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Brunette temptress Mia looks incredible as a blonde 19 years after the release of Love Actually

By Dominic Picksley

Heike Makatsch may be known to many as the sassy brunette who told Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually to get her something that she wants, not something she needs.

Well, Makatsch has since blossomed into a sophisticated 50-year-old, with glossy blonde locks.

However, she still sparkles just as she did 19 years ago in the hit film.

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It was 2003 when the German actress played the seductress Mia on the big screen, becoming instant enemy material to many due to her flirtatious scheming.

Her sole aim in Love Actually was to seduce her design agency boss Harry (played by the brilliant Rickman, who sadly died in 2016), making several overt sexual advances toward him in the office.

Harry is happily married to Karen (portrayed by the delightful Emma Thompson ), who is a stay-at-home-mum, looking after their two children, Bernard and Daisy.

But in the film, Harry falls for Mia’s charms, enjoying a more-than-cosy dance together at the Christmas party, and buys her an expensive gold, love heart necklace after she unforgettably tells him: “I don’t want something I need. I want something I want – something pretty”.

Heike Makatsch looks just as great now as a blonde 50-year-old ((Image: Instagram))
Heike Makatsch played brunette Mia in the 2003 film Love Actually (Shutterstock)

Karen infamously discovers the affair after finding the jewellery in Harry’s coat pocket, thinking it is a special festive gift for her. But when she opens a similar-looking box on the big day to reveal a plain old Joni Mitchell CD, she realises what he has been up to, he has been rumbled.

Much has happened since then for the down-to-earth, Dusseldorf-born Heidi, who originally made her name playing Dr Lisa Addison in the 2002 sci-fi action horror flick, Resident Evil.

She has appeared in several TV dramas and movies, most notably in the 2013 war drama, The Book Thief, while in 2006 she was nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Actress, for her role in German film, Margarete Steiff – A Story Of Courage.

The former music show host also voiced the character of gorilla Terk in the German-language version of Tarzan. And she played Aunt Polly in the 2011 adaptation of Tom Sawyer, directed by Hermine Huntgeburth.

Berlin-based Heike, who once enjoyed a seven-year relationship with James Bond actor Daniel Craig – splitting up in 2004 – is now a regular presence at the fashion shows. She also has three daughters, two with former husband Max Martin Schroder, who is from the German indie band Tomte.

They split after 10 years of marriage and now Heike is dating actor Trystan Putter. And long gone is the famous brunette bob of her 31-year-old self, replaced by her now cultured blonde waves.

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