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Samuel Meade

Championship 2023-24 fixtures in full as Leeds eye immediate Premier League return

Sheffield Wednesday will kick-off the Championship season on their return to the second tier, hosting Southampton at Hillsborough, while Leeds face Cardiff City in their opener.

The Owls secured promotion via the play-offs and will take on the Saints, who are aiming to return to the Premier League at the first time of asking. Leeds, who too fell down from the Premier League, take on Cardiff at Elland Road.

Plymouth are back in the Championship and will enjoy a home opener against Huddersfield whilst Ipswich face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light in the final game of the opening weekend. Pre-season favourites Leicester take on Coventry, who lost in the play-off final to Luton.

Fast forward until May and Leeds will host Southampton on the final day, pitching two of the favourites for promotion against each other.

Below is the full list of fixtures for the season.

*Fixture times subject to change

Matchday 1 - August 4-6

04/08/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Southampton 8pm

05/08/2023 Blackburn Rovers v West Bromwich Albion 3pm

05/08/2023 Bristol City v Preston North End 3pm

05/08/2023 Middlesbrough v Millwall 3pm

05/08/2023 Norwich City v Hull City 3pm

05/08/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Huddersfield Town 3pm

05/08/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Watford 3pm

05/08/2023 Stoke City v Rotherham United 3pm

05/08/2023 Swansea City v Birmingham City 3pm

06/08/2023 Leicester City v Coventry City 12pm

06/08/2023 Leeds United v Cardiff City 2.30 pm

06/08/2023 Sunderland v Ipswich Town 5pm

Matchday 2 - August 12

12/08/2023 Birmingham City v Leeds United

12/08/2023 Cardiff City v Queens Park Rangers

12/08/2023 Coventry City v Middlesbrough

12/08/2023 Huddersfield Town v Leicester City

12/08/2023 Hull City v Sheffield Wednesday

12/08/2023 Ipswich Town v Stoke City

12/08/2023 Millwall v Bristol City

12/08/2023 Preston North End v Sunderland

12/08/2023 Rotherham United v Blackburn Rovers

12/08/2023 Southampton v Norwich City

12/08/2023 Watford v Plymouth Argyle

12/08/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Swansea City

Matchday 3 - August 19

19/08/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Hull City

19/08/2023 Bristol City v Birmingham City

19/08/2023 Leeds United v West Bromwich Albion

19/08/2023 Leicester City v Cardiff City

19/08/2023 Middlesbrough v Huddersfield Town

19/08/2023 Norwich City v Millwall

19/08/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Southampton

19/08/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Ipswich Town

19/08/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End

19/08/2023 Stoke City v Watford

19/08/2023 Sunderland v Rotherham United

19/08/2023 Swansea City v Coventry City

Matchday 4 - August 26

26/08/2023 Birmingham City v Plymouth Argyle

26/08/2023 Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday

26/08/2023 Coventry City v Sunderland

26/08/2023 Huddersfield Town v Norwich City

26/08/2023 Hull City v Bristol City

26/08/2023 Ipswich Town v Leeds United

26/08/2023 Millwall v Stoke City

26/08/2023 Preston North End v Swansea City

26/08/2023 Rotherham United v Leicester City

26/08/2023 Southampton v Queens Park Rangers

26/08/2023 Watford v Blackburn Rovers

26/08/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Middlesbrough

Matchday 5 - September 2

02/09/2023 Birmingham City v Millwall

02/09/2023 Coventry City v Watford

02/09/2023 Ipswich Town v Cardiff City

02/09/2023 Leeds United v Sheffield Wednesday

02/09/2023 Leicester City v Hull City

02/09/2023 Middlesbrough v Queens Park Rangers

02/09/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Blackburn Rovers

02/09/2023 Rotherham United v Norwich City

02/09/2023 Stoke City v Preston North End

02/09/2023 Sunderland v Southampton

02/09/2023 Swansea City v Bristol City

02/09/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield Town

Matchday 6 - September 16

