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Draymond Green wants a max contract extension but Warriors have no plan to offer him one right now

Draymond Green, according to sources, wants and believes he deserves a maximum contract extension from the Warriors. Aug. 3 is when he is eligible to sign a four-year deal. That is his desired length. After playing like the Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner before injury shortened his regular season, after helping lead the Warriors to a fourth championship in eight seasons, Green is convinced the core of the Warriors’ dynasty is worth every possible penny, and that definitely includes him.
Source: Marcus Thompson II, Anthony Slater, Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II @ The Athletic

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Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Extension season is coming and the Warriors have to make some tough decisions that could come with major ramifications.
They begin next week with a championship pillar in Draymond Green, who wants to get paid.
✍🏽 with @Anthony Slater
https://t.co/Mx74CjCDgy pic.twitter.com/bxzZrQFSac10:14 AM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
The Warriors have four high-profile extension candidates, deepening tax concerns and a two-timeline plan set for a financial collision.
The latest intel on Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson.
Full report with @Marcus Thompson theathletic.com/3452144/2022/0…10:10 AM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Yoooo! Symba got a Anthem… 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ Soon come 🤯🤯 Every real playa gone feel it – 4:24 AM
Josh Martin @Bulls_Wire
While admitting that it’s “dumb” to compare teams across eras, Draymond Green went ahead and did it anyway. bullswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/25/dra…8:00 PM
Ryan McDonald @ryanwmcdonald
What Draymond Green and Kevin Durant said about the 1998 Jazz-Bulls Finals matchup https://t.co/TbfrI9q4TC pic.twitter.com/o177OzpJfs4:29 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most wins in a season by a player:
73 — Draymond Green
Only 7 players in NBA history have won more than 70. pic.twitter.com/UgGxZEv1Gd9:48 AM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Draymond Green says 2017 Warriors would beat 1998 Jordan Bulls nba.nbcsports.com/2022/07/25/dra…9:30 PM
Josh Martin @Bulls_Wire
While admitting that it’s “dumb” to compare teams across eras, Draymond Green went ahead and did it anyway. bullswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/25/dra…6:00 PM
Draymond Green says 2017 Warriors would beat Michael Jordan-led 1998 Bulls
cbssports.com/nba/news/draym…12:23 PM
Josh Martin @Bulls_Wire
While admitting that it’s “dumb” to compare teams across eras, Draymond Green went ahead and did it anyway. bullswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/25/dra…9:56 AM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
Draymond Green predicted that the 2017 Golden State Warriors would beat Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls 👀 pic.twitter.com/8a1oJ6aPVR6:40 AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Who ya got?
Steph Jordan
Klay Harper
Durant Pippen
Iggy Kukoc
Draymond Rodman pic.twitter.com/MIstdm54hd11:19 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
This game is being played from the free throw line and in.occasionally stepping out to the 3. – 10:26 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
96 Bulls. 98 Bulls. I STAND ON IT! – 10:20 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Black Cat was always demoing the footwork series. – 10:09 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Rodman was INSANE!! And John Stockton had a tough time with these dudes. Hornacek had no answer for Pip – 10:07 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Learn to appreciate things for what they are. Analyze the game. And stop the unnecessary debating.
Yours Truly,
The New Media – 10:05 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
I’m watching the 98 Bulls vs Utah in the Finals… I can’t help but notice our 2017 team would’ve beaten these Bulls by a dub and these Jazz by 40 if they’re going to play these brands of basketball. And that’s why it’s dumb to compare Era’s – 10:03 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Question… When they be comparing Era’s are they taking into consideration the drastic differences In style of play? Regardless of the answer, it’s very dumb to compare one era to the next era. – 10:01 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
After Steph Curry completed his hosting debut at the 2022 ESPYs, Draymond Green chimed in on Twitter with praise for his teammate. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/21/dra…10:00 PM

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Including this coming season, a max extension would lock in Green for $164.2 million over the next five seasons. He’d turn 37 years old in the final season. All indications, though, are that the Warriors have no plans to offer Green a maximum extension, and there isn’t any current traction on any type of extension. The typical pattern of this Golden State front office is to extend with one year remaining. Even Stephen Curry waited until one year remained before signing his max extension last offseason. Green has two years remaining on the maximum extension he signed in 2019. While he could opt out a year earlier, the Warriors’ current preference is to talk extension with Green next summer. -via The Athletic / July 27, 2022
While his desire is to remain with the Warriors, Green is said to be willing to explore his outside options to get the kind of contract he wants. That’s a risk Warriors’ management appears willing to take. Green playing this season with a chip on his shoulder, motivated by proving to the league he deserves a max contact, could have a positive on-court impact. -via The Athletic / July 27, 2022
Perhaps a bigger concern is how the NBA Finals MVP would feel about Green not getting an extension. Multiple sources said Curry would not be happy if the Warriors lost Green because the team didn’t want to pay him. Curry is under contract for four more years and has a desire for Green and Thompson to be with him for the length of his stay. A three-year extension would align Green’s contract with Curry’s. -via The Athletic / July 27, 2022


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