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Belfast woman suffers constant dislocations due to rare genetic condition

By Connor Lynch

A Belfast woman has described how a rare genetic condition causes her joints to dislocate when trying to do simple everyday tasks.

Sophie Branagh has a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which affects the connective tissue in her body causing weaknesses in her joints, skin and blood vessel walls.

She and her siblings inherited the condition from their dad, with each having slightly different symptoms to one another, although they all have an impact on their everyday lives.

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Sophie's EDS means that her joints dislocate very easily, such as when she is trying to get into a car or reach for something. Her dad, David, however can develop an irregular heartbeat which has seen him go into hospital for treatment.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Sophie highlighted the difficulties of EDS in the hopes of spreading more awareness about a condition that is not very well known.

She said: "EDS is a genetic condition that impacts the connective tissue of your body and can cause a range of different issues.

"There are 13 different types, with vascular EDS being the most serious and can see people's life span shortened to just 48.

"I have hypermobile EDS which means that I am very prone to dislocations. I have gotten used to my shoulders needing to be popped back in again, my elbow dislocating while reaching for a book and just this morning my knee popped out while I was trying to get into my car.

"It is something that can be very painful but you get used to it after a while and I have got very good at putting my joints right again.

"Because EDS is such a rare condition it can be quite difficult to get treatment for it and there is no cure. I often find myself having to explain to GPs what my condition is because they have not seen enough people with it to get a good understanding."

May is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month and Sophie is hoping to inform people about the condition in the hopes that more can be done to find suitable treatments for it.

She continued: "With May beign EDS Awareness Month I am hoping to inform people about the condition and how it can affect you.

"EDS can have an impact on everything from your hair, teeth, skin and joints, to your heart and your internal organs.

"Due to the rarity and the lack of information regarding EDS, there will be many people out there who have the condition and are yet to be diagnosed and the more people and health professionals know about it, the better."

If you would like more information regarding Ehlers Danlos Syndrome please follow this link.

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