16/09/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Middlesbrough

16/09/2023 Bristol City v West Bromwich Albion

16/09/2023 Cardiff City v Swansea City

16/09/2023 Huddersfield Town v Rotherham United

16/09/2023 Hull City v Coventry City

16/09/2023 Millwall v Leeds United

16/09/2023 Norwich City v Stoke City

16/09/2023 Preston North End v Plymouth Argyle

16/09/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Sunderland

16/09/202315:00Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town

16/09/2023 Southampton v Leicester City

16/09/2023 Watford v Birmingham City

Matchday 7 - September 19-20

19/09/2023 Bristol City v Plymouth Argyle

19/09/2023 Cardiff City v Coventry City

19/09/2023 Preston North End v Birmingham City

19/09/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City

19/09/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough

19/09/2023 Southampton v Ipswich Town

20/09/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland

20/09/2023 Huddersfield Town v Stoke City

20/09/2023 Hull City v Leeds United

20/09/2023 Millwall v Rotherham United

20/09/2023 Norwich City v Leicester City

20/09/2023 Watford v West Bromwich Albion

Matchday 8 - September 23

23/09/2023 Birmingham City v Queens Park Rangers

23/09/2023 Coventry City v Huddersfield Town

23/09/2023 Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers

23/09/2023 Leeds United v Watford

23/09/2023 Leicester City v Bristol City

23/09/2023 Middlesbrough v Southampton

23/09/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Norwich City

23/09/2023 Rotherham United v Preston North End

23/09/2023 Stoke City v Hull City

23/09/2023 Sunderland v Cardiff City

23/09/2023 Swansea City v Sheffield Wednesday

23/09/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Millwall

Matchday 9 - September 30

30/09/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Leicester City

30/09/2023 Bristol City v Stoke City

30/09/2023 Cardiff City v Rotherham United

30/09/2023 Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town

30/09/2023 Hull City v Plymouth Argyle

30/09/2023 Millwall v Swansea City

30/09/2023 Norwich City v Birmingham City

30/09/2023 Preston North End v West Bromwich Albion

30/09/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Coventry City

30/09/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland

30/09/2023 Southampton v Leeds United

30/09/2023 Watford v Middlesbrough

Matchday 10 - October 3-4

03/10/2023 Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town

03/10/2023 Ipswich Town v Hull City

03/10/2023 Middlesbrough v Cardiff City

03/10/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Millwall

03/10/2023 Stoke City v Southampton

03/10/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Sheffield Wednesday

04/10/2023 Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers

04/10/2023 Leeds United v Queens Park Rangers

04/10/2023 Leicester City v Preston North End

04/10/2023 Rotherham United v Bristol City

04/10/2023 Sunderland v Watford

04/10/2023 Swansea City v Norwich City

Matchday 11 - October 7

07/10/2023 Birmingham City v West Bromwich Albion

07/10/2023 Cardiff City v Watford

07/10/2023 Coventry City v Norwich City

07/10/2023 Ipswich Town v Preston North End

07/10/2023 Leeds United v Bristol City

07/10/2023 Leicester City v Stoke City

07/10/2023 Millwall v Hull City

07/10/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Swansea City

07/10/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Blackburn Rovers

07/10/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Huddersfield Town

07/10/2023 Southampton v Rotherham United

07/10/2023 Sunderland v Middlesbrough

Matchday 12 - October 21

21/10/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City

21/10/2023 Bristol City v Coventry City

21/10/2023 Huddersfield Town v Queens Park Rangers

21/10/2023 Hull City v Southampton

21/10/2023 Middlesbrough v Birmingham City

21/10/2023 Norwich City v Leeds United

21/10/2023 Preston North End v Millwall

21/10/2023 Rotherham United v Ipswich Town

21/10/2023 Stoke City v Sunderland

