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Sarah Rendell

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-3 Barcelona: Women’s Champions League – as it happened

Barcelona's Paralluelo (right) celebrates with Aitana Bonmati after scoring their equaliser at Eintracht Frankfurt.
Barcelona's Paralluelo (right) celebrates with Aitana Bonmati after scoring their equaliser at Eintracht Frankfurt. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA

Well thank you for joining me for this match! Eintracht Frankfurt started really well, having great defence and a clinical finish but Freigang. But Barcelona always find a way to win and a lightning fast start to the second half saw them wrap up a 3-1 result. We will be back tomorrow for Chelsea’s match against Paris FC but until then have a read of our round-up of today’s action:

As well as her consecutive goal scoring, Caldentey’s strike was her 100th career goal!

Full-time scores in the Conti Cup:

  • Brighton 3-1 West Ham

  • Aston Villa 7-0 Blackburn Rovers

  • Man City 2-2 Leicester (3-4 on penalties)

  • Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd

  • Charlton 1-0 Birmingham

  • Crystal Palace 3-0 Watford

  • Tottenham 3-0 Bristol City

  • Lewes 0-1 London City

In the other WCL match, Benfica won 1-0 against Rosengard. Here’s the goal:

A fun fact for you, Mariona Caldentey is the only player to score in every WCL campaign since the 2016/17 season!

Here are the three goals that sealed the three points:

Full-time! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-3 Barcelona

After a heroic defensive effort and bullet header from Freigang, Frankfurt were 1-0 up at the break but defending champions Barcelona came out firing in the second half. Two great goals from Paralluelo and another from Caldentey sealed all three points for the Spanish club in a clinical second 45.

90 + 1 min: There are two minutes added here as possession exchanges hands.

90 min: Corrales, on her European debut, puts in a great cross with her first touch but none of her teammates are there to pick it up. It comes in again and Johannes is there again to collect.

88 min: Guijarro is down here, no foul was given but she hasn’t got back to her feet yet. She eventually is up and looks okay to continue, Barca make more changes with Paralluelo and Batlle off for Lopez and Corrales

86 min: Pawollek sets Freigang off but her cross doesn’t reach a teammate in the area, Frankfurt are still gunning for a goal here and if they get one quickly it will be a thrilling end to this! Barca hit back but Guijarro’s shot is deflected and cleared.

84 min: Barcelona probably would have scored if Frankfurt performed as they did in the first half but who knows what the final result would have been, but those quick fire goals in the opening stages of the second half have just blown the hosts away. Back to the match and Frankfurt have a shot through Prasnikar but Panos saves well.

82 min: Frankfurt create a chance but Prasnikar is boxed out by Barca. The hosts are desperate for another though and they keep coming, Panos clear but not too far. Pina is then caught, Barca have a free kick and can clear.

80 min: It’s hit well by Bonmati but Pallowek clears. Barca make two more changes with Pina and Torreon for Bronze and Caldentey.

78 min: Barca with some nice patient build-up play sees Bronze loft the ball to Paralluelo but she can’t connect cleanly. Barca have a corner though as Wolter clears.

76 min: Pawollek wins a free kick but before it is taken Barca make a change, Graham Hansen is off for Brugts. The set piece is taken but Frankfurt are forced back to their keeper, it’s definitely a game of two halves this!

74 min: A great pass from Freigang to get Frankfurt up the pitch, the hosts need to be the next to score to get any hope of taking anything from this but Batlle does well to win the ball back. Barca are soon in the box themselves but are forced backwards.

72 min: How have Frankfurt not scored there? How? It was an incredible move and Panos looks to have stopped a cross from Anyomi but the keeper spills, Reuteler almost gets there but it’s wide! Reuteler is off for Grawe.

Geraldine Reuteler of Eintracht Frankfurt challenges Barcelona keeper Sandra Panos after she spilled the ball.
Geraldine Reuteler of Eintracht Frankfurt challenges Barcelona keeper Sandra Panos after she spilled the ball. Photograph: Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images


70 min: Batlle is booked for a foul on Reuteler and Frankfurt have a free kick in a good position. It’s well taken but Barca clear well to begin with, Bonmati is then challenged and so the visitors can breathe once more.

68 min: It’s whipped in and it’s a bit messy, Caldentey tries to cross but it is out for another corner. Leon takes the set piece once more but Johannes collects.

