "They need to start believing #Clemmie & get her away from #Millie!" @TanyaAn35180018 said: "Get Clemmie to bite her other arm, compare the marks".

@itzzzo_ said: "Bet it will turn out that Clemmie is telling the truth and Millie "I hate Clemmie" Tate bit herself". @Buncie44 said: "Millie just as bad as clemmie she obviously bit herself".

@hihannahlouise said: "millie has deffo bitten herself to blame clemmie i dont trust her at all". And @raining_purple said: "Millie’s jealous that Clemmie has her old bedroom/she’s not the only child anymore so my guess is she bit herself! Manipulative just like her dad and grandma…"

This does not mean that fans are eager for the youngster to stick around, though. When they heard that Clemmie would be allowed to stay with Dawn and Billy, many expressed their disappointment that she would not be leaving the show.

@perfwithsurf said: "Oh no. Clemmie is staying in #Emmerdale. I'm sick of hearing her stupid name". @cinders12345678 said: "That Clemmie is doing my head in & dawn is getting on my nerves pandering to Clemmie’s demands not good".

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