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Active Releases Custom Parts Catalog For The Honda GB350S In Japan

When Honda released the GB350 and GB350S in Japan, it became an instant hit, so much so that it was the second best-selling motorcycle in the 250cc to 400cc class after the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. Demand for the bike continues to be high, so much so that production has not been able to keep up with the general public's demand for the retro-style roadster. The GB350 in Japan shares a lot of similarities with the India-spec CB350 retro bike.

The Honda GB350 is a modern-day reincarnation of the classic UJM, and has been featured in a on-make race at the HSR Kyushu. Because the bike has been used in racing, and is the perfect platform for customization, chances are there will be more performance-oriented builds that make use of the GB350 and GB350S. Active, an aftermarket parts and accessories specialist, recently showcased its catalog of custom, race-oriented parts for the GB350, effectively transforming it into a sleek and aggressive modern cafe racer. First showcased in the Nagoya Motorcycle Show, the concept is intended to be "a modern cafe racer that is not tied to the style of yesteryear."

Japanese motoring publication Young Machine goes into great detail on all the custom parts Active has on offer for the GB350. For starters, fancy forged aluminum wheels, as well as a sportbike-inspired triple tree and clip-on handlebars greatly transform the GB350's aesthetic. Furthermore, new rearsets give the rider a more aggressive position, while allowing the bike to tackle corners at speed without scraping the pegs. A new Daytona tachometer, rear seat cowl, fender eliminator kit, and a carbon-fiber front fender give the bike a custom, neo-retro racer aesthetic. 

On the performance side of things, the GB350's engine is rather docile, making for a tame machine when it comes to racing around track. That said, Active also showcased a rear suspension upgrade in the form of the Hyper Pro rear shock, to allow riders to shave valuable time when attacking corners. Furthermore, a new throttle kit designed to adjust throttle response has been released, and will hopefully add some pep in the GB350's step. 

At present, most of the Active aftermarket parts for the GB350 are still under development. Given the fit and finish on the bike showcased, however, it would seem that these bits and pieces will be hitting the market much sooner than later. Unfortunately, given the fact that the GB350 is available only in Japan, as well as in India as the CB350RS and CB350 H'Ness, we'll have to admire these bikes from afar, as Honda has no plans of launching this small-displacement roadster in western markets.