66 min: Boos rain down from the crowd as Panos takes her time to take a kick, Barca are rampant at the moment and are coming again. My word!! Kleinherne intercepts a cross from Bonmati and it was almost an own goal! It’s out for a corner.

64 min: Graham Hansen made a great run into the box and some poor defending saw Paralluelo pick up a pass to strike home. The hosts have crumbled, for all their hard work it looks like Frankfurt will come away with nothing.

GOAL! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-3 Barcelona (Paralluelo, 62')

When it rains it pours! Another easy goal.

Eintracht Frankfurt's Virginia Kirchberger looks dejected as Barcelona's Salma Paralluelo celebrates scoring their third goal with teammates.
Virginia Kirchberger looks dejected as Eintracht Frankfurt go further behind. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters


62 min: Barca look like a different team in this half, they are being clinical and have their eyes on the prize. Not that they were poor in the first half but their attack just wasn’t clicking.

60 min: Frankfurt need to not let this affect them, if they fade here Barca will run away with it. Crushing though after being 1-0 up but this is why Barca are defending champions.

GOAL! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 Barcelona (Caldentey, 59;)

It’s a good delivery again, Bronze heads it and Caldentey finishes it off.

Mariona Caldentey of Barcelona scores the team's second goal at Eintracht Frankfurt.
Mariona Caldentey fires home to give the visitors the lead. Photograph: Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images
Barcelona's Mariona Caldentey celebrates scoring their second goal with Aitana Bonmati.
Caldentey (right) celebrates with Aitana Bonmati. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters


59 min: Barca comes forward through Bronze and Batlle takes a shot but Johannes collects and then Barca win a corner. It’s whipped in but Johannes comes and punches away – it is then out for another corner.

57 min: Prasnikar takes a heavy touch on the edge of the box and Barca are allowed to clear, Frankfurt being more brave in attack since conceding.

55 min: Here come Frankfurt and it’s well worked to the area but Paralluelo tracks back and wrestles possession back.

53 min: Anyomi is dispossessed and the ball is threaded to Bonmati but Johannes collects, that was a huge chance! Barca smell blood and they want to take full advantage.

51 min: Frankfurt must be frustrated that their defence, which was so good in the first half, was breached so easily there. Barca are hunting for a second, Frankfurt’s defence will have to stand strong now, Paralluelo almost gets a header but she can’t quite connect.

49 min: Batlle has so much room to cross it in and Paralluelo finishes a one-touch shot.

Barcelona’s Salma Paralluelo scores their equaliser against Eintracht Frankfurt.
Barcelona’s Salma Paralluelo slots home to get the visitors back on level terms. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters
Barcelona’s Paralluelo (right) celebrates with Aitana Bonmati after scoring their equaliser at Eintracht Frankfurt.
Paralluelo (right) celebrates with Aitana Bonmati. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA


GOAL! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Barcelona (Paralluelo, 48')

Too easy for Paralluelo!

47 min: No changes to either team at half-time. Barca are on the attack and Paralluelo cuts it inside to Graham Hansen but her shot is over the bar.

Back underway! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 Barcelona

The action is back for the second 45. Can the hosts continue their great form to secure the upset? Or will Barca hit back? All to come!

Here’s the goal that makes the difference so far:

Latest scores from the Conti Cup:

  • Brighton 3-1 West Ham

  • Aston Villa 7-0 Blackburn Rovers

  • Man City 2-2 Leicester

  • Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd

  • Charlton 1-0 Birmingham

  • Crystal Palace 2-0 Watford

  • Tottenham 2-0 Bristol City

  • Lewes 0-0 London City

In the other match in the WCL, Benfica and Rosengard are locked in a 0-0 deadlock. I will bring you the latest scores from the Continental League Cup next.

Half-time! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 Barcelona

Well, well well! Who would have predicted this? Absolutely incredible defensive effort from the hosts and an electric header from Freigang sees the German club leading the defending champions. What a story.

45 min: Frankfurt deserve the lead here, their defence has been heroic and they take the opportunity that presented itself.

44 min: What a goal! No one tracked Freigang’s run and she had a free header. We have an upset on our hands"!

GOAL! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 Barcelona (Freigang, 43')

WOW! The corner is taken short, it’s popped in but Graham Hansen clears. It comes back in and Freigang scores!