21/10/2023 Swansea City v Leicester City

21/10/2023 Watford v Sheffield Wednesday

21/10/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Plymouth Argyle

Matchday 13 - October 24-25

24/10/2023 Huddersfield Town v Cardiff City

24/10/2023 Leicester City v Sunderland

24/10/2023Millwall v Blackburn Rovers

24/10/2023Norwich City v Middlesbrough

24/10/2023Swansea City v Watford

24/10/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers

25/10/2023 Birmingham City v Hull City

25/10/2023Bristol City v Ipswich Town

25/10/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Sheffield Wednesday

25/10/2023 Preston North End v Southampton

25/10/2023 Rotherham United v Coventry City

25/10/2023 Stoke City v Leeds United

Matchday 14 - October 28

28/10/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City

28/10/2023 Cardiff City v Bristol City

28/10/2023 Coventry City v West Bromwich Albion

28/10/2023 Hull City v Preston North End

28/10/2023 Ipswich Town v Plymouth Argyle

28/10/2023 Leeds United v Huddersfield Town

28/10/2023 Middlesbrough v Stoke City

28/10/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Leicester City

28/10/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Rotherham United

28/10/2023 Southampton v Birmingham City

28/10/2023 Sunderland v Norwich City

28/10/2023 Watford v Millwall

Matchday 15 - November 4

04/11/2023 Birmingham City v Ipswich Town

04/11/2023 Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday

04/11/2023 Huddersfield Town v Watford

04/11/2023 Leicester City v Leeds United

04/11/2023 Millwall v Southampton

04/11/2023 Norwich City v Blackburn Rovers

04/11/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Middlesbrough

04/11/2023 Preston North End v Coventry City

04/11/2023 Rotherham United v Queens Park Rangers

04/11/2023 Stoke City v Cardiff City

04/11/2023 Swansea City v Sunderland

04/11/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Hull City

Matchday 16 - November 11

11/11/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Preston North End

11/11/2023 Cardiff City v Norwich City

11/11/2023 Coventry City v Stoke City

11/11/2023 Hull City v Huddersfield Town

11/11/2023 Ipswich Town v Swansea City

11/11/2023 Leeds United v Plymouth Argyle

11/11/2023 Middlesbrough v Leicester City

11/11/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City

11/11/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall

11/11/2023 Southampton v West Bromwich Albion

11/11/2023 Sunderland v Birmingham City

11/11/2023 Watford v Rotherham United

Matchday 17 - November 25

25/11/2023 Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday

25/11/2023 Bristol City v Middlesbrough

25/11/2023 Huddersfield Town v Southampton

25/11/2023 Leicester City v Watford

25/11/2023 Millwall v Coventry City

25/11/2023 Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers

25/11/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Sunderland

25/11/2023 Preston North End v Cardiff City

25/11/2023 Rotherham United v Leeds United

25/11/2023 Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers

25/11/2023 Swansea City v Hull City

25/11/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Ipswich Town

Matchday 18 - November 28-29

28/11/2023 Cardiff City v West Bromwich Albion

28/11/2023 Coventry City v Plymouth Argyle

28/11/2023 Hull City v Rotherham United

28/11/2023 Middlesbrough v Preston North End

28/11/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Stoke City

28/11/2023 Watford v Norwich City

29/11/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City

29/11/2023 Ipswich Town v Millwall

29/11/2023 Leeds United v Swansea City

29/11/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Leicester City

29/11/2023 Southampton v Bristol City

29/11/2023 Sunderland v Huddersfield Town

Matchday 19 - December 2

02/12/2023 Birmingham City v Rotherham United

02/12/2023 Bristol City v Norwich City

02/12/2023 Hull City v Watford

02/12/202 Ipswich Town v Coventry City

02/12/2023 Leeds United v Middlesbrough

02/12/2023 Millwall v Sunderland

02/12/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Stoke City

