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21 pub quiz questions to test your general knowledge - September 23

Friday is here, which can mean only one thing - it's time to test your general knowledge with the ECHO's pub quiz.

Think you know all the answers? This Friday pub quiz will put your general knowledge to the test at every point, from TV and movie trivia to history, geography and everything in between.

So grab a notepad, a pen and a drink and take a few minutes to get your brain in the quiz-winning zone. The answers are included at the end - but no cheating!

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The questions vary across the popular quizzing subjects and categories we're all familiar with, so there will be something for everyone. Remember to share your score with us by commenting at the end of the article. You can tweet us @echowhatson or get in touch on our Facebook page.


  1. Adele, Oasis, Eminem, Lionel Richie and Beyoncé have all recorded songs sharing the same one word title. What's the title?

  2. Adam Peaty has won Olympic golds for Great Britain in which sport?

  3. Which actress has played Emmerdale's Mandy Dingle since 1995?

  4. Which US born actor and playwright created and starred in the musicals Into the Heights and Hamilton?

  5. Sir Charles Barry was a British architect most famous for designing which landmark London building?

  6. Actor Nicholas Lyndhurst is best known for playing 'Rodney' in which English sitcom?

  7. How many years would you have been married if you were celebrating your Sapphire anniversary?

  8. The US Frontierswoman Martha Jane Burke is better remembered by which name?

  9. My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos is a mnemonic for what?

  10. Which British chef is known for the Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, and Kitchen Nightmares television shows?

  11. In the cartoon, what is the name of Tin Tin's dog?

  12. The Rhythm and Blues music genre is often shortened to which two letters?

  13. Which Gateshead-born footballer played 57 times for England between 1988 and 1998?

  14. Which actress plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones?

  15. The Giulia, Giulietta and Stelvio models of car are produced by which Italian car company?

  16. In the fairy tale, what is the name of Hansel's sister?

  17. Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule were behind which problematic "luxury" music festival?

  18. The RMS Titanic was operated by which company?

  19. Who was Popeye the Sailor Man's love interest?

  20. Liberty City, Vice City and Sam Andreas are all fictional cities in which video game series?

  21. Which famous river flows through Paris into the English Channel at Le Havre?


  1. Hello

  2. Swimming

  3. Lisa Riley

  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda

  5. Houses of Parliament

  6. Only Fools & Horses

  7. 45

  8. Calamity Jane

  9. Planets in solar system

  10. Gordon Ramsey

  11. Snowy

  12. R&B

  13. Paul Gascoigne

  14. Emilia Clarke

  15. Alfa Romeo

  16. Gretel

  17. Fyre Festival

  18. The White Star Line

  19. Olive Oyl

  20. Grand Theft Auto

  21. The Seine

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