Emma Raducanu's historic US Open win causes a farrago of emotions for bigots

By Annie Brown

What a week it was for tennis star Emma Raducanu, first she wins the US Open then she is congratulated by celebrities, the Queen and erm, Nigel Farage.

He took to Twitter to declare a “global megastar” had been born in Emma, skirting past the inconvenient truth she is an immigrant and immensely proud of it.

Emma is of mixed heritage British, Canadian, Romanian and Chinese while Farage is a melting pot of sexist, xenophobe, French Huguenot and numbnut.

Please understand her win is very conflicting for bigots, desperate to exploit her on behalf of Grand Britannia, while wishing her parents were Union Jack waving, pie eaters.

Emma, who lives in Bromley in Kent and identifies as British, was born in Canada to a Romanian father, Ian and Chinese mother Renee.

Even the right-wing press praised her as the epitome of the success of multiculturalism, which must have galled them to type.

Emma credits both her parents with the calmness and mental strength which helped make her a champion, annoying for Nigel, who hoped she wouldn’t mention them.

Her father’s Romanian heritage does exclude him from living next door to Nigel who declared he would hate to have Romanians as neighbours.

He said: “Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door”. Hopefully, Romanians can live without the whiff of chips and brain farts wafting across the fence from Nigel.

It would have been wise if Farage had not said anything, given the backlash from the Twitterati but then Nigel has never known when to shut his pie-hole.

One Twitter user best summed it up when he wrote: “On behalf of all fellow Brits of Romanian origin, the people you said you’d never want to live next door to: stick your applause up your hole.” Emma’s parents were unable to get to New York to see their daughter become a grand slam champion and if Nigel had his way, they would never have been allowed into Britain either.

In 2014, when EU restrictions on Romanians travelling to the UK for work were lifted, Farage predicted 5000 would arrive “each week, every week” for several years.

Who can forget the day of restrictions being lifted and the TV crews gathered at the airport in anticipation of the influx, only to capture a couple of Romanians clutching their bags and looked bemused by all the attention. All predictions by Farage were proved baseless and migration from Romania and Bulgaria failed to rise.

But Nigel isn’t the only hypocrite. Boris Johnson tweeted to Emma: “We are all hugely proud of you.”

Yet in 2013, when London Mayor, Johnson warned against allowing Romanians into the country because they would cause an upsurge in rough sleeping.

Cut to 2017, on a diplomatic trip to Bucharest, and he said: “We love Romanians – they’re making massive contributions to the UK economy, to British culture.”

Farage and Johnson change their tune more often than the balls are switched at Wimbledon.

What a curse and embarrassment to our nation Farage and Johnson have been.

We are continuing to suffer the consequences of their success in bringing forth the disaster that is Brexit.

EU nationals made up large numbers of the workforce in sectors from care and hospitality to supermarkets, and businesses are having to close because of staff shortages.

Thanks to Dumb and Dumber and their merry band of Brexiteers, we could face food shortages due to a lack of EU lorry drivers.

If you end up ravaged by scurvy, like a pock-marked 18th century sailor, you can blame Johnson and Farage for the fruit and veg shortage.

But never let them take credit on behalf of the UK for a remarkable young immigrant like Emma.

It’s Coffey who needs to work on sums

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has said Government plans to scrap the £20 uplift of Universal Credit can be made up by claimants working harder.

She suggests claimants can make up the difference by working an extra two hours a week, perhaps in a far off land like OZ where the flowers sing and the lions dance. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said she was “entirely happy” with cutting the benefit by £20 a week for over six million people and suggested hard-up claimants could simply make up the loss by working longer hours, which is trickier if you are unemployed.

Politicians and charities have warned this is the biggest benefit cut the welfare state has seen and will dramatically worsen poverty. Coffey, pictured left, said people should consider moving to better-paid sectors such as construction.

This would be great for single mums as labourers clock off about 4pm.

Critics have pointed out Coffey can’t count and claimants would have to earn the equivalent of £50 to make up the £20 difference after deductions. Given arithmetic is key to her job, maybe she would be better on a building site, as long as she just does the heavy lifting and the gaffer does the measuring.

What is inkl?

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