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Laura Freigang heads home to open the scoring against Barcelona.
An unmarked Laura Freigang powers a header in to the net to give the home side the lead. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters
Frankfurt's Laura Freigang celebrates after opening the scoring against Barcelona.
Freigang celebrates. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA


42 min: Leon pops the ball in but it is well cleared, Barca just can’t get the final part of the play to stick. OH MY WORD! Frankfurt go on the run and Anyomi gets the edge of the box, she puts in a cross but it was one that was goalward and Panos pushes it out for a corner.

40 min: Caldentey is passed to on the edge of the area but Johannes doesn’t even have to move to collect. Here come Frankfurt, it would be a real statement to get a goal here, Engen seems to put a shove in but no foul is given and Barca clear.

38 min: Frankfurt have a free kick in their own half, it sails to the edge of the box and Hanshaw pops it in but it can’t be controlled and Barca clear. Pawollek does well to repel the ball twice and Barca try to find an opener.

36 min: Paralluelo is crowded out by Kleinherne and Frankfurt can clear once more. This isn’t a classic but my word Frankfurt have been impressive to subdue Barca so far.

Eintracht Frankfurt's Laura Freigang slips a pass past Barcelona's Lucy Bronze.
Eintracht Frankfurt's Laura Freigang slips a pass past Barcelona's Lucy Bronze. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters


34 min: Prasnikar chooses the wrong option and it allows Barca to clear some pressure. Frankfurt doing well to retain some possession to take the wind out of Barca’s sails.

32 min: Barca are throwing absolutely everything at Frankfurt now, they have shaken off the cagey start and are getting into their flow. Bonmati crosses in but Kleinherne clears, it comes back in and Bronze takes a shot but Johannes collects. Frankfurt counter but Freigang’s effort is saved by Panos.

30 min: Frankfurt win a free kick after Walsh fouls, it’s a good position for the hosts. It’s popped in but Reuteler loses possession and the opportunity is gone and Barca counter. Graham Hansen puts in a cross but Pawollek clears and then Dunst kicks away again. Huge effort from the hosts! Barca are in again, Caldentey takes a shot but Johannes collects.

28 min: The question will be if Frankfurt can continue this great defence, Benfica were impressive for the opening 20 minutes and then they let Barca in – once they start scoring they don’t stop.

Frankfurt's Nicole Anyomi (right) tussles with Barcelona's Ona Batlle.
Frankfurt's Nicole Anyomi (right) gets the better of Barcelona's Ona Batlle. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA


26 min: Barca are starting to look more comfortable but Frankfurt’s defence is the difference at the moment, they are reading the play so well that they slam the door on any attack the visitors try. Paralluelo makes an incredible run but Wolter is right on her tail and beats the Spanish forward to the ball to clear.

24 min: Freigang was a whisker away from connecting there, if she found a touch it would have created a great chance for the hosts but Barca clear and counter. The ball is pinged around but Paralluelo loses out on the edge of the area.

22 min: A superb pass finds Freigang but the hosts are then forced back tot he halfway line and Walsh wins back possession. It’s been a strange game so far, Frankfurt definitely with the momentum at the moment and it sees Kleinherne with an amazing tackle on the edge of the box to stop Barca’s latest attack.

20 min: Guijarro that is some skill, a deft touch finds Paralluelo who passes to Caldentey – she takes a long shot and Johannes collects.

18 min: Paralluelo has some great control in the box, she comes up against two defenders but still manages to rifle off a shot but it’s just wide. Here come Frankfurt but a pass to Prasnikar has too much on it and it is out for a goal kick.

16 min: Freigang is having a great time next to Bronze, she side-steps her but Barca win it back. They work it to the edge of the box but Graham Hansen’s shot is straight at Johannes.

14 min: Anyomi makes a great break and she lays it off to Dunst who takes a shot but it’s wide. The boos rain down as Barca look to attack again but they can’t get the final pass to come off.

12 min: Bronze makes a long pass but Wolter heads away, Barca come again through Caldentey but Frankfurt clear once more.

10 min: Bronze loses possession and Frankfurt go on the attack, Prasnikar takes a shot but it is well wide. Barca then try their own attack but Frankfurt’s defence is clinical and holds strong for now – particularly through Reuteler.

8 min: Barcelona are not hitting any strides at the moment, I feel Frankfurt will have to hit them soon with an early goal as the defending champions will find their feet at some point! And here Barca are, Bronze threads a great ball to Bonmati but Johannes reads it well and collects.