02/12/2023 Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers

02/12/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn Rovers

02/12/2023 Southampton v Cardiff City

02/12/2023 Swansea City v Huddersfield Town

02/12/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City

Matchday 20 - December 9

09/12/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds United

09/12/2023 Cardiff City v Millwall

09/12/2023 Coventry City v Birmingham City

09/12/2023 Huddersfield Town v Bristol City

09/12/2023 Leicester City v Plymouth Argyle

09/12/2023 Middlesbrough v Ipswich Town

09/12/2023 Norwich City v Preston North End

09/12/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Hull City

09/12/2023 Rotherham United v Swansea City

09/12/2023 Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday

09/12/2023 Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion

09/12/2023 Watford v Southampton

Matchday 21 - December 12-13

12/12/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Bristol City

12/12/2023 Huddersfield Town v Preston North End

12/12/2023 Rotherham United v West Bromwich Albion

12/12/2023 Stoke City v Swansea City

12/12/2023 Sunderland v Leeds United

12/12/2023 Watford v Ipswich Town

13/12/2023 Cardiff City v Birmingham City

13/12/2023 Coventry City v Southampton

13/12/2023 Leicester City v Millwall

13/12/2023 Middlesbrough v Hull City

13/12/2023 Norwich City v Sheffield Wednesday

13/12/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Plymouth Argyle

Matchday 22 - December 16

16/12/2023 Birmingham City v Leicester City

16/12/2023 Bristol City v Sunderland

16/12/2023 Hull City v Cardiff City

16/12/2023 Ipswich Town v Norwich City

16/12/2023 Leeds United v Coventry City

16/12/2023 Millwall v Huddersfield Town

16/12/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Rotherham United

16/12/2023 Preston North End v Watford

16/12/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers

16/12/2023 Southampton v Blackburn Rovers

16/12/2023 Swansea City v Middlesbrough

16/12/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Stoke City

Matchday 23 - December 23

23/12/2023 Blackburn Rovers v Watford

23/12/2023 Bristol City v Hull City

23/12/2023 Leeds United v Ipswich Town

23/12/2023 Leicester City v Rotherham United

23/12/2023 Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion

23/12/2023 Norwich City v Huddersfield Town

23/12/2023 Plymouth Argyle v Birmingham City

23/12/2023 Queens Park Rangers v Southampton

23/12/2023 Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff City

23/12/2023 Stoke City v Millwall

23/12/2023 Sunderland v Coventry City

23/12/2023 Swansea City v Preston North End

Matchday 24 - December 26

26/12/2023 Birmingham City v Stoke City

26/12/2023 Cardiff City v Plymouth Argyle

26/12/2023 Coventry City v Sheffield Wednesday

26/12/2023 Huddersfield Town v Blackburn Rovers

26/12/2023 Hull City v Sunderland

26/12/2023 Ipswich Town v Leicester City

26/12/2023 Millwall v Queens Park Rangers

26/12/2023 Preston North End v Leeds United

26/12/2023 Rotherham United v Middlesbrough

26/12/2023 Southampton v Swansea City

26/12/2023 Watford v Bristol City

26/12/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Norwich City

Matchday 25 - December 29

29/12/2023 Birmingham City v Bristol City

29/12/2023 Cardiff City v Leicester City

29/12/2023 Coventry City v Swansea City

29/12/2023 Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough

29/12/2023 Hull City v Blackburn Rovers

29/12/2023 Ipswich Town v Queens Park Rangers

29/12/2023 Millwall v Norwich City

29/12/2023 Preston North End v Sheffield Wednesday

29/12/2023 Rotherham United v Sunderland

29/12/2023 Southampton v Plymouth Argyle

29/12/2023 Watford v Stoke City

29/12/2023 West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United

Matchday 26 - January 1

01/01/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Rotherham United

01/01/2024 Bristol City v Millwall

01/01/2024 Leeds United v Birmingham City

01/01/2024 Leicester City v Huddersfield Town

01/01/2024 Middlesbrough v Coventry City

