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Elden Ring creator reveals his favorite bosses

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the man all men want to be like (probably), has talked about his reaction to Elden Ring’s success, plans going forward, and his favorite bosses in his latest masterpiece. In an interview with Xbox Wire’s Japanese version, Miyazaki said that he was surprised and happy with how well Elden Ring had performed.

Perhaps most notably, Miyazaki said that From Software won’t change their approach to game development or design and will continue to make games that “they believe are interesting” according to a translation provided by industry Twitter superstar Nibel. Given the entire rest of the world seems to find them interesting too, probably a good plan. I’d be confident that no amount of success is going to change how From do what they do best, given those design principles have survived three massive publishers (Activision, Sony, and Bandai Namco), multiple franchises, and all their success so far.

As for his favorite bosses, Miyazaki picks out Radahn as his boy, saying he likes the surrounding events of the Festival as well as the character itself. When that fight goes ‘right’ it’s certainly an incredible spectacle, and one that leaves you quite sure of the large man’s power. Miyazaki also picks out Godrick and Rykard – the latter of which would probably be a personal pick too. It was great to see From do a gimmick boss with its own counter-weapon that wasn’t horrible to play.

If you’re translation-inclined, worth reading through the full interview for some tidbits on the spider hands and war ash system. Auto-translators give a fairly good impression of what the man’s saying. Sadly it doesn’t look like the world knew of Musk’s terrible Elden Ring build before the interview.

Written by Ben Barrett on behalf of GLHF.