Lucy Bronze of Barcelona is challenged by Barbara Dunst of Eintracht Frankfurt.
Barcelona’s Lucy Bronze tussles with Barbara Dunst of Eintracht Frankfurt. Photograph: Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images


6 min: Neither team have had enough consistent time on the ball to really create anything so far, a prime example being a pass through to try and find Paralluelo going miles beyond her.

4 min: Bronze takes a poor throw in but makes up for it, winning the ball back. But play is quite fragmented by both teams at the moment, no momentum at all. Barca win a free kick, to the boos of the 20,000 fans in the stadium, but it’s deep in their own half so they will have to build from deep here. Frankfurt collect and clear.

2 min: A slow start to this game with both teams finding their feet. A note that Putellas and Paredes are both not in the Barca team so they will have to find the three points without two leaders.

Kick-off! Eintracht Frankfurt 0-0 Barcelona

Here we go! Will the hosts be able to cause an upset? Or will Barcelona seal the win? All to come.

The players are out on the pitch and this WCL group stage match is almost ready to begin! Excited for this one? I am.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans in the stand hold up their scarves before the match against Barcelona.
The home fans at Deutsche Park Stadion cheer their team ahead of kick-off. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters


In the Continental League Cup, some matches have reached half-time. Those games look like:

  • Brighton 1-0 West Ham

  • Aston Villa 3-0 Blackburn Rovers

  • Man City 0-2 Leicester City

  • Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd

  • Charlton 1-0 Birmingham

There are some still in the first half – Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford, Tottenham 1-0 Bristol City and Lewes 0-0 London City – and I’ll update you on those at half-time in Frankfurt v Barca.

I would argue this is the goal of the WCL season so far, it’s such a stunner!

The earlier kick-offs have just finished with Brann beating Slavia Praha 1-0 and Lyon securing a 2-0 win over St Polten. I think there will be more goals this evening!

Brann's Larissa Crummer (right) heads home to score the only goal of the game against Slavia Praha.
Brann's Larissa Crummer (right) heads home to score the only goal of the game against Slavia Praha. Photograph: Paul S Amundsen/EPA


A reminder that tonight’s game does not have VAR in use, none of the group stage matches do – much to the frustration of Chelsea last week. They had a controversial penalty go against them and a goal ruled out for offside in their 2-2 draw with Real Madrid. Uefa has said the technology is not used because of ‘logistical reasons’, read the full story:

The stage is set:

My friend messaged me earlier today to tell me she put her Christmas tree up, do you think it’s too early for decorations? Let me know via email! I’d love to hear from you.

Away from the Women’s Champions League, there are eight Continental League Cup matches taking place tonight – including Liverpool v Manchester United. I will try and keep you up to date with those results as the evening plays out!

There are three other matches happening today and two have already kicked off. Already underway is Lyon v St Polten and Brann v Slavia Praha, Lyon are winning 2-0 and Brann are leading Slavia Praha 1-0, and kicking off at 8pm is Benfica v Rosengard. I will bring you all the results as they come in.

The team news is in! Hosts Eintracht Frankfurt start last week’s goalscorers Tanja Pawollek and Barbara Dunst.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Johannes, Kleinherne, Prasnikar, Freigang, Reuteler, Wolter, Hanshaw, Anyomi. Doorsoun, Dunst, Pawollek

Barcelona, meanwhile, leave Asisat Oshoala on the bench for the clash but England star Lucy Bronze will get her first appearance in this year’s competition after not featuring last week.

Barcelona: Panos, Leon, Paralluelo, Caldentey, Graham Hansen, Guijarro, Bonmati, Bronze, Walsh, Batlle, Engen.


Good evening and welcome back to the Women’s Champions League! Tonight Eintracht Frankfurt host the defending champions Barcelona, who look like the team to beat once again this season.

They are unbeaten in their domestic competition and they put out quite the result in round one of the WCL group stage. They played Benfica at home and recorded a 5-0 win. Their attack was incredible and their bench only add to their embarrassment of riches – Asisat Oshoala was a substitute last week and scored after 40 seconds with an overhead kick.

Frankfurt also got their European group campaign off to a winning start with a 2-1 win over Rosengard, they looked like they were going to secure a 2-0 win but Olivia Schough scored in injury time. Frankfurt will have to remain switched on until the final whistle if they are to down Barca this evening.

The team news will shortly be revealed, with kick-off coming at 8pm GMT, and so stay tuned for updates!

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