01/01/2024 Norwich City v Southampton

01/01/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Watford

01/01/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Cardiff City

01/01/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Hull City

01/01/2024 Stoke City v Ipswich Town

01/01/2024 Sunderland v Preston North End

01/01/2024 Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion

Matchday 27 - January 13

13/01/2024 Birmingham City v Swansea City

13/01/2024 Cardiff City v Leeds United

13/01/2024 Coventry City v Leicester City

13/01/2024 Huddersfield Town v Plymouth Argyle

13/01/2024 Hull City v Norwich City

13/01/2024 Ipswich Town v Sunderland

13/01/2024 Millwall v Middlesbrough

13/01/2024 Preston North End v Bristol City

13/01/2024 Rotherham United v Stoke City

13/01/2024 Southampton v Sheffield Wednesday

13/01/2024 Watford v Queens Park Rangers

13/01/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Blackburn Rovers

Matchday 28 - January 20

20/01/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Huddersfield Town

20/01/2024 Bristol City v Watford

20/01/2024 Leeds United v Preston North End

20/01/2024 Leicester City v Ipswich Town

20/01/2024 Middlesbrough v Rotherham United

20/01/2024 Norwich City v West Bromwich Albion

20/01/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Cardiff City

20/01/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Millwall

20/01/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry City

20/01/2024 Stoke City v Birmingham City

20/01/2024 Sunderland v Hull City

20/01/2024 Swansea City v Southampton

Matchday 29 - January 27

27/01/2024 Birmingham City v Middlesbrough

27/01/2024 Cardiff City v Blackburn Rovers

27/01/2024 Coventry City v Bristol City

27/01/2024 Ipswich Town v Rotherham United

27/01/2024 Leeds United v Norwich City

27/01/2024 Leicester City v Swansea City

27/01/2024 Millwall v Preston North End

27/01/2024 Plymouth Argyle v West Bromwich Albion

27/01/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Huddersfield Town

27/01/20241 Sheffield Wednesday v Watford

27/01/20241 Southampton v Hull City

27/01/20241 Sunderland v Stoke City

Matchday 30 - February 3

03/02/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Queens Park Rangers

03/02/2024 Bristol City v Leeds United

03/02/20241 Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Wednesday

03/02/2024 Hull City v Millwall

03/02/2024 Middlesbrough v Sunderland

03/02/2024 Norwich City v Coventry City

03/02/2024 Preston North End v Ipswich Town

03/02/2024 Rotherham United v Southampton

03/02/2024 Stoke City v Leicester City

03/02/2024 Swansea City v Plymouth Argyle

03/02/2024 Watford v Cardiff City

03/02/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Birmingham City

Matchday 31 - February 10

10/02/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Stoke City

10/02/2024 Cardiff City v Preston North End

10/02/2024 Coventry City v Millwall

10/02/2024 Hull City v Swansea City

10/02/2024 Ipswich Town v West Bromwich Albion

10/02/2024 Leeds United v Rotherham United

10/02/2024 Middlesbrough v Bristol City

10/02/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Norwich City

10/02/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Birmingham City

10/02/2024 Southampton v Huddersfield Town

10/02/2024 Sunderland v Plymouth Argyle

10/02/2024 Watford v Leicester City

Matchday 32 - February 13-14

13/02/2024 Birmingham City v Blackburn Rovers

13/02/2024 Bristol City v Southampton

13/02/2024 Leicester City v Sheffield Wednesday

13/02/2024 Norwich City v Watford

13/02/2024 Rotherham United v Hull City

13/02/2024. Swansea City v Leeds United

14/02/2024 Huddersfield Town v Sunderland

14/02/2024 Millwall v Ipswich Town

14/02/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Coventry City

14/02/2024 Preston North End v Middlesbrough

14/02/2024 Stoke City v Queens Park Rangers

14/02/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Cardiff City

Matchday 33 - February 17

17/02/2024 Birmingham City v Sunderland

17/02/2024 Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers

