Saturday, the 25th of June
Afghanistan has suffered its most-deadly earthquake in two decades. The scale of destruction is, in the words of one official, "far beyond imagination". But a fight is brewing over emergency aid and who receives it.
Saturday, the 18th of June
Bitcoin is crashing, Celsius has frozen over, but this time it's not just billionaires losing their bucks. The dirty laundry of the crypto world is front page news and regulators are finally taking notice.
Saturday, the 11th of June
Saudi petro-billions, grasping champions, and a murder that just can't simply be swept under the rug. 48 years after the PGA Tour broke away, the world's leading golf organiser is suffering its own rebellion.
Saturday, the 4th of June
It may sound like a sickeningly sweet lolly but that hasn't stopped "platinum jubilee" from rolling off a lot of tongues lately. As Britain marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, we ponder what maketh a monarch.
Saturday, the 28th of May
Your newsfeed is likely fuller than a centipede’s sock drawer with monkeypox case numbers and statistics. Should it be? Let’s do our best to answer some basic questions.
Saturday, the 21st of May
As you read this, Australians are at the polls, munching on sausages (a quixotically Australian tradition), and electing a new government. The six-week campaign, offering more noise and irritation than substance, has seen the highest proportion of early votes in Australian history. The battleground issues have been cost-of-living pressures, soaring house-prices , and a nagging sense that things are going backwards. The politics of ennui, if you will. Australia may be a remote place, but this election is important no matter where you live - not least because of what it will mean for the climate, China, and the evolution of liberal democracies .
Saturday, the 14th of May
It's been a bad week (month, year) to be a Web3 booster. Coinbase conceded that it may not be able to protect all the deposits it holds if it goes under. NFT's are evaporating and not even a CGI model of Madonna's vagina can save them. But in this edition we talk stablecoins, and why they don't always do what they say on the tin.
Saturday, the 7th of May
This week unscalable barriers were erected around the United States Supreme Court to keep protesters at bay. It's now about as difficult to enter the highest court in America as it is to get a legal abortion in Missouri.
Saturday, the 30th of April
Show me the money! What's left of it anyway. After some truly ludicrous earnings reports on the back of distorted consumer behaviour over the past 24 months, reality (and routine) may be returning to the market. This week we're scratching at some very big numbers (and yes there will be a quiz afterwards).
Saturday, the 23rd of April
The Magic Kingdom is threatened. The happiest place on Earth is under siege. There are no knights or princesses in this story: just tax exemptions and culture wars.