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Emmerdale fans say same thing as Mack lover revealed as Chloe amid baby twist

Emmerdale viewers have finally learned who Mackenzie Boyd cheated on Charity Dingle with, following weeks of rampant speculation.

Mack (Lawrence Robb) had a one night stand with a mystery woman in the village last month and Charity (Emma Atkins) is still completely unaware of the betrayal.

The highly anticipated reveal in scenes on Wednesday evening came after Mack had been left upset when a drunken Nate Robinson made an ill-timed joke about his affair.

The pair were then put on the spot when Charity's son Ryan Stocks sensed something was awry and ordered them to spill the beans.

The following day, Mack worried about how he would be able to ever tell Charity the truth and was left threatening Ryan he would deny any accusations, in tense scenes on Tuesday evening.

Mack headed to the outskirts of the village to deal with the situation (ITV)

Then, the drama snowballed on Wednesday evening when Mack received a phone call from his mystery one-night stand, leaving him shaken.

Deciding enough is enough, Mack headed to the outskirts of the village to deal with the situation, on edge as he awaited the secret meeting – only for Chloe to appear.

As Mack’s one-night-stand was finally revealed, he laid into her for chasing him to meet-up.

Not holding anything back, he said: “The only reason I agreed to meet with you is because you were not taking the very, very strong hints. So I'll spell it out for you. I'm with Charity.”

“You were a one-off. You need to stop harassing me." (ITV)

He continued: “You were a one-off. You need to stop harassing me. You and me don't exist. You were a massive drunken mistake.”

As Chloe started to tear up, he then savagely replied: “Grow up. I don't want anything to do with you,” and stormed off.

Taking to Twitter after the big reveal, many fans were left piecing together the connection between Mack and Chloe – particularly after her chequered history with Charity’s son Noah.

“The soaps love pairing off teenagers with 25+, don't they?” (ITV)

One wrote: “MACK S***ED HIS GIRLFRIENDS SONS EX HES OVER,” as another echoed: “Charity’s sons 19 year old ex sleeping with her 30+ year old boyfriend, someone check the hard drive of whoever wrote this noncery.”

A third added: “The soaps love pairing off teenagers with 25+, don't they?”

Other fans were left disappointed with the reveal, particularly given that Chloe’s behaviour seemed out of character after what Noah put her through.

One fan wrote: “After everything with Noah and she is doing the same it doesn’t make any sense.”

Chloe turned to her bag and pulled out a positive pregnancy test. (ITV)

“Eurgh Chloe...how boring. Proper harassing Mac though, considering she is meant to know how it feels by being harassed by Noah,” another wrote.

But in later scenes, Chloe shared news of the illicit rendezvous with Kerry, who was left shocked by the revelation.

She replied: “You need to forget about him. If Charity finds out about this she'll rip your head off. There's plenty of nice lads out there.”

Chloe said: “I knew you were not going to understand,” and as Kerry then left for work soap fans were in for another bombshell, as Chloe turned to her bag and pulled out a positive pregnancy test.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

Got any theories or thoughts on the storyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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