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Heather Wald

All the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Pangea Figurines locations and Dino Digits Quiz answers

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Pangea Figurines

The Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Pangea Figurines are located in various areas of the new Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores map. The ancient figurine collectibles will require some exploration outside of the main story, with some involving different steps in order to reach them. With quite a sizable map, just knowing where to find all of the Burning Shores Pangea Figurines is the first hurdle. But it's well worth going to the effort to pick up each one during your adventures. After all, they serve a purpose. Once you reach the For His Amusement quest, you'll be presented with a Dino Digits Quiz to solve that relates to the Pangea Figurines. 

Below, you'll find a rundown of where to find all of the Pangea Figurines as well as a guide on to reach them. And if you want to know how to solve the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Dino Digits Quiz, we've also included a handy guide with all of the solutions.

Pangea Figurines

1. Dimorphodon Pangea Figurine

(Image credit: Sony)

The first of the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Pangea Figurines you'll likely stumble upon is the flying Dimorphodon. You'll find this collectible on a small island nearby a Widemaw site just northwest of Fleet's End and just below a lava river opposite the Hollywood sign. 

You should see a question mark on this island just to the right of the Widemaw site which is where you want to head. Once there, you'll find a building with a Fandom Zone sign above a locked door - the first Pangea Figurine is inside. In order to get in, you'll need to find the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Fandom Zone door code

Just inside the window to the right of the locked door, there'll be a datapoint to scan that will tell you the code can be found at the top of the tower next door. The arched tower to the left of the Fandom Zone is where you want to climb by using a ladder on the right side - you'll need to fully draw back your bow to undo the latch and let down the ladder further. Once you've climbed to the top, you'll find the code - 11 14 64 - to open the door and get the first Pangea Figurine. 

2. Green Raptor Pangea Figurine

(Image credit: Sony)

The second Burning Shores Pangea Figurine can be found east of Fleet's End just below a Stalker site. When you look on the map, you should see a question mark close to the nearby Stalker location - that's where you want to head. Once there, you'll find another Fandom Zone shop that houses a data point. Scanning it will tell you that someone stole the figurine and its last known location points to a parking garage "northwest down the street". 

It's good to note that you'll see part of parking garage directly opposite that hides some Brimshine behind a Firegleam, but you'll want to head northwest from the front to shop to find the figurine. As you head in this direction, you should pass below a little archway (see below) where Aloy will remark that there's an old ruin - the parking garage. You should see it just below to the right.  

(Image credit: Sony)

Before you enter, you'll be met with a Stalker outside, and then you'll want to progress down to the lowest level of the parking garage. Once there, you can bag the figurine from the boot of a car, but doing so will draw more Stalkers - so be ready for a fight on your way back up. 

3. Red Raptor Pangea Figurine

(Image credit: Sony)

West of Fleet's End bearing north slightly, you'll find the next Pangea Figurine in a submerged part of small island near a Rollerback site and just below two streams of lava on the map. Here you'll find a Fandom Zone building that's partly below the water between two campfires. On the left-hand side of the shop, climb up a ladder to the roof where you'll find some Firegleam to shoot. The blast will create a hole for you to drop down into. Inside is a data point underwater which directs you to Evelyn Day's mansion at the top of the hill. 

(Image credit: Sony)

The quickest way to reach the mansion is to hop onto your flying mount after making your way back up onto the roof. On the map, you can see the mansion sitting directly above the lava stream. When you fly on up to Evelyn's abode, you'll find a metal clamp your Waterwing can clear to open up the way to room where the Red Raptor Pangea Figurine can be found. 

4. Queen Rex Pangea Figurine

(Image credit: Sony)

The fourth Burning Shores Pangea Figurine is west of Fleet's End between a campfire and a Tremortusk Site. Just like previous Figurine locations, you'll once again find yourself outside another Fandom Zone store, but this time a spot of tracking is involved to secure the collectible. To begin, have Aloy examine a downed Fanghorn just outside the shop. Then you'll need to use the Pullcaster to draw out two metal beams from the wall of the Fandom Zone. Once that's cleared away, you can then take a look at a Shell-Walker in order to trigger some tracks to follow using your Focus. 

(Image credit: Sony)

Following the trail along will lead you to the location of the next Figurine among some Shell-Walker crates, but you'll need to clear the area of Widemaws, Shell-Walkers, and Burrowers before you can pick it up. 

5. Reggie the Pterodactyl Pangea Figurine

(Image credit: Sony)

The final Pangea Figurine in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores can be found during the main story quest For His Amusement. As you make your way towards the volanco during the quest, you'll come across an area with long-necked Brachiosaurus statues and you should see a question mark indicator on your compass at the top of the screen to the west. Head up some stairs to the left of the statues and once you've cleared out the area, you'll want to head left in the direction of the question mark. Aloy will once again make a remark about the presence of a Fandom Zone shop. 

(Image credit: Sony)

The room that houses the figurine is blocked off, but if you use your Focus, you'll see a vent in the room that will serve as your means of access. Make your way around the right-hand side of the shop and you'll find a vent on the top corner of the wall to your left that can jump and grapple up to. Once open, make your way along the vent and hop down to bag the last of the five dino figurines. 

Dino Digits Quiz Answers

How to answer the Burning Shores Dino Digits Quiz

(Image credit: Sony)

As part of the main Burning Shores quest called "For HIs Amusement", you'll no doubt discover a part of the dinosaur theme park where you can play a game called Dino Digits. It requires you to answer five questions about the fictional Pangea movies, which are found on five different terminals in this small circular area. There's one question per terminal, and all the answers can be found in the descriptions of the Pangea Figurines

Head over to each terminal and once the question has been asked, press the touchpad to dive straight into your Notebook. From here, move down to Collectables, hit X, and then scroll down to Pangea Figurines. If you've got all five, you can search through the descriptions to find the answers, or you can use our cheat sheet below.

(Image credit: Sony)

Q: What was the portal code to reach Pangea in the original Pangea holo?
A: 6837 (Found in the Queen Rex Pangea Figurine description)

Q: In the first Pangea, Jane's ID can be seen on her first day in PortTech. What is her ID number?
A: 4331 (Found in the Dimorphodon Pangea Figurine description)

Q: During the Portal Pandamonium how many portals were torn open?
A: 378 (Found in the Red Raptor Pangea Figurines description) 

Q: How many pre-recorded messages came with the Limited Edition Talk to Me Reggie?
A: 785 (Found in the Reggie the Pterodactyl Pangea Figurines description) 

Q: How many raptors does Trevor claim he escaped from in the Siege of Pangea?
A: 1051 (Found in the Green Raptor Pangea Figurine description)

Once you've collected all the Pangea Figurines and answered all the Dino Digits Quiz questions, you'll be able to tick off the Pangea Figurines collectables quest and earn yourself the "Completed the Dino Digits Quiz" trophy. 

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