17/02/2024 Huddersfield Town v Hull City

17/02/2024 Leicester City v Middlesbrough

17/02/2024 Millwall v Sheffield Wednesday

17/02/2024 Norwich City v Cardiff City

17/02/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Leeds United

17/02/2024 Preston North End v Blackburn Rovers

17/02/2024 Rotherham United v Watford

17/02/2024 Stoke City v Coventry City

17/02/2024 Swansea City v Ipswich Town

17/02/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Southampton

Matchday 34 - February 24

24/02/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City

24/02/2024 Cardiff City v Stoke City

24/02/2024 Coventry City v Preston North End

24/02/2024 Hull City v West Bromwich Albion

24/02/2024 Ipswich Town v Birmingham City

24/02/2024 Leeds United v Leicester City

24/02/2024 Middlesbrough v Plymouth Argyle

24/02/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Rotherham United

24/02/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Bristol City

24/02/2024 Southampton v Millwall

24/02/2024 Sunderland v Swansea City

24/02/2024 Watford v Huddersfield Town

Matchday 35 - March 2

02/03/2024 Birmingham City v Southampton

02/03/2024 Bristol City v Cardiff City

02/03/2024 Huddersfield Town v Leeds United

02/03/2024 Leicester City v Queens Park Rangers

02/03/2024 Millwall v Watford

02/03/2024 Norwich City v Sunderland

02/03/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Ipswich Town

02/03/2024 Preston North End v Hull City

02/03/2024 Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday

02/03/2024 Stoke City v Middlesbrough

02/03/2024 Swansea City v Blackburn Rovers

02/03/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Coventry City

Matchday 36 - March 5-6

05/03/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Millwall

05/03/2024 Coventry City v Rotherham United

05/03/2024 Hull City v Birmingham City

05/03/2024 Ipswich Town v Bristol City

05/03/2024 Leeds United v Stoke City

05/03/2024 Sunderland v Leicester City

06/03/2024 Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town

06/03/2024 Middlesbrough v Norwich City

06/03/2024 Queens Park Rangers v West Bromwich Albion

06/03/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Plymouth Argyle

06/03/2024 Southampton v Preston North End

06/03/2024 Watford v Swansea City

Matchday 37 - March 9

09/03/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Plymouth Argyle

09/03/2024 Bristol City v Swansea City

09/03/2024 Cardiff City v Ipswich Town

09/03/2024 Huddersfield Town v West Bromwich Albion

09/03/2024 Hull City v Leicester City

09/03/2024 Millwall v Birmingham City

09/03/2024 Norwich City v Rotherham United

09/03/2024 Preston North End v Stoke City

09/03/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough

09/03/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds United

09/03/2024 Southampton v Sunderland

09/03/2024 Watford v Coventry City

Matchday 38 - March 16

16/03/2024 Birmingham City v Watford

16/03/2024 Coventry City v Hull City

16/03/2024 Ipswich Town v Sheffield Wednesday

16/03/2024 Leeds United v Millwall

16/03/2024 Leicester City v Southampton

16/03/2024 Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers

16/03/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Preston North End

16/03/2024 Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town

16/03/2024 Stoke City v Norwich City

16/03/2024 Sunderland v Queens Park Rangers

16/03/2024 Swansea City v Cardiff City

16/03/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Bristol City

Matchday 39 - March 29

29/03/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Ipswich Town

29/03/2024 Bristol City v Leicester City

29/03/2024 Cardiff City v Sunderland

29/03/2024 Huddersfield Town v Coventry City

29/03/20241 Hull City v Stoke City

29/03/2024 Millwall v West Bromwich Albion

29/03/2024 Norwich City v Plymouth Argyle

29/03/2024 Preston North End v Rotherham United

29/03/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Birmingham City

29/03/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Swansea City

29/03/2024 Southampton v Middlesbrough

29/03/2024 Watford v Leeds United

Matchday 40 - April 1

01/04/2024 Birmingham City v Preston North End

01/04/2024 Coventry City v Cardiff City

01/04/2024 Ipswich Town v Southampton

01/04/2024 Leeds United v Hull City

01/04/2024 Leicester City v Norwich City

01/04/2024 Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wednesday

01/04/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Bristol City

01/04/2024 Rotherham United v Millwall

01/04/2024 Stoke City v Huddersfield Town

01/04/2024 Sunderland v Blackburn Rovers

01/04/2024 Swansea City v Queens Park Rangers

01/04/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Watford

Matchday 41 - April 6

06/04/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Southampton

06/04/2024 Cardiff City v Hull City

06/04/2024 Coventry City v Leeds United

06/04/2024 Huddersfield Town v Millwall

06/04/2024 Leicester City v Birmingham City

06/04/2024 Middlesbrough v Swansea City

06/04/2024 Norwich City v Ipswich Town

06/04/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield Wednesday

06/04/2024 Rotherham United v Plymouth Argyle

06/04/2024 Stoke City v West Bromwich Albion

06/04/2024 Sunderland v Bristol City

06/04/2024 Watford v Preston North End

09/04/2024 Leeds United v Sunderland

09/04/2024 Millwall v Leicester City

Matchday 42 - April 9-10

09/04/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Queens Park Rangers

09/04/2024. Preston North End v Huddersfield Town

09/04/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Norwich City

09/04/2024 Southampton v Coventry City

10/04/2024 Birmingham City v Cardiff City

10/04/2024 Bristol City v Blackburn Rovers

10/04/2024 Hull City v Middlesbrough

10/04/2024 Ipswich Town v Watford

10/04/2024 Swansea City v Stoke City

10/04/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Rotherham United

Matchday 43 - April 13

13/04/2024 Birmingham City v Coventry City

13/04/2024 Bristol City v Huddersfield Town

13/04/2024 Hull City v Queens Park Rangers

13/04/2024 Ipswich Town v Middlesbrough

13/04/2024 Leeds United v Blackburn Rovers

13/04/2024 Millwall v Cardiff City

13/04/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Leicester City

13/04/2024 Preston North End v Norwich City

13/04/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City

13/04/2024 Southampton v Watford

13/04/2024 Swansea City v Rotherham United

13/04/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland

Matchday 44 - April 20

20/04/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday

20/04/2024 Cardiff City v Southampton

20/04/2024 Coventry City v Ipswich Town

20/04/2024 Huddersfield Town v Swansea City

20/04/2024 Leicester City v West Bromwich Albion

20/04/2024 Middlesbrough v Leeds United

20/04/2024 Norwich City v Bristol City

20/04/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End

20/04/2024 Rotherham United v Birmingham City

20/04/2024 Stoke City v Plymouth Argyle

20/04/2024 Sunderland v Millwall

20/04/2024 Watford v Hull City

Matchday 45 - April 27

27/04/2024 Blackburn Rovers v Coventry City

27/04/2024 Bristol City v Rotherham United

27/04/2024 Cardiff City v Middlesbrough

27/04/2024 Huddersfield Town v Birmingham City

27/04/2024 Hull City v Ipswich Town

27/04/2024 Millwall v Plymouth Argyle

27/04/2024 Norwich City v Swansea City

27/04/2024 Preston North End v Leicester City

27/04/2024 Queens Park Rangers v Leeds United

27/04/2024 Sheffield Wednesday v West Bromwich Albion

27/04/2024 Southampton v Stoke City

27/04/2024 Watford v Sunderland

Matchday 46 - May 4

04/05/2024 Birmingham City v Norwich City

04/05/2024 Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers

04/05/2024 Ipswich Town v Huddersfield Town

04/05/2024 Leeds United v Southampton

04/05/2024 Leicester City v Blackburn Rovers

04/05/2024 Middlesbrough v Watford

04/05/2024 Plymouth Argyle v Hull City

04/05/2024 Rotherham United v Cardiff City

04/05/2024 Stoke City v Bristol City

04/05/2024 Sunderland v Sheffield Wednesday

04/05/2024 Swansea City v Millwall

04/05/2024 West Bromwich Albion v Preston North End

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